Sometimes, "real" porn can get a tad bit too boring, and so, we need a break. What should we move on to? Stuff made by these huge studios just won't cut it for most of us...so what should we turn to? Well, most people would say that we need to check out some top tier amateur porn, which isn't a bad suggestion indeed. Matter of fact, it's the best possible suggestion you could get. You'd know that your pleasure should always come first, and so, you should know that you should only get the best possible amateur porn for yourself, right?Seeing as this kind of stuff usually isn't too easy to find seeing as amateur pornography doesn't get that much traffic going and all that jazz, you need a proper good website to help you get the good stuff. You'll find that a whole lot of these pages that are supposedly all about amateur pornography are absolute scams and that they will not help you get what you want. So, where should you go? What should you do? You should turn to a porn expert such as me, The Porn Dude, and you should ask for some advice. Luckily, I know just the right place that you should head out to if you're looking for some good amateur pornography.Well, it's about celebrities. Nasty, dirty celebrities that isThat magical place, the garden of Eden of porn is Fappenist.com! Such a weird name...what does it mean? This website is one of the few porn pages on the internet that only posts real leaked pictures and videos of sexy celebs. Some of them are pictures from "before the fame," and quite a few of these pictures are pictures that were created and leaked after the celebs got all the fame and all the power that they wanted. It should also be mentioned that this website doesn't only post pictures, but it also posts tons and tons of videos as well, which is pretty god damn neat.For example, if you're looking for Kim Kardashian's famous sex tape, that's exactly what you'll find on Fappenist.com, furthermore, if you're looking for videos of Cardi B working as a stripper before the fame and showing off that gorgeous body of hers, you'll find that in here as well. All in all, this page really has a whole lot of interesting stuff. However, this page isn't all about "intentional" nudity as well. You'll find out that there are tons of nip slips on Fappenist.com, too. That's pretty great if you're into that kind of stuff. Furthermore, you'll also find that this page does post tons and tons of sexy gifs as well, which is a huge plus.Why bother watching these lame ass videos where you can only find a few boring scenes, and that's all when you can just look up a gif and wank away to that one good part of a certain video while it repeats itself indefinitely? Well, that's what the "gif" section on this website is for, so make sure you head out and give it a look, you surely won't regret it. Now that we've mentioned one of the many sections of this website, shouldn't we talk about the others? There are tons that we should talk about in here, so let's make sure we give them the attention they deserve!The sections of Fappenist.comOne of the very first things you'll notice as soon as Fappenist.com loads up for you are all the sections this website has. First things first, there's the "recent" section where all the images that were uploaded to this page somewhat recently can be found. You should only head out to this part of Fappenist.com if you're a literal veteran and you've masturbated to all the pictures and videos on the page. I mean, that's not something that easily done, but I assume some wankers out there surely managed to do it. All in all, this is a really neat little section, but you should only check it out once you're done with the rest of the porn on this website. Then, we have the categories section, and the name of this header tab speaks for itself, that's for sure, so we won't talk much about it here, but rather, we'll save that for later.Then, you'll notice three rather juicy tabs right next to the "categories" tab, and you'll want to give them a whole lot of attention. First off, let's start with the "videos" header tab, a tab where you'll find nothing but...well, videos, and that's about it. The kind of videos you'll usually find on Fappenist.com are videos that weren't meant to be leaked, and yes, they're all sexy videos that usually only include girls doing slutty solo stuff.However, some of these girls record themselves having sex with their boyfriends or husbands or whatever, so you might see a dick or two here and there, but all in all, it's really not that much of a problem. I mean, you're not gonna cover your eyes up and cry if you see a dude swinging his tool around in a video on the internet, right? Seeing as you're probably an experienced wanker that probably masturbated like a few hundred hours (at least) in his entire life, you saw a whole lot of dicks...so you got used to them. After all, there's one right there between your legs, and you're stuck with it for life.Pictures can say a thousand wordsThen, there's the "photos" tab, and what you see in here is almost nothing but girls — just tons and tons of sexy celebs showing off their bangin' bodies. However, there's tons of unintentional stuff in here where girls end up showing off too much. If you're into stuff like that, then you'll love this section of Fappenist.com, that's for sure. I mean, celebs whoring themselves out intentionally is nothing new, but seeing celebs flash a whole lot of people with an accidental nip slip is something completely new, and I'd be lying if I said that if stuff like that isn't exciting to me, because it's good enough to make me drain my balls to it multiple times a day!Last, but not least, we find the "Gifs" section right next to the "photos" section, and this one is pretty damn good as well. If I had to single out one of these sections, though, that would be a very difficult task, seeing as all of these are pretty good. The only section that I won't be looking up at any point in my life is the "news" section of Fappenist.com since I really don't see anything too interesting in here, but some of you might want to see what the page has in store for you. I'll be honest, though: I really don't care that much.What about the categoriesYou know I usually talk shit about websites which don't have a "categories" section, because not having one of those on your porn website in 2021 is really pretty fucking lame. However, on some websites stuff like that is really unnecessary, especially if the website literally doesn't have any proper categories, to begin with. You'll notice that Fappenist.com doesn't even bring anything up when you click on the "categories" tab, so it really is best if we just removed it. Seriously though, you don't even get a message that tells you that there are no categories on the website. Rather, you can just click on the header tab forever, and you'll never find out what's wrong with it.Because the meanies of Fappenist.com aren't willing to tell you what's up, ThePornDude will tell you what's up: They ain't got no categories. That's what up. All in all, the header tabs you find in the upper right corner are essentially the only "categories" you will find on this website. There's the "videos" category, there's the "gifs" category, and there's the "photos" category, and that's about it. There's nothing else to see.Thoughts about the visualsYou'll find that this is one of those pages that pays way too much attention to their visuals, and I'll be honest: I don't hate them for it. Rather, I find the Fappenist.com browsing experience to be a pleasant one. This website also gives you tons of info on all sorts of things you'll find here. You get to see how many photos a gallery has, you get to see the length of every single video, and you also get to see the number of people who saw these videos. Pretty fucking neat, right? Yeah, I'd say it is. I mean, it's nothing too special, don't get me wrong, but I like seeing shit like that, and you probably like seeing stuff like that as well.All in allFirst off, I'll tell you that Fappenist.com is completely free, then I'll also tell you that the page isn't plagued with annoying ads. Then. To finish it all off, I'll inform you of the fact that the website has a whole lot of content on it. Pictures, videos, and gifs...do you really need to know anything else?