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SexCelebrity! Everyone has their favorite celebrity they’d pay an arm and a leg to get balls deep in their sweet coochie. If you are me, that’s easy but for the rest of y‘all commoners, that will remain a dream, and the best bet is to beat the meat to leaked celebrity sex tapes. The famous sex tape by Kim Kardashian immediately comes to mind. Therein lies a challenge; some celebrities just don’t do sex tapes and waiting to see their freaky side is an effort in futility. But then, nothing beats technology, is there? Thanks to technology, it is now possible to see your favorite celebrity getting rammed even if they never did as much as pose naked. How, you ask? I’ll explain.Deepfake pornDeepfake porn is a new genre of smut that involves using special graphics (and artificial intelligence (AI) software like FakeApp) to impose a celebrity’s face into a porn actor with a similar body type to make it look like it’s the celebrity being fucked. These montages are so smoothly done they appear so fucking real and convincing it is difficult to prove it’s not the real thing. Oh, and this is not Photoshop like many people like to think. A really powerful graphics processor can process a picture of deepfake porn, so you get a video with the real face of an actor, a singer, TV personas, You tubers, and other mainstream celebrity.We’ve all been there. You are watching Game of Thrones, and you see Emilia Clarke’s tits that makes you go ‘holy crap, I’d give anything to see this sexy bitch doing porn’. The good news is with the deepfake technology, it is very much possible to see your favorite celebrity getting boned. To illustrate just how effective this concept is, I’ll be reviewing a site called Sex Celebrity, your new home of Deepfake Hollywood celebrity porn. How likely are you going to be jerking off to the bustiest and most well-known celebrities getting it on? Tag along and let’s find out.Your favourite celebrities getting bonedSo, how much have you longed to see naked celebrities and showbiz stars in some hot porn videos? Your dreams might just cum true with Sex Celebrity. The thing is, Deepfake porn has been in so much demand in the recent past since most people are just bored of seeing the old faces in porn videos. The demand is hot for some new faces, and nothing beats the thrill of seeing an A-list celebrity that has never had anything to do with porn starring in some heavy drilling scenes. Ultimately, it’s hotter seeing Jennifer Lawrence being fucked from behind than the usually recycled pornstars. Sex Celebrity has answered your prayers, and impossible is just a word in the dictionary.At first glance, Sex Celebrity looks like an ordinary porn tube. However, this place is anything but your ordinary porn tube. This is where you realize your childhood dreams of seeing the likes of Emma Watson, Gal Gadot, Taylor Swift, and other leading names in the mainstream entertainment industry starring in steamy and hardcore XXX flicks. Any famous bitch you can dream of, chances are you will jerk off to their fake celebrity porn videos here. It’s that straightforward.Click on Celebrities from the menu bar and fap to the likes of Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Emilia Clarke, Emily Ratajkowski, and Elizabeth Olsen among others. Click on an individual celebrity and be taken to their individual page that has their full list of Deepfake porn videos and a brief description of their careers including a brief history, date of birth and other personal details.Hundreds of videos and countingI know you must be wondering just how much erotic content you get here. I mean, no one wants to repeatedly see Angelina Jolie having sex. Well, the truth is there are hundreds of videos to check out with many more added regularly. There is no way to tell the exact number, but even if there was, chances are the numbers will be past tense by the time you get to read this review if the updates are anything to go by. It appears like a new video is uploaded every few hours each with a new deepfake girl.There is no doubting that celebrities are some of the sexiest women on earth, and the chance to see them naked is simply irresistible. Sex Celebrity has stocked its archives with all the content you could ever want. I don’t know where they get this shit from and to be honest, I don’t give a fuck as long as they are well done which is largely the case here. Sure, you will come across some badly done celebrity fakes, but they are the exception.Plenty of Varied contentThe most interesting thing about the collection? The videos are available in many genres, and if like me, you get easily bored watching the same shit over and over, this is certainly some perfect news. These guys only upload the best deepfake content that’s sure to blow your mind (and probably your pants as well). The shit here includes celebrities giving head in steamy blowjob flicks, anal sex, fingering, kinky BDSM and fisting, orgasms (including facials, on the stomach, ass, and boobs) and much more.Click on categories on the menu bar and appreciate the variety with categories like anal, Lesbian, double penetration, masturbation, threesome, sex toys, cumshot, creampie, handjob, and POV, among others. Fuck, they even have a special category for Game of Thrones meaning if you want to jack it to bitches from the popular series getting it on, Sex Celebrity have you covered. What more could you possibly ask for?Incredible, easy to use layoutSex Celebrity’s design sees to it that you don’t have to waste a lot of time trying to figure out how things work. It is clean, and everything is neatly arranged, and the user-friendly outlook means you can pick anything with ease. All the things you need to enjoy your experience are right there in front of your eyes. The graphics are also pretty nice, and my eyes had an easy time locating anything on the site. However, I certainly don’t like the white background, and I wish they went for a darker theme.The site welcomes you to this erotic celebrity extravaganza with the latest videos with each video showing the number of views and duration. Scroll further down for the popular and most viewed video. Each of the sections has a ‘more videos’ link in the top right corner if you are in the mood for some exploration. There is also a list of tags near the bottom of the main page which should come in handy as you look for something specifically suited to your tastes.Positive site featuresSome hot celebrity action; Sex Celebrity allows you to get your hands on steamy porn videos featuring A-list celebrities in mouthwatering scenes. Enjoy singers turning into full-time sluts who enjoy sucking cocks more than writing lyrics.Realistic videos; the majority of the flicks are so well done they appear like the real thing. They are clearly the work of professionals.Regular updates; users can look forward to fresh content as new scenes are added regularly. This also means the solid collection is only going to get bigger.Negative site featuresSome deepfakes are poorly done; not all videos are as convincing as the site would want us to believe and you will come across some poorly done flicks.Quality could better; while all the videos have an HD icon in the top right, not every video is available in HD quality and a good chunk come in mediocre qualities.RecommendationsThe first thing the site should do is to add a quality sorting feature so users can easily sift through the content for the highest quality shit. Also, is there a chance that users can find some longer videos? The longest video I saw was not longer than 8 minutes. For some, this could be enough, but for others, not so.ConclusionIf you can’t get your lusty mind off celebrity porn, Sex Celebrity might be your new favorite destination to see famous chicks getting drilled hard. There are plenty of videos featuring well-known celebrities in steamy XXX action available for absolutely free. The site features a clean and easy to use design and with new content added regularly, Sex Celebrity is the right place to visit for your celebrity porn fix.