The Fappening Blog got its humble start a few years ago as, shortly after the original Fappening blew up the Internet with some of the best ass and titties the world had ever seen. The blog’s title may be a shameless and downright genius attempt to cash in on that historic event, but it serves up exactly what you’d expect. Namely, they’ve got tons of celebrity nudes: leaked, fake, or otherwise.If you’ve forgotten about The Fappening, allow me to refresh your memory. You probably whacked off to the fallout, even if you’ve forgotten the name. They also called it Celebgate, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Remember back in August 2014, when you found out that Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and a bunch of other celebrities suddenly had nudes floating around? Yeah, that massive leak of intimate photos of famous people, coinciding with a massive surge in tissue sales, will forever be known as The Fappening.While the cyber-heroes behind the original Fappening leak have been caught and sentenced, their contributions to fapping never to be forgotten, aka has stepped in to fill the void they left behind. The next time some celebrity nudes leak their way onto the Internet, you’ll know exactly where to find them.Leaked Nudes and Sexy LadiesOf course, world-shaking nudie leaks like The Fappening don’t happen every day. In the meantime, The Fappening Blog has a steady stream of daily updates. It’s really set up like a classic blog, not a porn site, so the layout is clean enough to easily navigate the growing collection of posts and pics. There’s no clutter. This is the definition of mobile-friendly.The biggest downside to The Fappening Blog’s ever-flowing faucet of celebrity pics is that most of them aren’t even nude. Looking at the front page right now, only about a third of them show tits. They’re some nice tits, don’t get me wrong, world-class, but if you’re looking for hardcore action you’ll be better served elsewhere.Most of the content is photos of hot celebrities in revealing clothes. Some are posed, some are candid paparazzi shots. They’re all hand-selected for sexiness, though, so you don’t have to worry about stumbling onto a picture of Roseanne eating chips in her underwear while you’re trying to polish the old Bishop. You’re more likely to see Emma Watson sunning herself in a bikini.Fake Nudes, TooI fell down the rabbit hole looking at those sunbathing pics I mentioned. After scrolling a bit, I stumbled onto another one of The Fappening Blog’s offerings. Emma Watson, Hermione from the Harry goddamn Potter series, was squatting naked, legs spread, in the middle of the page.Sure, it’s a fake. Watson has a disappointing lack of even tasteful full-frontal fuck scenes in her flicks. It’s a damn good fake, though. I examined it to completion several times, but didn’t find any flaws.You’ll run into a fair number of faked nudes as you browse the site, though it’s not really their bread and butter. There’s no way to pull up a list of their fakes, so you have to look around to find them. They often show the original photos that went into creating the counterfeit masterpiece.Nearly 5,000 Celebs and CountingThere’s a link at the top of The Fappening Blog to check out their full list of celebrities. It’s extensive, to say the least. The next time you’re watching a movie and think, I’d love to see this babe naked, maybe getting boned, check this menu before you waste your time poking around the ‘net. If she’s ever been naked on video, she’ll be on the site. Hell, she might be on it, anyway.While The Fappening Blog is about celebrities, it doesn’t waste your time with the same boring bullshit as every other celebrity site. I don’t care about her marital status, hobbies, or what big project she’s working on right now. I frankly don’t give a fuck about the scandal surrounding that blowjob video I’m about to watch. None of that extra info is going to help me get my rocks off. Just show me the tits and the fucking!All your major actresses, athletes, models and musicians are covered on the blog’s master list. You’ve got the usual suspects like Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara, but you’ve also got surprise treats like Jenette McCurdy and classics like Raquel Welch. It’s basically a history of stars exposing their naughty bits on camera. I’ll definitely be staying after class to learn a little more, followed by homework late into the night.There’s not much in the way of articles on The Fappening Blog, but there is a handy—and I do mean handy—list of 49 Celebrities And Their Pornstar Doppelgangers. I first stumbled on the list while looking for Zooey Deschanel nudes. They don’t have any on the blog, but now I know Ellie Idol looks a lot like Zooey and also takes dick on camera.Paparazzi Pussies and Hollywood BoobiesI clicked the Aubrey Plaza link, hoping to see some fakes. It turns out I didn’t need to see her face Photoshopped onto some pornstar’s body. She’s actually got some pretty fucking explicit leaked photos and videos. Aubrey would have made a killing as a cam girl if she hadn’t gotten famous. Not only that, but she’s done nudity in a few scenes, and some bold paparazzi managed to get a pretty good shot of her pussy peeking out of her shorts.The Fappening Blog puts all this wank-worthy gold in one place; on one page, you can see all those pics and watch all those videos of Aubrey. There are a couple of random shots mixed in, but there’s enough of the good stuff to keep you going for a while.That’s pretty much what you get from any of their celebrity collections. Pick your favorite star, grab some lotion, and make a day of it. Most pics link to a gallery of similar images, so you’ll have plenty of material to help you imagine banging your favorite starlets in a variety of exotic locales.If you’re not looking for anyone in particular, just browsing for some naked and famous flesh, the TOP 200 NUDE CELEBRITIES list on the sidebar is a good starting point. They’ve got to be the top for a reason, right? They range in dirtiness from swimsuit photos to nip slips to outright getting fucked on camera, but they all rank among the hottest chicks in the world. It’s a win/win.You’ll run into a lot of polls while you’re browsing, too. They ask you to decide whether a photo is fake or to choose between celebrities. Honestly, my hands were a little too full to vote, but the polls did provide a nice link between stars during my masturbatory perusal of the blog. That’s how I started to Olivia Munn and finished to Kristen Bell. Record that vote!My biggest complaint about The Fappening Blog would be the half-ass tagging on posts. I should be able to find everything in one category, like fake nudes or blowjobs, with one click at the bottom of a similar post. Having separate tags for ‘Jennifer Lopez Tits’ and ‘Jennifer Lopez Cleavage’ is neat and all, but let’s get the basic categories covered before we try to dial in that level of breast-loving precision.A Place for Like-Minded Starfucker WannabesWhile not as well-organized as the blog itself, The Fappening Forum is worth a look if you’re a true starfucker wannabe. Most of the sub-forums get a few posts day, and that includes a fair number of leaked nudes. Some of the pics will end up on the main page, others you’ll have to dig up here. There’s even a board where members can share naked photos of their wives, girlfriends, and exes.You’ll also find a Fake Celebrity Nude and Deepfakes sub-forum. It’s not super active right now, but keep your eye on this one. Deepfakes are the next level of fake nudes. I promise you will hear a lot about them, and hopefully see a lot of them, in years to come.Overall, TheFappeningBlog (often misspelled as "the frappening") is a great resource for almost anybody looking to spank it to celebrities. They’ve got stuff ranging from Rihanna in a bra to Ellie Kemper flashing her panties, to Farrah Abraham getting fucked doggystyle. If you’d prefer to skip anything with clothes or without sex, you’re probably better off with a more hardcore celeb site like CelebGate. Everyone else is going to love this shit.