Moekyun popped up in my inbox this morning before I even got out of bed, and I spent the first couple minutes of the day rubbing my eyes and trying to figure out just what the fuck it said. Maybe it was the hangover talking, or just the fact that I hadn’t had my morning bowl of Viagra, but I couldn’t make sense of it. Well, that’s probably because it ain’t even in English. You otaku perverts probably got the reference, but I had to Google it. “Moe moe, kyun” is what you weeaboos yell while gazing upon something super cute and kawaii, but in this case, you’ll be able to jerk off at the same time.Moekyun.co calls itself “The Otaku Source,” which is pretty fucking vague if you want my professional opinion. I mean, shit, that could describe all of Reddit, include all the incel and nofap subs, but you’re here precisely because you’re looking for something to crank it to. In that case, they’ve got you covered. Moekyun is peddling premium hentai movies, doujinshi and X-rated anime games. If you haven’t already blown your whole stimulus check getting the cum dry cleaned off your waifu pillow, this may be an upgrade from your typical half-ass manga faps.Not Your Typical XXX Hentai StashI knew right away Moekyun wasn’t your typical hentai and doujinshi site. It’s not a super flashy-looking joint, but it’s got a little bit more polish than your average free hentai tube. It’s all in the presentation; instead of the usual, stale wall of hentai covers, Moekyun has more of a blog-style setup. Each new video or porno manga posted shows up on the front page with a cover, a few thumbnailed pages or screengrabs, and a little blurb telling you what’s in store, just in case all the pics ain’t enough to give you an idea. Click on a small image, and you’ll go to the full media page with the full-size, full-length versions.It’s easy to get distracted by all the purple-haired whores, perverted French maids and lolicon schoolgirls, but as a skilled pornography appraiser, I can’t help noticing some of the letters and numbers listed on the page. For example, those upload dates tell me they’re adding big piles of content to the library almost every day. It looks like they miss a day here or there, but overall they more than make up for it on the heavy bulk uploads of MILF doujinshi, violated princesses and netorare cuckold scenarios.The Moekyun.co domain has only been live since 2019, but with such fat, fun-filled hentai drops as these, they’ve managed to build up an insanely fucking huge collection. Want to talk numbers? The current count stands at nearly 3000 hentai movies, over 4000 hentai games and visual novels, and around 53000 doujinshi. See? This is why I buy those silicone princess buttholes by the case.They’ve clearly got some confidence in the quality of their collection, because there are free samples galore. You can pretty much browse the entire library, checking out covers and preview images on all types of media. Eventually, though, you’re going to click on a Download or Read button and get shut down. The real fun is for members only.What Do Members Really Get?Do you know what’s fucking weird? Those numbers I gave you came straight from those browsable libraries I mentioned, but when you go to the signup page for Moekyun.co, you’ll see even higher quantities listed. As if 53,000 doujinshi wasn’t enough, now they’re telling me it’s closer to 64,000. Hopefully, it’s not too late to increase my lube order.Maybe the discrepancy is a result of their membership setup. Access to Moekyun comes as part of the HentaiKey package, which includes full access to all sister and network sites. I’ve reviewed the network here at ThePornDude and really liked what I saw. They’ve been around since 2001 and include more than 40 paysites under their umbrella, so it’s a really nice package if you’re into porno anime and perverted manga. There’s even a 7-day free trial.Pricewise, HentaiKey will run you thirty bucks a month. That’s the same price you pay for most premium porn in any genre, so no big surprises on the basic price.On the other hand, this one may be a good candidate for you porn hoarders who like to sign up every now and then, saving your favorites to that external hard drive your wife thinks you bought for work. Downloads are included with membership, so go ahead and collect those hentai movies, doujinshi and games while you’re signed up. Then you can take a break for a few months, and when you sign up again, there will be a fresh crop of material to save to your permanent offline masturbatory cache.And for those wondering and maybe even hitting Ctrl+F to find the word “Censorship” in this review, I do have some bad news for you. One of Moekyun.co’s gimmicks is content straight from Japan, and you know what that means. All the dicks and pussies are pixelated, although you can see buttholes that haven’t yet been penetrated. The censorship situation might be a dealbreaker for a lot of neckbeards out there if Moekyun was a standalone paysite, but all the uncensored stuff you’ll find on the HentaiKey network make up for it in this case.Goddamn, That’s a Lot of HentaiSo where the hell do you start a fap test when you’ve got a good 60,000 bits of X-rated hentai content to choose from? Do I settle in and read some doujinshi, download one of these visual novels and get lost in a world of ecchi and virtual girlfriends, or do I get all greased up and watch one of these videos?Some of you more advanced weeaboos may hate me for it, but I decided to go for what I feel is the most accessible content. Specifically, I pulled up the very latest video. Haitoku no Kyoukai 02 was released a couple of weeks ago in Japan, though it was just uploaded to Moekyun today. The 27-minute episode is tagged with such enticing tidbits as Adult Woman, Female Student, Pantyhose and Rape. You otakus like it rough, don’t you?The movie starts playing smoothly without any apparent buffering as soon as I hit Play. It’s in 360p by default, but I had no issues when I bumped it up to 720p. On a live-action porn site, I might complain about the lack of 1080p or 4K, but this resolution feels more than adequate for the anime content.The episode opens with some English-language text on the screen, giving some setup about the characters in case you missed episode one. They even list the bust sizes! After a couple of minutes of this, the actual movie started. Moekyun movies are subtitled in English, so I wasn’t lost when the students started talking about their inherent sadism.It doesn’t take long to get to the hard stuff. A couple of minutes into the hentai, this purple-haired babe with big jugs gets accosted by a stranger. “You’re drenched in piss,” he says, hand wrapped around her mouth. “How pathetic.”He strips her and bangs her pussy, tit-fucks her, and gets his dick sucked. When a nurse shows up while she’s getting smashed from behind, she puts her head down like she’s just resting. “I’m not a pervert!” she yells as she gets railed. It’s getting steamy, and we ain’t even a third of the way into the ep.My biggest complaint about the video and about Moekyun is just the goddamn censorship. These chicks keep sucking dicks that look like flesh-colored Tetris bricks. I know it comes with the territory, but goddamn, it’s annoying!Of course, if you’re a hardcore hentai fan, you learned to live with those pixels long ago. All in all, Moekyun.co is an easy recommendation for anybody who’s into hentai and wants to get the freshest content straight from Japan. Most of the material here gets posted shortly after its official Japanese release, with English translations for the stateside weeaboos and Redditors. That alone makes it worthwhile to true connoisseurs of the genre, and the massive, overflowing hentai stash you get with HentaiKey just sweetens the fuck out of the deal.