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Looking for nude celeb leaks at ScandalPlanet? Most people with a functioning libido have at some point in their life developed a celebrity crush for a certain actor/actress, diva, pop-star, fashion model and so on. Most of the world would love to see some A-list celebrities naked or getting fucked, and the paparazzi have been trying to get evidence of that for literally decades now. But with the introduction of the internet and better technology in general, it’s become easier and easier to peek into the private lives of celebs. Sex tapes were a huge thing back in the 2000s, and in recent years more and more celebrity nude pics and sex tapes have been leaked online as a result of hackers.Everyone’s seen and probably fapped to High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens' nudes, alongside Rihanna and Scarlet Johannson’s, which was made possible thanks to the horny, diligent hackers who’ve decided to infiltrate their personal data. There’s a LOT of celebrity XXX content on the internet at this point, and the fine people running ‘Scandal Planet’ have decided to amass a wide collection of it and categorize, allowing millions of horny wankers from all over the world to jerk off to it (or so it may seem that way).More than Just Leaks and NudesWhile the bread and butter of scandalplanet.com may be its leaked nude pics and sex tapes featuring sexy celeb girls nude, giving head and getting rammed by some lucky fucks, there’s more to it than just that. Right on the home page of this website you can see a collection of videos taken straight from movies – a LOT of celebrities have no problem with being filmed in nude and sex scenes in the movies they star in, and a lot of movie sex scenes have made their way onto various XXX domains on the internet.One of the most recent examples of popular celebs filming sex scenes is Lady Gaga’s ‘A Star is Born’, which is a movie about her life that has her in a few nude and sex scenes. If you decide to explore beyond the home page, you’ll quickly find many more movie sex scenes on the site’s ‘Celeb Porn’, category, which contains movie clips featuring celebrities from all over the world getting fucked by their co-stars. There’s also the very specific ‘Forced Sex’ category which has authentic movie sex scenes, although this time the starlets are featured in rape scenes ripped from various movies from all over the world, which brings me to my next point…The Material Here is from All Over the WorldFrom what I’ve seen, it looks like over half of all the movie sex scenes displayed on this site are filmed in non-English speaking countries. There may be plenty of US sex scenes here for you to enjoy but a lot of them are from movies filmed in Germany, Russia, France and so on. Now I’m not saying that these countries don’t make any great porn, on the contrary, they make amazing pornography that’s been popular for decades now. But it’s hard to sift through your movie sex scene or leaked sex tape of choice on this website because the categories are very vague – the people running this site might be enthusiastic about celeb porn but they sure as hell don’t give a shit when it comes to proper categorization because they could’ve easily segmented their content into categories based on country of origin and so on. Like if I want to watch a German porn scene from the 70s I should be able to easily find it right? But unfortunately, that isn’t the case here, because there are only a handful of categories on this website and they don’t really do their job correctly…Categories Are Extremely Vague and Not Very HelpfulThe more I explore ScandalPlanet the more it seems like it was made to pull in some traffic revenue from desperate jerkoffs who accidentally stumbled upon it. I say this because the categories on here are extremely vague; There’s ‘Nude Celebs’, which features nude pictures of celebrities which were either leaked or occasional nip-slips taken by paparazzi. Then there’s the “Celeb Porn’ category, which is literally the premise for the entire fucking website. Here you have explicit porn videos which are either scenes ripped straight from foreign erotic films or leaked videos mostly from relatively unknown foreign celebrities. Most of the movie scenes in this category are pretty dated, and the leaked videos are of questionable authenticity, which I’ll expand on later.The next ‘Celebrity Sex Tapes’ category is strictly leaked private celebrity sex tapes, and all of them were also featured on the previously mentioned ‘Celeb Porn’ category, which again shows me that the categorization on this website is a total fucking disaster. The last ‘Forced Sex’ category features rape scenes ripped mostly from obscure, mostly foreign B-list movies, and so far this category is the most accurate one out of all. But that’s not all when it comes to this website’s lack of quality…Lots of the Stuff Here is FakeThere’s a good number of authentic content on this website featuring sex scenes, sex tapes and nudes from actual real celebrities, but a lot of this shit is obviously fake and only made for you to click on it in hopes of seeing some A-list starlet give head or get rammed from behind. A good number of the leaked sex tapes on here which claim to be from celebs actually feature lookalikes, and they’re displayed on the thumbnails in specific moments which makes you think that they’re the real deal. Like for example, there’s a supposed sex tape leak of Emma Watson here which is actually a homemade sex video of a doppelganger of hers and a boyfriend.This exact same situation is also apparent with many other celebrities like Selena Gomez, Emma Stone, Lauren Cohen and so on. It’s one thing to have shitty categories, but putting up fake sex tapes of famous celebrities is just plain fucking evil, because you get the hopes up of thousands of people and later on betray them when they find out that the video they’re fapping to isn’t authentic. But there’s one more major flaw about this website that makes it completely not worth your time…Most Videos Are Just Snippets…Say you do manage to find a video you want to fap to on this God-forsaken website and press play. You whip your dick out and get excited, and the video starts – a few seconds pass and it gets to the good part, and suddenly a fucking gateway prompt comes up saying “Want more? Click button below for full video!” …Is this website fucking serious? Do they seriously have no dignity? Not only is the categorization here awful, but a good portion of their ‘best’ videos aren’t even authentic, and almost all of them can’t be fully watched on the website itself! I really don’t know what the point of this shitty website is because it really fails to impress me in any way.I decided to actually press on the gateway prompt out of curiosity, praying I don’t get a virus, and I end up on a site called ‘Celebpornarchive’, which leads me to completely lose trace of the original video I wanted to watch. I realized that this is just another one of those endless rabbit hole situations where shitty XXX sites lead you to other shitty XXX sites through the promise of delivering good porn via attractive thumbnails. After this, It’s safe to say that this website really isn’t worth your time at all no matter how horny you are.Don’t Bother With ItIf you want celebrity porn, there are plenty of good, reputable websites out there dedicated to the infamous ‘Fappening’ event that you can jerk off on. If you want to spend your time here looking for a good video to fap to you’ll be severely disappointed, and you’re best off saving your sperm cells for another XXX celeb-dedicated site that actually deserves your splurge.