Manga R18

When the joint is called Manga-R18, it’s pretty obvious right away we’re not talking about the usual kid-friendly Japanese comics like Naruto or One Punch Man. If you didn’t know it right away, I’ve got to assume you’re unfamiliar with the term R18. The media content rating is used around the world, from England to Australia to the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan, to let you know this shit’s for grownups. Get what those digits stand for now?  Manga-R18.com is a store full of hentai and doujinshi, plus some non-explicit manga, so you can pretend your interest isn’t primarily in all the tentacle rape and lolicon perversion going on. When I call Manga R18 a store, I mean that literally. Unlike most of the hentai sites I review here at ThePornDude that just give away those lactation comics and futanari stories, you’ve got to bring a few bucks to get the most out of this site. Unlike most of the online vendors I talk about here, this guy’s selling old-school physical media. Remember that? This stuff is printed on actual paper that gets delivered to your home, office, or secret PO box in the next town over.Sharper Setup Than Most Hentai StashesBefore I realized Manga R18 was a store, I thought it was just a typical free hentai site. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say typical. There’s a higher level of polish than I see on some of those hodgepodge doujin collections and garbage galleries. Somebody obviously put some effort into this one. The layout is simple but strong, and the whole thing is covered in that adult-oriented manga the title talks about.Oh, and let’s talk about that adult-oriented manga. Hentai fans will notice immediately that Manga-R18 is peddling a lot of uncensored, illustrated Japanese smut. The genre is notorious for censorship of the genitals thanks to vague and archaic obscenity laws in Japan. Some of the cocks and cunts sliding by in the showcased images have been pixelated, but even more, cartoon cooters and pee-pees are gliding by unobscured, dripping sticky fluids all over the fucking place in orgasmic explosions.Scroll down a bit and you’ll see what looks like the typical thumbnail view of your typical hentai site. There are covers for lesbian doujins, schoolgirl sex manga, and even parody hentai like an explicit, titty-groping Naruto called Narurabu and a chibi Sailor Moon that I hope gets dirtier inside. There’s a ton of group sex going on, squirting and French maids with their tits out, plus lolicon, bondage, and lolicon bondage.It’s a fucking nice, wide range of hentai genres and fetishes, and I haven’t even gotten past the landing page yet. I was scrolling through all the doujin covers of masturbation, armpit licking and tied-up catgirls when I noticed the prices. Those Manga-R18.com thumbnails bring you not to the full version of the story in all its deviant glory, but a product page where you can get some more info and maybe buy the thing.From Japan to Manga R18 to YouA lot of the newly added manga caught my eye, so I started clicking around to find out more. The book with 4 schoolgirls laying on a bed with their titties out, Saimin Seishidou 2.75 Taiken Shido, is printed on high-quality paper, has slight censorship and goes for €22.12. Koutetsujou No Netorare – Herokey (€16.35) also has slight censorship, but it’s so slight I didn’t even notice the blurring inside the loli spread-pussy lips catching jizz. The octopus-on-human sex of Takashi and Wada Mountain opts for the black bar style of censorship over the pixels, and will only cost you €14.42.Honestly, most of them had a few common traits: imported directly from Japan, made on high-quality paper, and with some “slight” censorship. You’ll also see a page count, condition and release date, as well as a few tags. I wish there was a little more info, though. Often the tags are just titles and character names that aren’t helpful to a newbie to the genre just looking for some rough sex, footplay or breast expansion. You might get to see a couple of pages from inside if you’re lucky, but there’s no synopsis. You either need to know your shit or do a lot of guessing and hoping, blue-balled until that Manga-R18 package finally gets to you.And make no mistake: there will be some waiting involved. If something’s not in stock, Manga-R18.com tries to list an estimate of when it will be back, if it will be back. Even if something’s in stock, you still don’t get the instant gratification of online porn or the overnight gratification of Amazon.I wish Manga-R18.com listed more of their shipping info on the website. Their delivery page essentially just says their packages are usually delivered within 48 hours after payment, which is great, but doesn’t say much about how it’s going to get to you or how much it will cost. I couldn’t even figure out where Manga R18 is located or if there are countries they won’t ship to. The online order form gladly accepted my American address, though, and spat out a price: €12.90, tax included. You’ll probably want to buy at least a few books to make that shipping worth it.If you do end up ordering something, check your email box before pulling that final trigger on the payment page. They’ll send you a €5.00 voucher just for entering your delivery info. They don’t tell you anywhere on the site they’re going to give you that bonus, so it was a surprise when it landed in my inbox. Nice!Check Out These Lactating Alien SchoolgirlsManga-R18.com has a really fucking extensive catalog with thousands of manga and doujins. That kind of catalog can be a fucking nightmare to browse if it’s not organized properly, but this guy does a good job grouping them into Genres and Subgenres, accessible via the header. If you’re familiar with hentai, you probably have an idea how kinky this shit can get. Some of the stuff on Manga R18 makes xHamster look like regular fucking YouTube.You can filter your selection by checking off the Genre and Subgenre buttons—Fap to Ahegao hentai, stories with Schoolgirl Uniforms, or doujins where Defloration is on the agenda. There’s Yaoi and Yuri, Lolicon and Shotacon, Mind Breaking and Urination. I mean, they’ve got “regular” porn categories like Big Ass, Double Penetration and Anal, but I know half of you pervs came for the Impregnation, Scat and Rape.The organization on Manga-R18 is a few notches better than the sprawling lists of overlapping genres you find on free hentai sites. Part of that is just that this is a store, so there’s a lot more money at stake than the pennies the other guys make showing you boner pill pop-ups. Naturally, they’re going to put more effort into it. The top-shelf organization isn’t strictly a monetary decision, though. It’s clear that Manga-R18.com is one hentai superfan’s labor of love.Check out the site’s About Me if you want to learn more about the dude (Yes, one dude) who runs it. He’s been hooked on manga since he was a teenager, and you can tell he still absolutely loves it. I sometimes give weeaboos a lot of shit for their fedoras, waifu pillows and lifelong virginity, but this is exactly the kind of dude you want selling you hentai. He knows his stuff, and he ain’t in it for the money. Hey, kind of like me and porn!He loves manga so much that he claims, right on the front page, “Any book you dream of can be brought for you!” If the site looked half as shoddy and anonymous as most hentai sites, I’d be calling bullshit right away. I believe this dude, though. I feel like he actively wants to help you find those obscure doujins you’re looking for just because he loves the format.If you’re into adult manga and like your naked, big-eyed ladies printed on actual paper, Manga-R18.com is definitely worth a look. They’ve got a huge, diverse collection of hentai and doujinshi imported from Japan, organized well so you can find that weird shit you don’t tell your girlfriend you’re into. A true enthusiast of the genre runs it, so you’re in good hands.