Latinas are known to be the hottest, kinkiest and most addictive chicks out there, and you have just found a site filled with those types of sluts. Xnalgas.com is a Spanish site filled with loads of naughty videos featuring the hottest Latina chicks, and I am sure that you will love this place as much as I did. There is a lot to be said and even more to be seen, so let’s get straight to the point, shall we?Simple site filled with the hot babes from the South.Even though I have stated that the site is in Spanish, do not let that discourage you from viewing their shit, because you do not need to speak Spanish to fap to these incredibly hot videos. If you really want to know how their shit functions, you should just continue reading, and if you want to get straight to the point, you should skip ahead.The design is quite slick and simple, which is why I think that you will enjoy what this place has to offer. In most situations, people care about the design as much as the content, and I am one of those people. Just because you offer free shit, does not mean that your site needs to look cheap as fuck. Creating an aesthetically pleasing site should not be that difficult, don’t you think?Well, this site looks quite nice, and I am sure you will think the same. If you were expecting anything more than what they offer from a free porn site, you should just browse the premium sites instead, because your standards are way too high for the free porn sites. I like their overall dark layout because it makes the nightly browsing much easier on the eyes… and we all love to fap at night.The homepage will be filled with random videos, and right off the bat, you can see that most of the videos, if not all, are amateur porn clips, and that is not a bad thing. Sometimes, what we really want to see is some genuine banging with voluptuous Latina chicks in their natural habitat… aka riding a hard-pulsating pole for lunch.The first thing I really disliked about xnalgas.com, is the fact that you cannot view shit here until you disable your ad-block… after that, you know you are into some crappy experience. I love disabling my Ad block and having to watch a 15-second ad before every fucking clip… yeah, that really adds to the fapping experience I was fucking looking for.On the other hand, I did not expect anything less from a free porn site, to begin with. There is a lot for you too view here, and while you do have lots of ads on the site and before the actual shit, the site is worth the visit. I mean, if the site was completely shitty, I would not be wasting my time reviewing it as much… I’d probably just tell you that it is shit, and that’s that.Now, I am talking about xnalgas.com in a way that I am trying to look at it from an objective point of view. This is because we are all into a different type of shit, and while I am not a big fan of amateur banging, I am a huge fan of Latina chicks, so for me, it is 50-50. However, the site itself is actually quite fucking great, especially for those who love both amateur and Latinas.If you wanted to see anything else other than what I have just mentioned, you did not come to the right place. There are many other porn sites for you to visit, in fact, I have reviewed a lot of them, and you are welcome to see my free input. I know, I am an angel for making these useful reviews telling you which sites suck and which are actually worth your fucking time.Lots of great free amateur videos with Latinas.It is obvious that everyone who stayed this far reading my review is into the hot Latina chicks, and who can blame you? These gorgeous, curvaceous chicks are just incredibly addictive, and I love watching them bounce on a hard cock. Even though they are all of the same ethnicity, they are still very different, and thus you have chicks of all shapes and sizes.Even their homepage is filled with such a variety, that I am sure you will be able to find just the right Latina chick to make your cock hard. Now, another thing I disliked here is the fact that most of their videos are very fucking short. One of the longest videos I have found was about 11 minutes long, give or take… but that was one in a million. and that is not very fucking long. I do not understand why their videos are so short…I mean, it is obvious that just one clip will not be enough to please you, since who the fuck can cum in just 5 minutes. At least all the videos I have opened with incredibly satisfying to watch, and I am sure that you will enjoy them just as much as I have. Sure, they are a bit fucking short, but what can you do? At least they are free.Just as I do with every other site, I spent my quality time browsing what they have to offer and checking out their content, because I know that the majority of the people here are interested in that more than the design or any of that other bullshit. Well, you will be happy to know that I have seen videos of all kind, from the solos to the lovemaking acts.One of the first videos I opened was a couple of minutes long, and it featured a hot brunette Latina getting gangbanged hardcore. Another clip I had to open featured the two beautiful Latina beauties making out and fingering each other, while probably under influence, or so it seemed. I mean, you have loads of different videos here…I did run into one professional porn clip, or so it seemed, but it was nothing special. I preferred the amateur videos which were the majority of the clips presented on xnalgas.com. The fact that there were so many gorgeous Latina chicks here made the deal for me… since I usually prefer to watch the videos featuring a cute chick, instead of a certain act.We all know that Latina babes tend to be very beautiful, and their bodies are fucking great. Usually, these babes are gifted with a nice pair of buns and they are definitely known as being great cock suckers. The chicks in these clips were giving their all trying to please a cock in front of them, and such acts are bound to make your fapping session worth it.Not many search options.One aspect I always check out when reviewing websites is their ability to help me find the crap that I want to watch, and I obviously mean the categories and other search options. Well, here you do not have that many search options, which was a bit annoying, but then again, I honestly expected that. I have not seen many free porn sites with good search options, which is sad.At least here you do have the categories, and they cover pretty much all the basic shit, which is what most of you lads give a shit about, right? If you already have crap you are searching for, my advice is to start from this section, because this is the only part of the site that will help you search for the naughty content and different acts.There is a lot for you to see here, but if you are into something very specific, you will have to spend some quality time manually searching for that certain fetish, especially if it is not mentioned with the categories. This is why I always say that porn sites should start including the filter options… they would make everyone’s life much easier.Excluding a couple of shits that pissed me off with this place, I think that xnalgas.com is a pretty solid site for everyone who is into the naughty Latina babes. You will surely find the right content for yourself, but you might also be required to do some manual browsing, which can be rather troublesome. Explore the site, and enjoy the videos, it is free.