Fappening Book! I was watching some Jennifer Lawrence movie on Netflix the other day and had a sudden urge to jack off. This kind of thing happens to me from time to time, really whenever I try to watch a movie with a hot chick in it. There were a lot of shocked gasps when I spat on my hand and whipped my junk out, and I realized the family Christmas gathering might not be the best place for a quick celebrity wank. I slunk off to grandma’s bathroom and pulled up FappeningBook on my phone while I finished the job.FappeningBook.com is a pretty fucking new site, registered at the beginning of 2019. They already get well over a million hits a month, though, but is that any surprise at all? They say if you build it, they will cum, and that’s true of any celebrity sex site giving out nudes of bitches like Selena Gomez, Sophie Turner, and Miley Cyrus.Tons and Tons of Sexy CelebritiesFor a young site, FappeningBook has some bold-ass claims about their content. The blurb at the very top of the screen claims that they’re the “largest archive of photos of naked celebrities.” They back this up with some hard numbers; the site currently has over 30,000 celebrities and well over a million high-quality photos, some of which they claim have never been seen before. The stash includes leaks, nude scenes from movies, photosets, and anything else involving famous naked chicks.Well, shit. Are you as intrigued as I am? If you ever turn on the TV, see an advertisement, or have any contact with the outside world at all, I’m sure you are. The wall of thumbnails on the front page shows babes that give everyone boners, even though they’re in “clean” mainstream material. Just because they’re in Hollywood movies instead of Brazzers flicks doesn’t mean they aren’t some of the most beautiful women in the world.Without even clicking, the front page is offering up famous chicks like Bella Thorne, Iggy Azalea, and Emily Ratajkowski in the top row. Scroll down a bit and start salivating at the menu; they’ve got Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Rita Ora. Rihanna appears in FappeningBook’s stash, as do Jenifer Lopez, Demi Rose, and Katy Perry. Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson are featured prominently, as they are on every celebrity nude site.There’s a clickable alphabet at the top of the page to help find your preferred singer, actress, athlete, or politician naked, but I’m not exactly sure how the front page is sorted. I think it’s some combination of newness and popularity, which seems to jive with the POPULAR CELEBS list on the right sidebar. However you slice it, there are a ton of your favorite celebrity broads here, and FappeningBook has them naked!I Want to See Famous Naked Girls!It’s been a real pervert’s joy watching Ariel Winter ripen over the last few years, so when I saw her pretty face on FappeningBook’s front page, I had to see more. I clicked through, hoping to fap to some leaked nudes she sent her boyfriend or maybe some movie sex scene I’d overlooked. Like other celebs on the site, her profile page features a brief bio and some basic stats, and the first of 54 pages of content.There are some lovely candid shots of Ariel with her cleavage showing, but the rest of the page is some paparazzi photos where she’s out shopping, fully dressed. Scattered throughout the page are thumbnails featuring women besides Ariel, labeled with iCloud Hack or SexTape. These all lead to the tour page for BannedSexTapes, not the Ariel Winter nudes I was looking for.I’m a little bummed. There are some great shots of her among the nearly 3,000 Ariel photos, but I got all excited to see this girl’s lovely tits and ass in her full birthday suit. The top of the page even says Ariel Winter Nude, but the girl ain’t naked anywhere that I can see.I went back to the front page and tried to see some of my other favorite celebrities, ideally naked this time. Rita Ora looked hot on the beach, but she was in a bikini. Demi Lovato was smoking in her mirror selfies, but again, she’d gone through the trouble of covering up her naughty bits. The same thing happened with Oliva Munn, Alexandra Daddario, and Cardi B.I feel like some of the broads I looked up had done “tasteful” nude scenes at least, but I didn’t want to dig through dozens of pages of photos to find them. I know I’ve seen Cardi B naked even if her cooter wasn’t showing, so it’s silly that the first page of her material is a series of nearly identical paparazzi shots.Candid Beach Photos and Sex Scene StillsI finally hit paydirt with FappeningBook’s Elizabeth Olsen page. For my money, she’s hotter than the Olsen twins, and she’s been naked in front of the camera quite a bit. No information about each shot is presented, but the thumbnails pull up full-size photos. I saved a 1920x1536 of Elizabeth wearing nothing but a towel with her tits out, and a 1521x1920 shot from behind in the full buff. It looks like a candid shot; Elizabeth has just dropped her shorts and is about to jump into a lake.There are a couple of sex-scene stills taken from a movie before the page is overtaken by more of those paparazzi shots. There are a few dozen of her in some tiny shorts, walking around and drinking coffee. Sure, you could definitely jerk off to them, but they ain’t nude, and nude is what I came for.As before, the Elizabeth thumbnails are interspersed with iCloud Hack and SexTape thumbs of chicks who are clearly not her. They all lead back to the tour for BannedSexTapes, as does the Leaked Content link in her stats at the top of the screen and the NEW LEAKS graphic in the sidebar. Every profile has the same link under the tricky-ass heading “Full archive of her photos and videos from ICLOUD LEAKS 2019 Here” and a less misleading banner ad for the site. The 2021 iCloud Leaks link in the header goes to the same place, and I’m writing this a few days before 2021 is scheduled to begin.If you’ve read my review of BannedSexTapes on ThePornDude, you know it’s one of my favorite premium celebrity sites. Still, the misleading sign-up links all over the place are kind of annoying when I came here to spanking my monkey to free pictures of naked celebrities. There’s nothing my spam blocker can do about it, either.New Celebrity Nudes Mixed with Non-NudesI checked out FappeningBook’s list of Recent Updates. They do add a ton of new content every day, which is always awesome on a celebrity site. I just wish more were naked.Today’s selection includes a bunch of really gorgeous nude modeling shots of Marta Gromova, and some decent cleavage and leg photos of Katie Price. Lauren Silverman looks good at the beach, but would look even better at a nude beach. I didn’t really want to see Lizzo’s new additions to the site, but Alyssa Sutherland looks great naked in whatever movie they pulled the stills from.It’s hard to find the nudes here. It’s not uncommon for a celebrity site to feature sexy clothed shots of these babes, but ideally, there’s a way to skip right to the good stuff. Tagging their nudes, leaks, and sex scene stills would make it much easier to dig through the collection. As it stands, it takes a lot of work just to find what you’re really looking for. In many cases, it may not even be there.FappeningBook.com has daily updates of hot celebrity photos. They’ve got some of the best shots of famous actresses, hot musicians and sexy athletes with perfect bodies. The big downside is that most of the collection isn’t actually nude. If that’s enough to get your rocks off, be my guest, but those looking for harder, more explicit material will do better elsewhere.