Celebrity Slips

CelebritySlips is a must-see website for all men around the world who have a crush on a certain famous girl. You'd be surprised how many times women all over the world have been photographed in such a way that their privates have been completely exposed to the camera. These pictures are obviously rarely seen in the media as these girls have paid a hefty sum of money to keep these hot pics out of big websites such as BuzzFeed or The Rolling Stone, and so on, but they've never really cared enough to make sure that these are taken off of every page on the net, and this is why this page is up and going even to this day! I mean, it's crowded with tons of embarrassing pics, and most of us have never even heard about them.Could you imagine Selena Gomez with her pussy out on some random website, or even in a newspaper? Neither could I, but such pictures exist, and they can be seen on Celebrity-Slips.com, a page crowded with so much filth you would never believe it!Maybe I'm hyping this page up too much, though. I mean, it's rarely super-explicit pictures that you get to see in here, but rather, it's pictures of wardrobe malfunctions and stuff like that, instead of pictures of famous chicks with their entire pussies or titties out. Yeah I know, that's disappointing, but sometimes you do get to see stuff like that, given that these pictures leak, but this doesn't happen too often, so do not get your hopes up!A good portion of the content of this page is simply pictures of cleavages of girls who just so happened to wear some super-revealing outfits on purpose in order to show off their attributes, and this just does not cut it for me. THere's nothing too special about this. It's just hoes being hoes, really. I want to see girls who are usually present as pure and nice and all that getting exposed accidentally!For example nip-slips are something I want to see, and that's what I can get in here, but in order for me (or anyone else, for that matter, since The Porn Dude is no deity) to see something like this on Celebrity-Slips.com, you'd have to scroll through the website for quite some time in order to find what you like, but effort can pay off. It usually will pay off.The, there are supposed sex tape leaks here, but these are usually bullshit, as these women would never let anyone see them having sex, nor would they ever have sex in public so that everyone could see them. I mean, it would be a huge scandal for them, so they don't really get to do stuff us mortals do. Most of us have had sex in public in our teens. I mean, it's hard to clear up an apartment and shit like that, so we just fucked in a forest, or even behind a building and stuff like that. Oh well, let's not talk about that too much, let's get back to the main topic.This page features a lot of exclusive content that you won't see on any other website. Not even a website made the same way Celebrity-Slips.com was made. You know, a page made for celebrity nude leaks and stuff like that. No sir. You'll have to come here in order to find your sexy Celeb pics. Otherwise, you won't find any!What annoys me about Celebrity-Slips.com is the fact that there are tons of pics here that are simply pictures of girls being intentionally slutty that can be seen on any "mainstream" website such as Instagram or Facebook. As I've said it before, I am not interested in hoes being hoes. I want to see cute girls being hoes occasionally, because this is what gets me going, and this is what gets most men going as well. We get bored of old hoes, and we want new ones! Hoes in the making!Or rather, hoes who have been hoes only in secret. God, I've used the word "hoes" way too much in the past few sentences, I better make sure that I don't call these hoes "hoes" no more later on in this review. Let's not talk about these promiscuous femmes, and let's focus on the features of this website for now, alright?Surprisingly enough, a categorization system can be found on this page!Why would I find something like a categorization system on a page about adult images to be so surprising? Well, if you have any experience with pages such as this one, you've probably noticed that these pages usually do not have a categorization system, duh. That's a no-brainer. However, these categories are unlike anything you would see on a regular porno website, rather, these categories are a little bit different, but they're still the ideal kind of categories for a page that revolves around celebrities getting caught wearing little to no clothing in public, or rather, a page that's pretty much entirely based around wardrobe malfunctions.First off, these "categories" function as tabs on their own, as when you load this website up, you will get to see a ton of header tabs, seen as black squares with white letters on top of them. The first tab is called Bikinis, the second one is all about nipple slips, then there's a tab all about topless chicks (you won't be seeing a lot of content in here, I'll disappoint you right off the bat), then there's one for see-through clothes, one for girls with their cameltoes showing, one with girls who have accidentally shown off their butts, and one more where girls accidentally end up showing their pussies off. These are usually pictures from beaches...which is totally understandable. Oh yeah, let's not forget the tab where you get to see upskirt pictures.Sounds pretty neat, right? Well, if these category/tab hybrids simply aren't enough for you, you can always head over to the try search bar that can be found at the top of Celebrity-Slips, right next to the big, pink home button. Hit this bar up with the words you think are appropriate (don't look up things that you would normally look up on a porno website such as "anal, oral" or even "blowjob" because such leaks don't happen that often If those leaks happen, careers are destroyed. Well, sometimes careers are even born. Remember Kim Kardashian?Celebrity-Slips.com will make sure that you get to see the number of people who have seen these gals naked, and it will also let you see the number of people who just so happened to comment on these images as well. Hell, most of these pictures have absolutely no comments, I guess these people had their hands busy or something. I guess this means that if a picture isn't that hot that it will have a lot of comments, right? I mean, logically, this is what would happen. Oh yeah, I guess this means you can create an account on this page if you want to comment on pictures, but seeing as no one really does this, there's no point in doing that.Oh yeah, there are also tons of fake sex tapes that can be seen on the far right part of this website, and for the love of God, do not click on them. They are all fake. They would never get leaked, please do not fall for these lies and do not waste your time.A simple page, but by all means, not a bad pageCelebrity-Slips.com is a website that has managed to successfully make a proper mixture of simple and useful. It's something that's quite beautiful, and I respect whoever made this page. I mean, we need more porno pages to follow this model. I'll call it the "no bullshit model" since this website is a very straight-forward website. You come in, you get to see all the interesting things about the page and all the tabs, you can have a quick wank, and you can leave. It's as simple as that! Lots of content is available, all of the content is completely free, and even though most of the content here are pictures of girls with their nipples barely out (some of these gals wear see-through shirts and dresses on purpose, too), it's still some hot stuff, and it's great that someone took the time out of their life to put all these images into one place to make sure that we all get to enjoy the naked bodies of these gorgeous ladies.