Ready for Desi XNXX porn? As a lifelong fan of pornography, I’ve always thought India should put out more of the stuff. They’ve got one of the highest populations in the world, which means more people to fuck on camera. Still, it was downright impossible to find Desi smut in most parts of the world before the Internet. Sites like Desi XNXX aka Desi XNXX 2 make it a hell of a lot easier than a random shitty Indian sex (or is set up like your typical free porn tube, with row after row of obscenity in little squares. Click one to watch the Desi lovers kissing in the park, the old teacher fucking his student or any of the dozen of fuck scenes on the page. The search bar says the site has nearly 30,000 videos, so I hope you can do that tantric shit where you beat off for days on end without cumming.Fun fact: the average DesiXNXX viewer spends just 4 minutes looking at the site. I guess Indians get their masturbation done in a hurry. In case you were wondering, sites like Pornhub average about 10 minutes. Your day-long sessions ain’t normal, but they certainly are admirable.Sex Shipped Right to Your Internet… Fast!Oh, man. Get a load of that logo. I’m not even joking when I tell you that for a second, I was pretty sure I was looking at a website for a zippy international shipping company like DHL. Look at those speed lines! It’s like DESIXNXX is racing past you at a supersonic pace. I hope you’re ready for a porn delivery like right now.Of course, none of the major shipping companies have corporate pages covered in Desi broads getting stuffed with cock. I guess I haven’t looked a in a minute, but I’ll bet my right nut right now there’s no video of a village bhabhi fingering herself beside the overnight rates. That logo promises Watermark Free Desi Videos, which UPS stopped doing as soon as the #metoo movement gained steam.I really want to take a look at this Tamil model taking her clothes off, but I still have a few words to say about this ridiculous logo. It’s got this jagged, old look like something from the interwebs of the ‘90s, but there’s a big 2017 branded permanently into the corner. Christ, if you’re going to get your logo made on Fiverr, the least you could do is update it from time to time.Getting to the Good, Filthy StuffWe can spend all day pissing on the logo, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. Nobody’s trying to jerk it to the fucking typography here. No. We’re here to watch dirty movies.The thumbnails don’t give you a moving preview, so they can only tell you so much. You know exactly what you’re going to get when you see a shaved muff getting hammered or an old guy squeezing a Desi teen’s tit. I don’t know anything about this Swathi Nude video except the chick in the thumbnail has a pretty face and the title makes it sound like I’ll see her naked. That’s good enough for me.DesiXNXX’s wonky design distracts me for a second as the video loads in a lopsided player. I’m not sure what’s going on here, if two videos are stacked in the same section of the page or it’s supposed to have a border but something went wrong. The movie still doesn’t look too appealing, either. Instead of that babe from out front, I’m looking at a big pic of a little flaccid dick. Hopefully, she shows up later, right?I click the Play button and a hand appears on the screen, cleaning the obscene member with a towel. Who doesn’t appreciate good hygiene? I appreciate it, even more, when the chick appears on the screen. She actually looks a little different than the thumbnail, which just happens from time to time, but I’d definitely smash her.The chick has this amateur MILF thing going on that really does it for me. She finishes cleaning and starts playing. There’s a speed adjustment setting if you want to see her bobbing on his knob faster or see the backward cowgirl in slow-motion.Free Downloads and a Side of SpamIt’s a nearly 9-minute long clip, which ain’t bad for amateur material. It seems about average for DesiXNXX. I couldn’t find a way to search clips by length, which is bad news for you masturbators who like a good, long-stroke to a single film.After the scene finished I exited fullscreen mode and damn, there’s that fucked-up layout again. The video just doesn’t sit right on the page at all.The weird presentation may just be bad design. The whole site has an outdated feel that goes beyond that logo, but they’ve apparently been around since 2014 so what do I know?It might also have something to do with the spam on the page. My ad-blocking plugin is doing a hell of a job fighting it, knocking down 19 pieces of advertising as I watch this Tamil girl working a dick. Maybe the player sits comfortably in its usual nest of ads for penis pumps and sex secrets.Below the video are links to play it with MX Player or Download it. The download is a direct link to the mp4, so saving it’s a breeze. Who the hell uses MX Player?Besides the MX and Download buttons is one that says Swathi Naidu. Apparently, this chick I just watched getting banged is really famous. I’m sure you already know she’s a Telegu TV show host turned porno actress, but I just found out. DesiXNXX has a very healthy collection of her material.Finding a Needle in a Dildo-StackI appreciated the buttoned link to the Swathi Naidu section. I like to be an informed Porn Dude, but sometimes I don’t recognize all the local pornstars when I’m reviewing sites around the world. Maybe DesiXNXX could help me learn some of the big names in the Indian sex movie business.Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a list. The best I can do is look for more pornstar buttons below the videos. I spent a couple of minutes looking and only found one more, Randi Keya. Another had a link to a small collection of (still free) Paid Videos with slightly higher production values. Most clips had no extra link beside the Download and MX buttons.The pornstars I found and those Paid Videos are all part of the Series selection on DesiXNXX. I wouldn’t have known they had a single series of anything if I hadn’t noticed it in the URL. The link to the Series area is buried in the footer of the page, ensuring most people won’t ever see it.The Series list is Desi as hell. There are no ordinary porn categories like Blowjob, Gangbang, or Lesbian. Instead, you get very genre-specific Series like Birmas, Dhananxxx, and Tulsi. The “Movie Hot Seen” area is full of Hot Indian Movie Scenes, naturally, and I’m definitely going to have to spend some time learning about this slut Nila Boudi. Yum.The organization overall is not very good here. DesiXNXX’s collection is 30k deep, but there’s not even an advanced search. Expect to do a lot of poking around while you look for the right videos of Desi girls getting poked.I thought there was no master list of tags, but then I noticed a Tags list hidden in the footer with the Series link. This link, however, is complete bullshit. It sends you to a placeholder page on a parked domain. Do you happen to be looking for car insurance or cheap flights?I give the site shit about its comically bad logo and the outdated look, but neither of those are going to get in the way of your perving experience. The near-total lack of structure might annoy you, though, especially if you’re looking for something in particular.All that aside, there’s a damn good reason DesiXNXX (often misspelled as "xnxx desi", "indian xnxx", "xnxx india", "", "desi" and "desinxx") gets 10 million visits a month. This is a big fucking collection of Desi porn. You will be very hard-pressed to find a bigger one anywhere. It’s hard to argue against spending a few minutes a day perusing the immense stash, seeking out and saving your favorites, especially when it’s completely free.