Like keeping up with celebrities and their curvaceous glory without having to sort through a bunch of gossipy shit? Then celebrate and thank me for linking you to, I suppose you should also thank the site’s webmaster, but if you’re reading this, how else would you know about it if it weren’t for me.)Anyway, this compilation is one of the best resources for those who like keeping tabs with the scandalous photos, public nipple slips, and nudie scenes of your favorite celebs.What’s the Point?According to Nudography’s web designer, this site is“I created this site when I was continually running into the same problem. I would see a movie, and some pretty girl would capture my attention. And the first thing I would think of is, “Where can I see her naked?” (Sick, I know, but I’m pretty sure most guys go through the same process.)…”Yeah, we do, bro. Anyway, back to the quote!“And later, when you come home, you rush to your computer and Google her name. Usually, you get 10000+ porn sites telling you to pay $30 to see her naked. Unfortunately, a lot of the times, this is just a way to lure you in where they have all her pictures, but it usually turns out that she hasn't done any nudity.So I thought of creating this site. We try to research all nudity material, essentially telling you if there actually are any nude photos or not.Lately, we also try to post all nudity related news, list of future nudity…”To give you my TL;DR summary of Nudography, it's essentially a cumpilation…I mean compilation of regularly updated information on the hottest female celebrities. Using this site, you'll see daily news and photos about these ladies in sexy outfits they wear at award events, accidental (and also "accidental") wardrobe malfunctions, as well as risque photos from recent movies which range from a flash of sideboob to full-on frontal nudity.Blogs About Famous BoobsUnlike a lot of skin sites, one of the most prominent features of Nudography is its blog section. The author clearly loves curating this website since there are fresh posts every day, and even better, the blogs uploaded on Nudography cover a lot of new and unique sexy, and informational stuff. For example, by just casually scrolling through the blog section, I saw a post about celebs on talk shows, celeb birthdays, and celeb nude flashes.Talk about variety!Anyway, every post thoroughly links you to detailed celeb profiles (more on that later), tightly written information, and new nudie pics.Lovely Celebs ListsWhat would any infotainment site be without a listicle? Well, a lot of porno sites don’t, but Nudography does!On their Top 100 page, you'll get a list of the top-ranked celebrities, their onsite rating, how many votes they got from the site's users, and a ranking of how much skin they've shown on camera.Of course, you’ll love it that all the babes on this page have exposed a lot of their erotic areas. Furthermore, unlike other tanked lists, this list changes weekly due to constant Nudography member voting.Are you interested in seeing all of the girls on the site in one organized section? Then check this website’s A-Z list, which has all of the hundreds of famous foxy babes just like AZNude. You can even filter your results by country of origin.On top of that, the Highlight’s page features larger pictures showing off a bevy of famous babes. Seriously, check out their December 2018 pics, they’ll really warm up your cock.Celeb ProfilesAs you might expect, a site this thorough gives you a ton of information about all of the foxy female celebs from around the world. Of course, the biggest draw, besides the onsite awards these women have been granted, you'll get a bevy of these beauties' public, sexy photos from all over the net. Plus, you'll also see the types of nudity which other stars have shown off the right side of the page.In addition to giving you some of their biographical information, site rank, and user rating, you might also get a link to a celebs IMDb or Mr Skin page. By checking these resources out, you'll get even more information about these ladies' first and latest nudity scenes.Porn PicsAs I said, you'll see new, fap-worthy footage uploaded every day. And the quality of the footage is usually pretty good. However, the one thing which is weird about this website is that you don’t see on porn sites – enlargeable pictures.How strange, right?It's probably because, unlike other websites, all of the pics are from third-party websites and aren’t unique to Nudography. Worse, though, to maintain the same level of quality, all pics are roughly the same size, usually a measly 150 by 150 pixels. Talk about some tiny tits, or at least pictures of them.So, you’ll get a nice peek at some porn pics, but what you'll see is frustratingly small and low-res.Sex TapesWho doesn’t like to see a salacious sex tape? Enjoy reading about them more, instead? Well, on this website, you’ll get a lot of great reviews on them. The webmaster’s of NG has spent a lot of time describing released fuck footage in detail when it came out, and the overall quality of the movie. With that, you also get a preview of the movie in the form of a few preview pics.But there is no plugin to see the footage or even a preview trailer. Worse, most of the sex tape pages tease you with a "Watch IT!" button – only to lead you to other offsite platforms like Vivid and Banned Sex Tapes. If you don't know, these are pay-to-view websites, and neither are particularly cheap.Talk about a fucking bullshit tease.So, this platform doesn’t actually host any fuck footage at all.Registration Benefits?Like I mentioned earlier, getting a free membership with this website is super simple. Benefits include being able to participate in audience rankings of celebs. Getting into contact with and connecting with the folks who run the site is easier, and you can even influence the type of content that they upload.Web DesignThe best aspect of this website is its design. The color design is pretty good, flows well, and almost everything is constructed well. The Highlights page could be formatted a bit better, the nudie pics should be bigger, but everything else is great.The onsite search function works great and even adjusts for misspellings. Great news for you less than perfectly literate fuckers and those of you who’re typing one-handed.Community InteractionLike any good modern site, the website has a community membership option. Of course, signing up is quick and easy. All you need is a username, password, and an email address, plus it’s completely free. Oh yeah, you have to be 18, too.Moving on, by holding a membership, you can comment on articles, rank your preferred celebs, and vote on who you think is hottest. However, just because you have a subscription doesn’t mean that you get better picture quality or any video footage.On the other hand, it’s easier to get a hold of the webmasters to link them to a story they missed, and you can even add pics that are relevant to the site.Overall, there are some excellent community features, but not as many as you’d get on a proper porno site.Summing Up This Sex SiteIf you've got a thing for sexy celebs, Nudography (often misspelled as "nudeography") is a handy resource, but ultimately I find it a little meh. From what I can tell, most of the photos aren't pirated, or at least are publicly available pics from third-party sources, and there doesn't seem to be any bullshit hacked porn stuff either. Still, the things you see isn't much to wank over.For sure, this website is well put together, but it's not really my thing. The nudes are great, but the quality isn't the best, and there aren't any videos.