Deepfake Porn is a bit of a controversial subject these days, and it seems like everyone has a strong opinion about it. Celebrities and #MeToo warriors hate it, saying it violates the privacy of its alleged victims. Perverts, on the other hand, think it’s the greatest fucking thing since sliced bread. Hell, I’ll give up sandwiches for the rest of my life if it means seeing more photorealistic fakes of my favorite famous people getting fucked.DeepakePorn.net is almost exactly what you think it is, with a focus you may not expect from the name. This free deepfake collection stars the hottest Asian celebrities in explicit pornos. If you’re looking to see a Japanese AV idol getting nailed or a K-pop sensation sucking a ding-dong, you’ve come to the right place. The site’s only been around a little while, but they’ve seen some significant growth in traffic over the last few months. I’m a big follower of trends, especially when I can masturbate to them, so let’s see what’s on the menu.Fake Famous Asians in Real Hot PornoI’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting the Asian lady gimmick at DeepfakePorn. I’m not exactly complaining, as everybody knows I’m a big fan of JAV (Japanese Adult Video) and Asian smut in general. Still, I know it’s going to be a make-or-break gimmick for some of you. The weeaboos with waifu pillows modeled after their favorite AV idols are going to eat this shit up. If you were hoping for Western celebs like Selena Gomez and Emma Watson, you might be better served by something else from my list of Deepfake Porn Sites.Then again, even if you don’t know the babes by name or even by face, I challenge you not to pop a raging fucking boner while perusing the selection on this fake Asian tube. The girls are absolutely fucking gorgeous, and they’re doing all kinds of freaky shit. I’m just looking at the thumbnails on the front page and I can feel my stiffy dripping. I guess I better grab an old gym sock before I ruin another keyboard.You don’t have to know who Mitsuki Yamamoto is to see that she’s stunning wearing nothing but big-ass fishnets, whether that’s her body or not. I’m definitely interested in seeing more of the handjob she’s giving in the thumbnail. Likewise for this chick Irene, who’s pretty as hell and looks like she’s having a great time going interracial with the BBC. While I may not have heard the latest tracks from J-pop sensation Sayaka Yamamoto, I’ll definitely be watching this video where she’s getting her pussy eaten out.K-pop and J-pop idols are some of the most popular subjects at DeepfakePorn. Even if you ain’t into the music, I think you’ll love what they look like when their heads are superimposed on pornstar bodies. The deepfakes here are realistic as fuck, which makes them easier to jack off to than if their faces were too big, the wrong color or clearly spliced in. If I didn’t know they were fakes, I’d think they were legit.A Thousand Deepfakes and CountingDeepfakes have been getting more popular as the technology gets more accessible. Still, I was immediately impressed by the size and scope of DeepfakePorn.net’s collection. I’m honestly a little jealous the neural networks haven’t put this much time and effort into cranking out fake pornos of Western celebrities. As of this writing, there were a thousand deepfake porn movies in the stash.    I couldn’t find upload dates on the movies, so while I can’t say exactly how often they update, it’s clear they’re building the collection at an impressive rate. I’m not sure how exactly the front page is arranged, but the selection changed as I refreshed it throughout the day. It’s either showing me the top stuff or the freshest smut. If it’s the latter, that means updates every few hours. They’ve got their deepfake porn machines running night and day.Just from looking at the thumbnails, it’s clear that a lot of the source material is JAV. I fucking love JAV, but if you also love JAV, you probably know exactly what I’m about to bitch about. Japan has some really restrictive censorship laws, which is why any kind of adult content from the country tends to have all the naughty bits blurred out. While there is a fair amount of uncensored content on DeepfakePorn.net, most of the pussies, pee-pees and poopers are blurred out.Famous Asians Doing All Kinds of Kinky ShitCensorship or not, that’s still a fucking ton of fake Asian celebrity porn. With that much fake porn in the pile, there’s naturally a wide range of good stuff to crank it to. What are you into? Doggystyle, missionary, blowjobs or cumshots? They’ve got cumshots, masturbation and threesomes, not to mention fingering and footjobs.There’s a cloud of some of their most popular tags at the top of the landing page. Since most of the movies are adding Asian celebrities to JAV movies, you’ll see a lot of JAV staples. That means the Hairy Pussy area is well-stocked, as is their collection of Costume movies.Their Tags page has an in-depth index of hundreds of sex acts, fetishes and scenarios. Half of it is in Japanese, but there’s plenty of perversion to play with in English. It ranges from vanilla stuff like Bikinis and Big Boobs to freakier shit like Cuckold, BDSM and Machine Sex. They may not always let us see the private parts, but at least the Japanese aren’t confining themselves to simple sex. I’m always impressed by the depravity of JAV despite the censorship, and that holds true at DeepfakePorn.Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Idols, Naked and HumpingLi Xiaolu is a sexy little Chinese actress and singer, known for starring in the teen series Struggle and Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl. I’ll be honest, I had no fucking idea who she was before today, but I think she’s going to be part of my masturbation fantasies for a while. One of the thumbnails on the front page depicts the lovely Xiaolu with her big jugs out and the tempting title Sperm Rain.I was half expecting the two-hour movie lengths typical to JAV sites, but then I remembered DeepfakePorn.net is a deepfake site. Sperm Rain is two-minutes and forty seconds, which ain’t bad for a deepfake. The first ones we ever saw only ran a few seconds, but they’ve been getting longer and longer.With my adblocker running, I haven’t seen any spam during my visit to DeepfakePorn, a trend that continued when I hit the Play button. Li Xiaolu appeared in the video player, flashing her doe eyes at the camera and touching herself beneath a one-strap swimsuit that ain’t covering much, least of all that stunning rack.The resolution is lower than the typical HD or ultra-HD I’ve grown used to, which may hide some of the video’s imperfections. Still, it’s hard to believe this movie is a fake. If I didn’t know any better, I would 100% believe this is Li Xialou. When she squeals as some dude jacks off onto her, cum squirting from a stack of boner-colored Tetris blocks, it certainly seems like it’s coming from the pretty face on the screen.Halfway through the clip, it switches from a JAV movie to somebody’s homemade POV blowjob movie. This one’s uncensored, so we get to see the girl licking and sucking the dude’s cock. It sure looks real as hell to me. If I had to put money on it, I’d say the second half of the clip is a leak and not a deepfake, but I can’t find confirmation in the tags or comments.Sexy, Fun, and Easy to Beat Off ToI watched an uncensored gangbang clip with IZONE’s Kang Hyewon, another K-pop idol I just learned about. She’s known as “the Innocent Rapper”, a name they might revoke if enough people think this video is legit. This one’s a little less flawless, with poorly synced audio that helps spoil the illusion, but it’s still easy to beat off to.“Easy to beat off to” may be a good way to sum up DeepfakePorn.net’s all-Asian celebrity deepfake tube. The range, realism and size of their library are the site’s biggest assets; there’s plenty to beat off to, even if you’re just a casual viewer marveling at the technological wonder of these next-generation fakes. Fans of Asian media are going to fucking love this shit, because they’ve got the hottest Chinese, Japanese and Korean idols in movies straight out of your fap fantasies.