Brasil Tudo Liberado

Oooh, Latina amateur porn at BrasilTudoLiberado! Have I mentioned recently how much I fucking love amateur porn? I am sure I have. I talk about it pretty frequently. But can you blame me? I mean, come on, you can’t deny it … amateur porn is the fucking shit. Not that professional studio porn isn’t great too. It is. Of course, there’s a time and a place for everything. I have just found that, in my professional opinion, amateur porn is good anytime, anywhere.There’s just something so raw and powerful and beautiful about seeing real girls really getting fucked until they really have earth shattering orgasms. That is what porn is all about for me, narrowing the gap as much as possible between fantasy and reality. And amateur porn seems to come a lot closer to doing that than most (I would like to emphasize the word “most” … some studios, of course, are better at doing this than others) professional premium pay site porn.Fuck all the acting, fuck the excessive makeup, fuck the plastic boob jobs, and fuck the bleached assholes (...don’t mind if I do!). Homemade porn skips all the bullshit and just gives you what you really want to see: (hopefully) beautiful girls being pleasured beyond belief. I understand, this is just one guy’s opinion, you are allowed to disagree with me, obviously, as long as you understand that you would be wrong.Plus, with amateur porn, there’s always the possibility, however slim it may actually be, that you might just come across a video of that sexy girl from down the street who keeps eye fucking you on her morning jog, or the chick who was in your freshman writing course that you just can’t stop fantasizing about, even to this day. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.Forget how likely it is, it is still like 95% more likely that you’ll see her getting fucked in a homemade porno than you will on a site like Brazzers. And even that small percentage of a chance that you will see her in an amateur sex tape is 100% the closest you’re ever going to get to actually fucking her in real life, you sorry-ass troglodyte.Thankfully, for those of you who love amateur porn as much as I do, we live in the age of information. Or, as I like to call it, the golden age of porn. This means that there are thousands upon thousands of sites dedicated solely to finding, providing, and curating amateur porn. On top of all of those sites, though, there are droves of others that make it their mission to let users upload their own homemade sex tapes. Some sites even pay contributors if their videos become popular. Ah, what a time to be alive!One site that has made it their mission to spread as much amateur porn across the web as possible is Brasil Tudo Liberado. They have an enormous database of homemade videos and photos available for your enjoyment. They have combined both of the main aforementioned models of hosting amateur content. They post their own to the site, and they allow users to post content. The result? Tons and tons of homemade babes to fap to.Average Site DesignFrom the moment you land on Brasil Tudo Liberado’s home page, your browser will immediately be overtaken by a fuck ton of homemade porn. The site should look pretty familiar, designed sort of in the porn tube site fashion, with a bunch of video thumbnails to choose from under the site’s menu bar and banner, and then a few photos to click into if you want to start browsing the site in still images.Above the thumbnails, you have a simple yet (somewhat?) effective means of navigating the site, with a menu bar broken up into categories. Choose from “Main,” “Most Played Videos,” “Most Enjoyed Videos,” “Categories,” and “XVideos” (which links you to xvideos.blog.br … just in case you have your fill of amateur content on their site and start craving something a little more professional).Above the choices you are given to help you navigate the site (which are, admittedly, not that many), you have the site’s ostentatious banner (which is a little larger, probably, than it needs to be), featuring their logo and (I forgive them for the size because of this…) a sexy Brasiliera, bent over and spreading her ass cheeks wide so we can see that beautiful pussy and asshole; she’s also looking right at you with smoky eyes that are just begging you to fuck her. Well played, BrasilTudoLiberado, well played indeed.Okay, enough about the site. Honestly, I’ve seen much better and I’ve seen much worse. It’s a pretty mediocre site in terms of design, if you ask me. Let’s move onto the real reason we’re all here. Which is … wait, you seriously don’t know? It’s the fucking porn, you dipshit.Quality WaversWell, given the fact that this is strictly an amateur site, we have to keep that in mind when judging the quality. Every homemade porn site is going to be like this, really hit or miss. The purpose of the amateur porn site, though, isn’t to focus on video quality and how well it is filmed. At the end of the day, the main (and only) concern of an amateur porn site is the girls.We’re here to see real, attainable, sexy ass bitches who we actually run the chance of crossing paths with in the market or pharmacy at some point … maybe later this week, maybe next month, maybe tomorrow, maybe never. And, by that measure, Brasil Tudo Liberado seems to be excelling. There are tons of amateur videos and photos for you to browse until your heart is content (or, more accurately, until your dick is content).That being said, though, I do almost wish that BrasilTudoLiberado.com was a little more discerning, both with the quality of the content that they post and that which they allow users to post. Obviously, I’m not expecting 1080p HD 4K VR videos or anything (and for good reason, as I’m pretty sure that doesn’t actually exist), but it would be nice if they at least took video length into consideration.I mean, honestly, who the fuck is trying to watch a 20-second video? Even you premature ejaculators couldn’t get off that quickly. This is something that I’ve long taken issue with when it comes to amateur porn. It might be homemade porn’s biggest downfall. Why are people even going through the trouble of taking a video of themselves fucking (and uploading it) if the video is only going to be a few seconds long?Seems like a waste of everyone’s time (mine included). I guess, on the bright side, at least it was only 10 seconds of my life wasted. But still, fucking annoying. Amateur pornographers of the world: step your motherfucking game up please!Learn how to fuck properly, figure out how to hold a video camera steady (it’s not fucking rocket science, dumbass), invest in some halfway decent recording equipment if you can. Filming amateur porn should be treated as a hobby, a passion project, not just some one-off spontaneous decision that you make on a whim one day with an Android smartphone from 2008 and 2% battery charge left on it. Put some thought into it. People are trying to cum to this shit!Warning…I feel like it is my duty to warn you before you visit Brasil Tudo Liberado, there is some definitely questionable content. This is probably due to their lax policies when it comes to user uploads, but I wouldn’t want you to go blind into a site without being warned. Some of the girls look a little young is all. I’m not going to flat out suggest that they are not 18, because there is nothing explicit to suggest that on the site (at least not that I saw), but some of them are very young-looking, we’ll put it that way.Also, I didn’t come across any of this, but at the bottom of the home page, Brasil Tudo Liberado writes in their introduction, “…We are also champions in videos of real incestos and the best zoophilia…” Again, I saw nothing of the sort, but based on that proud announcement brought to you straight from the horse’s mouth as it were, just beware … it’s probably buried in there somewhere, unfortunately.On top of shitty quality videos, excessively short clip lengths, and potentially nefarious content, there are tons of ads on this site. To the point where I nearly gave up on trying to watch shit after a while. There’s an ad before nearly every video, ads on the sides of the pages, popups, popunders, everything you can imagine. This fucking site is lousy with ads.I say get your act together, Brasil Tudo Liberado. If you have unethical content, ditch it. Chill out with the ads. Be a little pickier with the videos you host. You have the potential to be a good amateur porn site.