A friend sent me the link to Drop MMS this morning and asked me to check it out and give my professional PornDude opinion on the joint. When I saw the name, I was pretty certain it would be an Indian tube. After all, while everybody sends porn on their phones, it’s mainly those Desi sites that equate MMS with naked ladies and dirty sex. It turns out I was only partly right. Maybe they started as an all-Indian porn forum when they sprouted at the end of 2020, but they’ve got a broader focus these days.And just what is the focus over at DropMMS.com? Well, according to the subtitle in the cute little logo, this is a Social Media Viral Videos and Pictures Community. I know Westerners aren’t immediately going to associate the site name with OnlyFans leaks, Patreon sluts, and bonafide pornstars, but maybe that’s bound to change. After all, this joint has been getting more and more traffic lately, to the tune of nearly two million visitors last month. So let’s see what all these deviates are shaking their ding-dongs at.Droppping MMS Porno with Drop MMSFirst things first, DropMMS isn’t your typical free tube full of streamable videos, which is the usual format you find on sites with this focus. If you’ve browsed my list of Free OnlyFans Leaks Sites here at ThePornDude, you already know that. Instead, this one presents the goods in a classic Internet message board format. The obvious, immediate drawback to this is that it may not be the best place to jerk off right this very moment if you prefer videos to photos because there are going to be some wait times and downloading involved.Of course, the forum format would have died out decades ago if it didn’t come with its own significant advantages. Hell, all you Reddit users know the value of a good discussion board, and this one is dedicated to the beautiful naked women of social media. Forums only really thrive if they’ve got a big userbase who’s eager to share, and they’ve definitely got that covered. I already touched on their monthly traffic, which comes from nearly 4,000 members, 2,000 of whom are online as I type this up.In other words, this place has a massive community of perverts chatting about porn, and more importantly, sharing it. These eager beaver hunters have posted well over 20,000 posts on almost as many different topics to date.Let’s Talk About Those Sexy TopicsOh, and let’s talk about those topics, shall we? DropMMS has your typical forum setup, with a couple of dozen subforums grouped into a handful of broad categories. For example, the sub at the very top of the front page currently has over 500 posts on the subject of OnlyFans Exclusive Leaks, but it’s by no means the biggest subforum on the site.Next up, they’ve got a nice set of Desi Videos and Pics boards. This is the content I’d expected when I saw the site’s name, and just looking at the post counts, it looks like DropMMS.com does have a sizable following among fans of Indian porn. There’s a fucking ton of Indian porn here! Some of these subs, like Desi New Videos, have thousands of posts. Just twenty minutes ago, somebody posted a video and pic set from some cute Indian chick who supposedly posted a bunch of nudes on accident. Oops!And moving right along, there are three boards in their Social Media Videos and Pics area: OnlyFans, Patreon, and Hollywood. These boards actually have less action than I’d expected, with just 9 Patreon posts and one under Hollywood. This OnlyFans section only has a couple of hundred posts, as I’m guessing most users are hitting up that other OnlyFans Exclusive Leaks board at the top of Drop MMS.There’s also a growing selection of Arab porno. Arab porn is relatively rare due to legal and cultural reasons; those of you who’ve checked out ThePornDude’s list of Top Arab Porn Tubes certainly know this, as do fans of the genre. DropMMS doesn’t have the hugest selections of these yet, but the site is relatively new and still growing its following.As you might expect, the Pornstar section is considerably more active given the overall volume of content out there on the web. Drop MMS has a couple of thousand pornstar videos and pictures available. The Lesbian and Gay selection, on the other hand, is pretty skimpy. I expected a slim gay section because that’s pretty standard, but it’s honestly a little bit shocking that they only have a few dozen lesbian posts. Maybe Indians don’t love the girl-on-girl stuff as much as the rest of us.Finally, there are a few sub-boards in the Request Zone. Requests are common on porn message boards but often go unfulfilled on smaller sites. As mentioned earlier, DropMMS has a very active community, which means your requests have a much higher likelihood of being filled. So go ahead and ask to see that Instagram babe you have been getting wet dreams about.What’s Leaking on DropMMS?I figured I’d dig into the DropMMS.com Exclusive OnlyFans Leaks section since they’ve got it featured so prominently at the top and because it’s ostensibly the site’s focus, at least according to the motto. Among the things I like about the Drop MMS setup, is how the posts are displayed with thumbnails instead of the usual, boring, text-based format you find on other message boards. As soon as I clicked through, I saw gorgeous, social media babes posing in skimpy dresses, flashing their titties in their bedrooms, fingering themselves, and even getting a little freaky with their girlfriends.And do you know what’s fucking fascinating? By some coincidence, it’s mostly Desi OnlyFans chicks. So I guess my initial suspicions about the site were correct; this is a social media porn board with a particular emphasis on the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi babes and bhabis. That means you’re going to find a slightly different selection of Internet chicks than on your typical leak site, where they’re always focusing on the usual set of broads you see elsewhere. (You know who I’m talking about: Belle Delphine, Amouranth, Momokun, Bella Thorne, and the rest of those pretty white attention-seeking whores come to mind.)That shift in focus is going to be disappointing to some Leaks fans, but personally, I’m excited to find some chicks on Drop MMS that I haven’t fapped to before. I noticed a pretty Desi girl putting her finger to her lips in a “Shhh” gesture on a post called Miss Mukherjee Private Collection, and I wanted to see more. It was posted a week ago and had over 12,000 views, so I knew it was something special.The post about Miss Mukherjee had a handful of full-sized photos, including some genuinely glorious nudes. At the top of the post, there’s a collection of download links so you can save her content to your hard drive. Of course, there are download links in most of the posts on the site, which is what porn-sharing forum users expect.There is a downside to the downloads, though, and you, frequent leak wankers already know what it is. As on just about any porn forum, the downloads are all hosted offsite on different file locker services. These are a convenient way to handle free downloads but come with their own set of minor issues. You may find some spam through the outgoing links, but the bigger problem is just going to be the wait times and throttled download speeds for free users. Of course, that means you’ll have to plan your fap sessions in advance, which ain’t a bad tradeoff when you consider how much money you’re saving.DropMMS.com is a solid forum for leak fans, mainly on account of their big, active userbase who’s constantly posting new content to the site. The site features a wide range of sexy social-media chicks, but I think the real draw here will focus on Indian babes. So many websites in this genre serve up the same material you’ve already seen elsewhere, but DropMMS hits you with that Desi shit that’s a lot harder to find. It doesn’t cost a dime to poke around, and you don’t even need to sign up, so go ahead and stock up on some free social media smut.