Mr Deepfakes will help you with fake celebrity porn! Technology has come a long way in the last hundred years, helping mankind live a healthier, happier life along the way. From cars to factory machines, technology has definitely enriched society by making it easier to travel and live as well as ensuring that people are healthy and don’t have to resort to pain-staking labor jobs which many machines can easily do. Nowadays, technology has come even further, with new applications that feature ultra-smart artificial intelligence being made on a daily basis which we can all store on our own personal smartphones that have gigabytes-worth of memory storage available, which back in the 80s sounded like something straight out of science fiction.However, technology has also made it available to create ‘deepfake’ porn, allowing people all over the world to masturbate to pornography which features faces of real-life celebrities and people attached to pornstars featured in existing XXX videos. ‘Mr Deepfakes’ is one of a few websites which takes advantage of this new, highly controversial technology by hosting thousands of videos that have been modified by super-advanced artificial intelligence via some technical mumbo-jumbo in order to feature people who closely resemble real-life celebrities. This website definitely takes it to the next level when it comes to pornography consumption, and if you have a hard-on for a certain celebrity you should definitely try taking care of it here.So Many Hot Celeb Girls to Choose FromIf the ‘Fappening’ isn’t enough to satisfy your celeb porno needs then you’re definitely in luck because deepfake content is dominating the celeb porn scene. Everyone would love to see a famous A-list celebrity get her hole stretched by a huge cock, and now that’s essentially become a possibility because there are thousands of videos on here which feature exactly that. Whether you have a thing for famous A-list celebrities or obscure relatively-unknown actresses, this site has it all.There’s the insanely hot blonde Margot Robbie getting her ass rammed by two dicks, the super sexy Gal Gadot receiving a mouth creampie, Natalie Portman getting the living shit fucked out of her, Chloe Grace Moretz rubbing herself for your viewing pleasure and a fuckload of other videos which feature well-known actresses which you may or may not have jerked it to before. But film actresses aren’t the only ones who are featured in these videos…Songstresses Anyone?From Disney’s very own Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande to the ever-controversial Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, there are plenty of vocally-gifted songstresses featured on these videos here thanks to the super-advanced ‘deepfake’ tech which has revolutionized celeb porn forever. These sirens hone their vocal cords by moaning and screaming while receiving more dick than they can handle and deepthroating that same dick until they can’t breathe because everyone knows a singer has to keep their vocal cords in tip-top shape. If you’ve ever wanted to see how some of the hottest female singers in the world look like when they’re getting their pussies stretched by pulsating monsters full of veins, then this website might just have exactly what you need and then some.Of Course, There’s a Photo DepartmentNo porn site could ever call itself dignified if it didn’t have a dedicated photo section which is full of a wide variety of still-image content ready to be fapped to by people who have a little more patience than the average porno consumer. The photos on this website don’t include any deepfake technology because there have been fake celebrity XXX photos on the internet since the dawn of time, but they’re still worth a look. There are thousands of photos on this site’s photo section, and from what I’ve seen around half of them feature celebrities that the average person can actually recognize like Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone and so on.The rest of them are pretty unknown Indian celebrities which I’m sure a lot of Indian dudes who like ‘bob and vagene’ would enjoy, as well as a good number of Asian celebs that seem to be either Chinese or South Korean in origin. Then there’s also a whole fuckload of unknown photo albums uploaded to this section which have really vague names like ‘sexy1’ and ‘Sexy Sexy’ – I’m guessing the foreign visitors of this site named these and put them up, because they seem to feature faces that you’ve probably never seen before since you don’t watch fucking Bollywood movies or unknown Asian flicks. In short, the photo section on this site is decent but it’s far from perfect, just like the deepfake tech itself, which brings me to my next point…The Deepfake Tech is Far from PerfectIt’s not easy for an artificial intelligence to place a celebrity’s face on a pornstar’s moving body in a video by using a complicated ‘human image synthesis’ technique which requires precise positioning on thousands of different frames in any given video. There’s a lot of space for mistakes and imperfections in a deepfake video, and it’s clearly visible on this website because a lot of its videos feature ‘clippings’ and other ‘bugs’ on the pornstar’s celebrity-overlaid face which are easily noticeable and might just deflate a certain fan’s hard-on in the middle of a fap session.In addition, plenty of celebrity faces are matched to the wrong bodies – like for example, there’s plenty of videos featuring Gal Gadot deepfakes, but they mistakenly use girls with wide bone structures and faces which is not what Gal Gadot’s otherwise slender and slim physique resembles. Also, since the face is the most pivotal part of a deepfake, a lot of videos that feature blowjobs and facials look pretty poorly rendered due to the fact that they contain multiple ‘changes and manipulations’ to the pornstar’s face – sometimes the pornstar’s whole face shows for a brief second, which not only shows that the deepfake is bad quality but is also a pretty fucking unsettling thing to witness.Categories are Decent EnoughAs with every porn site, categories are a crucial factor that determines whether the site can be deemed as good or bad. has a decent selection of a total of 23 categories but they seem to be slightly inconsistent. For example, there’s an Asian celeb category but not an Indian celeb category, and there are just as many or maybe even more videos which are made by ‘deepfaked’ Indian celebrities - not that most people who read this would want to actually jerk off to a celebrity they don’t know on this site, but it still shows that the people running this site were pretty careless with the categorization.But it’s not all bad – there are some categories which might surprise you, like ‘Cosplay’ and ‘Social Media Celebrities’, with the former containing videos that include Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and the latter having content which features Tana Mongeau and Barbara Dunkelman. And of course, there’s a good selection of the standard porno categories which we all know and love like Threesome, Blowjob, POV, BDSM, Anal and so on.A Wholesome Community of Deepfake LoversEvery solid porno site has a forum or community backing it up, and Mrdeepfakes has a dedicated alliance of deepfake fans which make up its backbone in its forums section. The forums here have a few different sections dedicated to different things, like for example there’s a ‘Lounge’ section where you can talk about non-deepfake stuff and introduce yourself to the community, as well as the ‘Adult’ & ‘Non-Adult’ content forums where members of the site can share their favorite deepfakes or other stuff related to deepfakes that’s not actual porn.There’s also a ‘DeepFake Creation Tools’ section of the forums where you can learn all there is to know about creating deepfake videos if you have nothing better to do with your life and/or have a burning passion to see famous celebrities or girls you know featured in XXX videos which you can jerk off to at your own leisure.