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Even so, the talent cannot be understated: this is amazing content that will drain your balls every time you visit!Must register to browse the forumYou basically get to look at one forum as a visitor before you are forced to sign up for an account. DesiFakes effectively locks you out of the site until you can create an account. It’s pretty goddamn stupid if you ask me and actually hurts the forum as a whole. What if you want to explore different sections of the site to get a feel for it all before you sign up for a free account?With this limitation, DesiFakes ensures that you don’t get to experience the entire fucking thing without a registration wall being thrown in front of you. It is short-sighted, and DesiFakes needs to fix the problem. At least increase the number of threads you can view as an unregistered visitor before requiring a user to sign up for an account. Or, you know, they could place a disclaimer at the top of the page or somewhere in the body of the homepage alerting new users that; hey, you only have so many clicks you can make as a free user before you have to register!Despite the drawback, DesiFakes is an amazing fucking forum that shows how talented these types of XXX creative communities can be. And to ensure that registered members put their best foot forward, there are even seasonal contests where users can compete with one another for accolades. It’s a one-of-a-kind community that invites you to see their best works. So check out the website and get off to this unique content!SuggestionsDesiFakes is a forum that features talented artists creating amazingly realistic Bollywood fake content and more. However, the site needs to be more relaxed with its membership requirements, as visitors can only look at one thread before registering to become a member. Remove this limitation and allow people to explore the forum more openly, and users will be much more inclined to register.