DMM Doujin

If you live outside of Japan, you might not know about DMM.com, also known as Fanza. Well, unless you’re some kind of otaku, weaboo or neckbeard who loves anime. In that case, you’re probably very familiar with the site. They get more than 70 million visits a month from users all around the world looking to buy some Japanese shit, from video on demand to e-books to video games and even 3D printing. One of their subsidiaries is the world’s second-largest forex company. Oh, and they’ve got a wicked fucking selection of doujin.I am The Porn Dude, so obviously I’m going to skip the all-ages section of the site and head straight to the R18 area. (For those of you unfamiliar with the jargon of Japanese porno, R18 means X-rated.) From there, I’m going to dig deep into the hentai selection, checking out what kind of nasty porno manga and doujinshi is on the menu. For those of you following along at home, my link will send you right to the good stuff without any extra fucking around.Instant Hentai Straight from JapanI’m telling you, the Internet just keeps getting better and fucking better. It used to be damn near impossible to find the kind of material now readily available at DMM. Even a decade ago, there were fewer options and fewer selections. These days, you can use your browser’s built-in translation to surf Asian sites in languages you don’t understand. DMM makes it even fucking easier by offering up an English-language version of their site. They want that worldwide business, you see.The layout is still a little bit cluttered, but you kind of expect that on any Japanese site. I guess that’s just the aesthetic. They like a bunch of screaming text surrounding their thumbnails of topless manga aunties in taboo comics, schoolgirls grinding against each other after a hypnosis section, and little anime cuties in scary-looking bondage situations.Yeah, that busy layout is sure something to behold. It took my eyes a few seconds to get used to it before I was able to really start taking in what the site had to offer. Despite the presentation in my native English, there’s still a lot of broken Japanese Engrish to decipher. For example, a few items are highlighted at the top of the page in a section called “Updated every sale several run homer King/60 minutes”.If I’m understanding it right, this is a rapidly rotating selection of sales offering up to 20% off. In first place is a CG image set of a virtual girlfriend who wants to show you her cunt and take your cock between her titties. There are some sample images splashed with Japanese text I can’t understand, but the fluid squirting from her pixelated genitals speaks the universal language of filthy, depraved sex.I have to admit, I’m a little bit disappointed to see censorship on DMM so early in my visit, but I’m not at all surprised. This is, after all, a Japanese site. Fans of Japanese smut are already familiar with the rampant censorship. It’s just something we all have to fucking deal with, I guess.Erotic CG Image Set and Porno ComicsThese CG image sets are some of the most popular items in DMM’s doujin section. Other currently popular CG offerings include a schoolgirl with a thing for slapping and tickling, an office lady playing with herself and taking a creampie, and a track-and-field club student who gets called into the instruction room and brainwashed into having cock for lunch.These image sets are displayed side-by-side with popular comics, with each format clearly labeled. The format for the comics seems largely the same, only the images are perhaps more sequential and feature more dialogue. As an English speaker, the vast majority of text on images themselves mean nothing to me.Then again, I don’t need to understand the dialogue to know what’s going on in the eloquently titled Two of the Same Mother-Daughter Combination of Taming so As MILF. Yeah, the name might be gibberish, but the preview images speak for themselves. This is a kawaii manga with BDSM, enemas, spanking and whips with a taboo theme. There’s no lolicon tag in the item description, but come on. Just look at these young, tied-up bitches.Most of the CG French maid image sets and taboo blowjob comics will run you between 400 and 700 yen, though some pieces fall outside of that. Fanza seems to list every single item for sale with at least 20% off. I think that means these are just the normal prices, but they know some people are real suckers for what they perceive as a deal off the regular price.Jerk It to Doujinshi and Sell Your OwnI was browsing the front page of doujin for a good half hour before I even realized that most of what I was seeing had been uploaded today. DMM has a very active community of content creators adding to the pile. There’s a blurb at the bottom of the page encouraging artists to sell their own doujinshi. Like Amazon’s Kindle store, Fanza has the clout and user base to attract a shit ton of artists, authors, and creators, ensuring a steady stream of fresh manga pornography.I’m sometimes wary of homebrew doujinshi. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen some really shitty comics drawn by some retard who loves Pokémon that wishes they were all gender-swapped and spent their time pissing all over each other. The user rating system on DMM helps you avoid the really bad material, though sometimes pieces don’t really have many ratings until they’ve been out a few days. Most of the day-zero content is currently unrated.The site is set up to sell stuff, so obviously they know how to lead you to more material you might want to spend your money on. Every comic, image set, game or voiceover has convenient links to other pieces tagged with the same depravity, as well as other pieces by the same artist. If you find a dude who does really good sister-in-law bukkake comics, you can dig deep into his catalog right away.Anime Sex Games and Erotic Asian VoiceoversMost of the content in DMM’s doujin area is comics and CG image sets, but they do have a few other formats. This morning, a couple of people uploaded new hentai games that might be of interest to anyone who likes a little more interactivity in their porno comics. One is called Changing Clothes Furonthia. I thought it was going to be just some kind of dress-up game, but the preview images show naked bitches being restrained and molested by tentacles and fucked from behind by humans.Another hentai game uploaded today is called Molester No Time. Schoolgirls getting molested on the bus is a pornographic sub-genre Japan, and this videogame lets you experience the thrill of sexual assault in a public place. The schoolgirls look alternately argumentative and tearful as you finger them with your mouse until they squirt.Another format that pops up on Fanza is the erotic voiceover. One of today’s new pieces is called Ask! Blowjob Daughter (Her Younger Sister). The included image features a schoolgirl, because of course it fucking does, and the minute and a half audio sample features a Japanese babe talking in that typical, bubbly Anime voice. I don’t understand Japanese, but the tags say she’s a cheating wife talking about eating semen.DMM.com’s doujin section does have some flaws, especially if you’re a Western user trying to navigate through the somewhat choppy Japanese Engrish. That said, the minor navigation issues are easily overshadowed by the extensive and growing collection of content. This is probably the best site to buy original doujinshi direct from Japan. The collection is updated dozens of times a day by the porn hentai creators themselves, so fans of the material will never have a shortage of violated schoolgirls and monster-humping office ladies to beat off to.