Suck Sex! There are plenty of porn sites on the World Wide Web that specialize in all sorts of formats of pornography, from the well-known and ultra-popular porn tubes that the majority of porn consumers known and love like ‘YouPorn’, ‘XHamster’ and so on, to other porn tubes that focus on different genres of internet pornography such as amateur homemade videos, hardcore BDSM fuck flicks, Japanese adult videos and so on. It’s undeniable that we live within a porn-fueled society which for better or worse allows us to access thousands of XXX pornographic websites that reside on the internet in under a minute.The rapid increase of XXX websites coupled with the rapid increase of porno fans and consumers in the past decade or so has also lead to an expansion within pornographic genres themselves – a decade ago it would’ve been almost impossible to come across an XXX domain that focuses on a certain niche or a specific theme since back then the average porno consumer wasn’t developed enough to have a certain preference. Nowadays, specific XXX websites that focus on something are all over, and the things they focus on vary greatly in terms of topic, theme, genre and so on.From pissing porn to drawn porn and even cuckold pornography where husbands are forced to watch their wives get their uteruses destroyed by a much more dominant and ‘larger’ male, pornography as a whole has certainly come a long way from those basic XXX movies and videos that were present everywhere up until the 2010s. But what about nationality-based porno genres? Over 50% of the world now has access to the internet, which also includes countries that were not on the digital map back until a decade or so ago.This includes India, one of the world’s superpower countries; a nation that has satellites up in orbit but also has plenty of its people starving and bathing in dirty water. As the second-largest country in the world in terms of populace, India has long been due a porno website that focuses on XXX content that hails from the country itself – SuckSex is one of those sites, and it pretty much stands alone when it comes to authentic Indian sex because there aren’t many other sites that focus on the kind of content it’s focusing on…No Fake Stuff – It’s all 100% NaturalThis website is all about that homemade goodness – there is none of that fake-looking premium HD stuff here that you’ve probably grown familiar with if you’ve been fapping to XXX content on various XXX websites for years. I’m talking about that Brazzers-type content that’s obviously been filmed with 10 crew members standing around making sure that the pornstar’s silicone tits are receiving just the right kind of lighting to make them ‘pop’ and that the audio in the scene is good enough to let you hear all that sucking action when the pornstar gargles on some 12-inch cock.This site is all about that homemade stuff, so natural you can practically smell it through the screen – all the videos on here are guaranteed to be 100% authentic as they’ve all been poorly filmed by mid-tier camera phones which were held by the dudes in the videos while they work their girlfriends. In some cases, the videos here were filmed by hidden cameras that were placed in order for the guys being filmed to be able to have some fapping material to refer to when they’re not getting any action. 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If you’re someone who wants to get well-acquainted with Indian pornography and fap to every imaginable genre, theme, niche or fetish that’s related to it, then these specific categories will undoubtedly help you explore India the way you’ve always wanted to… Photos Are Here for Your Viewing PleasureMany of you may not know this, but our fathers and even some of our grandfathers used to fap to porn back in the dark, non-internet days of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Back then the internet of today was pretty much incomprehensible, if the average Joe living back then were to get his hands on a Smartphone of today and explore internet porn I’m sure that he’d enter a three day long fapping bender that would definitely have some dire consequences for his dick.Back then people mainly relied on erotic magazines when they couldn’t get some real sex, which is probably why people fucked more back then in the first place. I’m sure that many of you have stumbled upon some XXX magazines that were stashed away by your dad or a certain uncle of yours at one point in your childhood, and they’re perfect examples of what people fapped to back in those days.You see, the generations before us weren’t lucky enough to have the internet at their disposal and be able to open up an hour-long XXX video within minutes – even during the early years of the internet, this was still impossible because it just wasn’t developed or fast enough. Nowadays kids take internet pornography for granted, so why not pay homage to what’s essentially the first and most globally-infamous format of pornography – pictures. There are plenty of pictures on this site’s ‘Pictures’ section, and if I were you, I’d definitely take a break from videos and get into a picture fapping phase – after all, masturbating to images is healthier for the brain than masturbating to videos, so why not give it a shot?Like To Read? Maybe Fap at The Same Time? Fapping to pictures may force you to use your imagination a little more which ultimately stimulates the brain and allows it to develop more of that good old ‘gray matter’ that’s responsible for critical thinking and overall intelligence, but fapping to literature is a whole other level. If you fancy yourself an intellectual and want to try your hand at fapping to erotic XXX stories, which can be accessed on this site, then you should definitely ‘take a whack’ at it. Yes, pictures may be a notch above videos, but you’ll use a lot more of your imagination if you ever decide to fap to written porn – reading words and trying to form an image in your mind of what they define and represent uses a hell of a lot more brainpower than fapping to images or videos, and it’s a great way to stimulate your frontal lobe while stimulating your dick at the same time…Fast-Responding Video Players & Site, And Minimal Ads To end this review off on a good note, I’d like to point out that this site responds extremely fast to all your commands, so you can definitely count on it when you’re hit with a sudden urge to fap that’s so extreme you can’t ignore it. There may be a few pop-ups here and there, but without them, the people running this website wouldn’t have enough money to run it, so be thankful that they’re there, and definitely be thankful that they’re not frequent enough to screw up your fapping experience.