My Desi is another one of those porn sites that doesn’t try to throw you off with the name. If anything, the only thing you might get confused about is just how wholesome this joint is. It could almost be a SFW dating site, recipe collection or dance instruction database with a name like that. Then again, I don’t think anybody comes to ThePornDude looking for that kind of material, which pretty much tells you what we’re going to be talking about today.Did you guess yet? MyDesi.net is obviously a porn site if I’m talking about it here, but what kind? It’s got Desi chicks, sure, but that’s only part of the story because it doesn’t tell you what they’ll be doing or how the site will serve them. Allow me to break it down in the simplest words that even the dumbest of dumbasses could understand: this one’s a free tube featuring gorgeous Indian chicks in a ton of amateur porn. The site sprang up fairly recently, and their traffic graph is a straight fucking line going up thanks to their growing popularity. Half a million perverts a month are coming by with their dicks out, which means I should probably take a look, too.Sexy Desi Girls You’ve Never Seen BeforeIndian porn almost feels like it comes from another world. India is one of the most populous countries globally, but you’d never know that from the amount of porn coming out of the country. Thanks to the dominance of “traditional” values, Indians tend to be kind of prudes when it comes to sex, at least sex on video. It’s fucking ironic that Indian dudes are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to the comment sections on porn sites, where you’ll see them begging for "bobs and vagene" and claiming they’ll fuck anything, please please please. I guess part of the issue is that they think American girls are sluts. Depending on your standards, maybe they are.Indian girls, though, ain’t known for being sluts. That’s why so many of the seemingly vanilla porn videos on Indian porn sites are labeled as scandals when they wouldn’t even raise eyebrows on American porn sites. MyDesi is actually a little better in this respect, since only a handful of their movies have the word “scandal” in their titles, but they do follow another typical Indian porn tradition: the motto at the bottom of the page offers FREE INDIAN MMS CLIPS.It’s honestly just a weird little quirk of international language and culture, but nobody else in the world hears “MMS” and immediately thinks about girls getting their pussies stuffed with hard, veiny cock. Hell, call them what you want and send them via MMS if that’s your thing, but the rest of us are going to enjoy the streaming.Besides upholding the tradition of calling these MMS videos, MyDesi.net also hits all the other major notes you expect from a free Indian porn tube. For one thing, the place is absolutely crawling with gorgeous Indian amateur chicks. You ain’t going to find a bunch of big-name pornstars, but you will find hot Pakistani teens, stunning village bhabhis, sexy Lankan aunties and gorgeous Mallu wives. There’s definitely a lo-fi charm to the whole affair; while the movies may be short and the resolution may be low, there’s a real-life enthusiasm and excitement that not even the professionals can fake.What Are These Indian Sluts Getting Into?Because Indian society is so conservative when it comes to sexuality, Indian porn sites tend to be considerably softer than their Western counterparts. What do you expect from a culture that considers it a scandal for a dude to get a blowjob on video from his fucking wife? That said, My Desi impressed me with the range of material I started seeing right from the front page. These Desi chicks are getting into all kinds of X-rated trouble.First things first, you’re going to find plenty of the sexy wife hookups and girlfriend/boyfriend sex scenes you expect on any amateur site, Indian or not. There are big-boobed Desi babes riding on their husband’s cocks and younger babes giving quickie blowjobs before the roommates get back. There’s a chunky Desi bhabhi doing a vaguely provocative dance for her man out front, as well as a more outgoing babe fingering herself to loud orgasm, alternating between aiming the camera at her snatch and her beatific oh-face.That shit’s all pretty standard on nearly any porn site I review around here. What really gets me is the freakier stuff that you don’t always find on Desi porn sites. When I pulled up MyDesi.net this morning, the front page also included an Assamese wife squirting milk out of her titties, a Desi village wife getting banged outside in front of a small crowd, a chick getting fingered at a bus stop and captured on some voyeur’s camera, a couple of rough sex scenes with choking, a full-on Bhabhi threesome and even a lesbian scene. If you think every porn site has lesbians, you’re obviously not a frequent fapper on the Indian sites, because this shit is rare!Taking a quick visit to the My Desi Categories page, I get some hard numbers about their content. Twenty-three videos is a small collection of anal scenes by most standards, but on an Indian porn site, that’s a fucking goldmine. There’s only one 69 video, but where else are you going to find that? There are Aunties and Bhabis aplenty, but I’m more impressed by the 8 Lesbian flicks, 4 OnlyFans leaks, a few Indian Shemale showcases and even a collection of Pee movies.Where’s All This Desi Porn Coming From?Like any decent free porn tube, MyDesi.net is getting a steady stream of fresh uploads, day and night. The freshest flick, added just a few hours ago, is a 14-minute video of a girl with a pretty smile, though that’s about all you can tell from the preview. It plays out like a prerecorded cam show because she’s talking to somebody we can’t see or hear, but it’s a vertical video instead of a typical webcam shot. Whatever, though, because she pulls out her tits, plays with them and licks them, and then gets fully naked and masturbates.I really appreciate the long runtime on this clip, because My Desi does suffer from one of the typical pitfalls of amateur porn sites: short videos. Most of the movies run a couple of minutes, if you’re lucky, with plenty of front-page examples that are under a minute long. That’s just what happens when the movies are made on a whim while getting a blowjob, versus the planned-¬¬¬out fuck sessions I do over at PornDudeCasting. Hey, I like to be as spontaneous as the next guy, but it costs money to book the pornstars and the camera guy!It isn’t all bad, though. Sure, a lot of the videos are very short, but it’s because they’re showing real people having real sex. The amateur vibes are easily one of the biggest selling points of MyDesi. If you’re into the homemade stuff and love Indian chicks, you’re going to be in heaven.You’ll also be happy to hear that MyDesi.net offers direct downloads of every video. You don’t have to fuck with any obnoxious file host services that make you wait, and you don’t even have to register for a MyDesi account to get access. So many premium sites have been cutting out downloads lately, but these folks know exactly how you feel about them. Hell, maybe you’ll even send them to your friends via MMS and tell them about all the latest scandals, like girls kissing girls or sucking off their husbands.It really says a lot that the worst thing I can say about My Desi is that the movies are short. They really nail every other point you could want on an amateur Indian porn site. There’s a ton of DIY Desi dirty movies, in a wider range of categories than you often find on Indian porn sites, with new stuff being added to the pile every day. I’m not really sure what else you could want in a Desi porn site, and I’d bet this one is only going to get better as it continues to grow.