Videobd.net is a Treasure Trove of Fap-Worthy Amateur Indian Porn Videos! We’re all going a little stir crazy with everything going on the last couple of years. Fuck, trust me, I want to get out there and plow pussy all around this goddamn globe. Some nerds go and backpack Europe. Fuck that. I go up there, rent a car, and make my way from country to country, getting blown and pounding babes. And I love making my way up to India, where those beautiful babes will just bend right over and let you go to fucking town at the drop of a hat. But, sadly, much like a girl’s legs to an incel cuck, those borders are closed for me right now. So, I went searching for real amateur Indian porn to give me a little taste of what I miss so much.Fuck professional Indian, Bengali, and Desi shit. I don’t want studio lights and cameramen mucking up a perfectly good homemade scene. I swear, the best real amateur content comes out of these countries, it’s fucking insane. It seems like every other Desi slut is flashing her pussy for the camera or getting gangbanged by her friends. You’ll want to check out Videbd.net to get your grubby hands on the latest amateur Indian porn videos. It’s a fairly new site that launched towards the end of 2020 and currently brings in nearly 200 thousand horny fappers every month.Simple but Clean Site Design with a Nice Dark ThemeThe site has a relatively simple design and layout. It’s an amateur porntube with videos running down the center of the page, a sidebar on the left with all of your menu options, and a search bar right up top. The black theme was a nice touch. You won’t be blinded while furiously fapping in the bathroom in the middle of the night as your wife sleeps like the degenerate cuck you are. However, you can toggle that night mode off if you feel like it. There’s a spot to login and make an account if you feel like uploading your own content; otherwise, it’s really not that important or necessary to make one.You will have to suffer through a ton of ads if you don’t use any sort of blocker. Fuck, this site makes you feel like one of these Desi wives getting fucked by a group of small-dicked dudes. Every click will redirect you. There are pop-ups, banners, and all of that bullshit. Thankfully, nothing here seemed malicious or sketchy. You don’t get sent over to sites trying to force downloads or anything like that. These are your standard shitty ads, not the scummy kind that tries to fuck you over. So, yeah, I’ve definitely seen worse. And these aren’t that bad considering that you’re getting all of this juicy Desi content without having to spend a dime.Tons of Ad Clutter can Make Browsing a ChoreThe main page sorts by newest content by default. You can scroll through the latest videos or you can curate your search. You can hop over to pages for top or trending videos, and there’s a section for videos by the most popular uploaders on Videbd. I’m not sure why the hell they didn’t just make a drop-down filter option instead of making you go to other pages. Oh, wait, yes, I do. They generate more ads that way. That explains it. Anyway, each page will have a long list of video previews with no real filter options. You can’t sort by length, upload date, or alphabetically.What you sex-starved fappers can do is make use of the sidebar’s category list to get curated lists of fetish videos with hot content like “Aunty, Hidden Cam, Incest, Blowjob, Maid, Lesbian, and Bhabhi.” Really, this site covers all of the fetish categories that you fucks could possibly want. I wish that the categories listed how many fap-worthy videos were in each one. Some have a hundred, while others barely have a dozen. But I guess this site wants to keep that shit under wraps for now, since there are only two or so thousand videos in the catalog.Over 2 Thousand Downloadable Videos of Amateur Desi WhoresDon’t let that scare you fappers away! New videos are being added to this site every fucking day by the website as well as users. That’s right; you can whip out your phone as you plow some Bengali pussy and upload that shit directly to the site for the world to see. With permission, of course. Don’t go posting revenge porn. That shit isn’t cool and it can land you in a fuck ton of trouble. Just get a kinky slut who doesn’t mind horny neckbeards blowing their loads to her snatch getting creampied.The video previews were actually pretty good. You get an image preview from the video, a title, the length of the video, the name of the uploaded, the number of views, and how long ago it was uploaded. Fuck, I wish most sites could hit at least half of those metrics, let alone all of them. That’s the kind of shit that I like to see before I go diving into a fap-worthy video. Anyway, simply click on a preview to get rocketed right over to the full video page where you can stream or download any video you see on here for free. Fuck yeah. You can even subscribe to your favorite uploaders and get notified when they post. Oh, and you don’t have to go to any shitty third-party sites for downloads. They all come directly from the site.Decent Mobile ExperienceAs for mobile, it’s a bit clunky. Don’t get me wrong; the formatting is fine enough. It’s just that the ads are massive and hard to close while you’re trying to browse on a mobile device. You can still access the same videos and search tools. You’re just going to have one hell of a time getting to them with the flashing banners, pop-ups, and redirects stopping you every step of the way. It’s not impossible to use, but the best experience is definitely the one you get on the desktop version.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesHey, this is a damn good site for getting your hands on free, amateur Desi porn. It’s got thousands of videos in its ever-expanding catalog. And you are pretty much guaranteed to stumble across unique videos that you simply cannot find elsewhere since so much of the content on this site is uploaded by users. You can scroll through and download these hidden gems before they disappear off the face of the earth forever. There are tons of fetish categories worth checking out. And this site really delivers if you’re looking for fake incest porn. So many videos are about brothers, cousins, aunties, or some other family member getting fucked. Not my cup of tea, but you cucks can enjoy it.The fact that you can download any video you want without having to go to some bullshit middleman site is great. You can save all of these videos to your massive spank bank without any sort of limits, payments, or subscriptions. As long as you don’t mind annoying ads, you can get a lot of content out of this site.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsSpeaking of ads, this site needs to dial them back a bit on mobile. I can handle the annoying ads and shit on the desktop. It’s fine, since I can block them. But goddamn, the mobile site is so fucking hard to use with pop-ups, redirects, and pop-unders getting in the way every few seconds. It’s simply not worth it, and users should be able to use that shit. They went through the effort of formatting and designing a mobile site. They might as well, you know, make it so users can actually browse it without getting fisted by ads.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Videbd.net is a new site with loads of unique Desi porn videos. Browse through a couple of thousand videos of amateur sluts getting railed. You can stream or download any video you see on here for the low, low price of completely free. Hell, you can even upload homemade videos of you and a Desi slut if you’re the kind of exhibitionist fuck who gets off to that sort of thing. I recommend checking it out on a desktop and avoiding the mobile site if you want a pleasant user experience.