Drunken Stepfather is a blog site featuring hundreds of posts and ‘step links’ for naked celebrities and all kinds of funny videos. It’s all about celebs and babes, and almost every post has some nipples, butts or just sexy underwear of girls you know (or may not know). You will find SFW cam girl clips, nip slips, pussy slips, celebs caught in compromising situations and much more. If you are the kind of sick individual that likes peeping under girls’ skirts, wardrobe malfunctions featuring celebs, unintentional displays of pussy and that kind of stuff, welcome home motherfucker.First impressionThe site’s tagline is ‘I’ll make you famous’ which may as well be the case should your pic or video end up on this site. You will be fucking famous, the reasons notwithstanding. You can tell from the word go that the site is all about fun and nudity with the homepage featuring unique content like Farrah Abraham pussy slip of the day, slutty pre-Halloween round-up of the day, step links of the day and more. You will be left with little doubts about what you are getting yourself into, and as far as first impressions go, this site is up there with the best.Site design and navigationDrunken Stepfather features a simple, yet elegant design that perfectly complements the site’s theme of fun and nudity. Everything is well written, and you can read anything on the site even from space. There is a good mixture of colors and high res images which certainly contributes to the great user experience. The black background color serves well to highlight the content which is perfectly placed in the middle with black text against a white background. It makes it easy on the eye.Everything works perfectly well when it comes to site navigation. The top menu will allow you to access the newsletter, videos, steptv, step news, and step links. For convenience purposes, there is a link to access safe for work content as well as the NSFW. There is a search option at the top right corner, and the site has also included links to their social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. One thing I can guarantee you is you will enjoy the time spent here.Hundreds of postsAnyone with the semblance of a functioning brain can tell that the site’s main selling point is their ability to bring you a truckload of posts featuring known and unknown women in various levels of nudity. It doesn’t matter whether it is an unintentional boob slip or a dress that inadvertently displays sexy underwear or see-me-through dresses, if you didn’t find them on Drunken Stepfather, then take it with a grain of salt.You can enjoy the posts right from the homepage where there is an unending supply of girls intentionally getting naughty while others have either been caught unawares or are merely very good at pretending. Either way, you will love seeing women with wet bikinis, stretching their pussies, displaying their asses, and so much more.Occasionally you will bump upon short videos, and although there is no sex involved, they are clearly not safe for work. There are women out of control with their boobs, others getting totally fucking wasted beyond recognition as they party wildly and pour alcohol all over their titties, others devouring each other’s boobs and such. Sadly, they cannot be downloaded, but they will still provide plenty of erotic entertainment.Posts are accompanied by fitting descriptions just to get you in the mood. In one of the posts titled Sofia Richie New Tits In A Bikini Of The Day, part of the description reads: ‘Sofia Richie the bootleg Kardashian who works on the Kardashian show as one of the Extras that is paid in having some old dirty dick shoved inside of her like the blow-up doll she is…’ Others follow a similar pattern, and you will have a field day sampling various erotic pieces. Below each post is a list of related posts and options for you to leave your reaction, just like on Facebook.Fun videosDrunken Stepfather provides a perfect combination of fun and nudity, and besides the countless photos and videos of naked and semi-naked women, the site has plenty of videos that will leave you in fucking stitches. Some of them include a woman stripping after being accused of theft, an idiot fucking with a cat on his windscreen and ends up kicking through it, a woman attempting to shit on a dumpster, a worker caught watching Asian erotic massage videos, another worker caught jerking off and more. Some of the videos have multiple streaming options that peak at 720p. Not that bad, huh?Daily updatesThe difference between the good and the best is that the best remain relentless in pursuit of greatness, and nothing speaks relentlessness more than the multiple, daily updates. Content is added almost every minute, and you will never run out of fresh content. I could count over 25 new posts added within the last 24 hours of writing this review. What more could you possibly want?You may head over to the step news section where you can crawl through their impressive archive of posts dating as far back as 2009 and for the curious souls, the site’s very first topic was “Cougar Convention In San Francisco Of The Day.”ForumI expected this site to have a forum and I wasn’t disappointed in the least. Head over to the Step Forum, where horny and idle freaks converge to discuss their worthless opinions. There are plenty of sub-forums to view including celebrity videos, celebrity nudes/topless pics, sex talks, porn pics to get you off and plenty more. The numbers make for impressive reading as well: 84,013 threads, 1,088,514 posts, and 91,869 members.If the numbers are anything to go by, this place is teeming with active freaks. You can join in on the fun and give your worthless opinion, only that you will need to be a registered user. The process is short and straightforward and will only take a minute of your time. It’s the only way you will be able to view the messages in the subforums anyway so if you want my opinion, get that fucking user account.What I love about the siteThe content is obviously worth getting excited about. It’s not every day you get to see the naked side of celebrities. If you have a specific celebrity in mind that you would like to see flashing their nipples, in wardrobe malfunctions or whatever, this is where you need to be you, twisted motherfucker.Even better, the site has provided a comprehensive list of celebrities, well arranged in alphabetical order for your perusal. Click on any celeb and see their other side they probably don’t want you to see. They include the likes of Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Amy Winehouse, Fergie among many others. The site also has a good mixture of fun and eroticism and will provide the perfect erotic entertainment. Linking the site’s social media pages is also a stroke of genius from the team.What I hate about the siteThe wonderful collection of content notwithstanding, this place is swarming with ads that have nothing to do with the content on display. They are not too many as to ruin your experience, but they will be a distraction nonetheless. Some of the links in the top navigation also redirect to outside sources which I didn’t find too amusing. As you scroll through the posts, you will also find plenty of links not related to the site.Suggestions I have for the sitePlenty of people would obviously appreciate it if they didn’t have to scroll through a pretty long line up of links that have nothing to do with what the site is offering. I know they are trying to pull traffic, but there has to be a point where moderation has to kick in.ConclusionOverall, there is plenty of fun to be had at DrunkenStepfather.com. There are loads of photos and posts featuring celebs in compromised situations. The site features a user-friendly interface, multiple daily updates, funny and erotic videos and more. You can also interact with other freaks in the forum. It should be your go-to destination for anything naughty about celebs.