Irodori Comics

The Irodori Comics logo was the first thing that popped up when I visited their website, and there’s no way I would have guessed it was any kind of porn site were it not for the Adults-Only warning. The innocuous-looking birdy could be the mascot for a line of candy, a toy robot or a new delivery service for toilet paper, but nah, this is a big-ass online hentai/doujinshi store.IrodoriComics.com got off the ground midway through 2019, and they’ve steadily built a following of fedora-wearing, waifu-having fans eager to crank off to some indie porn comics where all the girls have huge eyes. They’ve got 11.1k followers on Twitter, which is more than a good start. I figured if that many perverts are all hard and drippy over what these guys are hawking, I should drop my drawers, waddle over and take a look.What’s the Going Rate for Sex Doujinshi?I won’t lie; I initially thought Irodori Comics was going to be another free hentai library. I was looking forward to digging into a huge stack of freebies, especially when the packaging is so nice. Right from the jump, the layout and presentation are a lot more appealing than the haphazard style of your average free doujin site.Honestly, though, your presentation has to be better than the free sites if you want people to spend money. I scrolled down to the usual wall of thumbnails and noticed something most hentai sites don’t have: prices. The going rate is about $5 to $10 for a 30-page comic. That’s a bit more than the average manga, but they lay out the reasoning on the About Us page.You weeaboos already know why it costs what it does. Doujinshi is essentially self-published hentai, which means all the costs and troubles of production are handled by a dude or two instead of a whole publishing company. That equates to more work, but it comes with some big advantages. For one thing, doujinshi is often freakier than the officially published stuff.Just so there’s no confusion, we are talking about instant, no-DRM digital downloads here, not physical comics. You don’t have to wait 4-6 weeks for your furry porn manga to show up in a conspicuous package that freaks out your mom, and they sure as fuck ain’t charging you for shipping and handling. You pick your poison, click the box confirming your age, enter your credit card digits and then start downloading. Since there’s no DRM, you can do whatever the fuck with your files and not worry about them being revoked or breaking. Refunds are rare and only granted under pretty extraordinary circumstances, so don’t expect to run any scams for free hentai.Avoid Censorship and Support the ArtistsAnother major advantage of the doujinshi you’ll find here is that Irodori Comics doesn’t have the same censorship issues as your typical hentai site. Instead of trying to jack off to some pregnant chick with black bars where her twat should be, you can see her full, working set of cock and balls jizzing on other preggo chicks with dicks.If you’re paying for your hentai in the first place instead of fapping to a spammy free library of the stuff, I’m guessing you care about supporting the artists. Another great advantage of IrodoriComics is that buying doujins is one of the best ways to support the freaks and deviates who draw it. It takes a lot of time and effort to draw a cucked stepson comic, especially when some of the artists are still waiting on that fucking COVID stimulus check to come through. Help them pay rent or you may never see the next installment of your favorite monster/princess sex drama.You can also browse the whole IrodoriComics collection by Artist. This will appeal more to the committed doujinshi fan than the random visitor looking for netorase stories. Still, it’s a great feature if you find a particular artist with a similar set of kinks to your own, or just a certain way of drawing the girls that makes you feel like sperming your pants.Inverted Nipples, Tentacles, and Some Weird Stuff, TooIrodoriComics breaks down their catalog into 4 main labels. There’s Irodori Comics, their hentai doujin section, and Irodori Aqua, which deals in non-hentai doujinshi. As you might imagine, I’m not that interested in the latter. There’s also Irodori Citron for the French speakers, and Irodori Sakura, which encompasses BL and yuri.I understand why they have BL and yuri grouped together in a dedicated LGBT section, but as a full-time porn reviewer, it also strikes me as a potential mistake. Let’s face it: lesbian content like yuri is mainly viewed by the same straight dudes beating off to straight content. The gay stuff, whether it’s BL or full-motion videos of dudes giving each other rusty trombones, appeals to queers and to a lesser extent, broads. It just makes more sense to group content by consumer demographics.In case you were wondering, the futanari content is filed in the main IrodoriComics area. Take that how you will, but if you want to take it as confirmation that you’re not a raging homo just because you like huge cocks, be my guest. What matters most to me is that IrodoriComics is covering a lot of their sexual bases, putting out hentai incorporating all kinds of kinks, fetishes, and depraved sexual acts.I bet that’s what brought you to hentai in the first place, huh? Even if you never popped a boner watching Naruto like so many of today’s doujin artists, it’s hard to find porn kinkier and more bizarre than what this stuff has to offer. IrodoriComics.com makes good use of tags, making it easier to find the freaky shit that gets you off.You can use the search bar to find all the books with bondage, chikan or exhibitionism, or you can use the dropdown menu to filter content by genres. While it’s not the pages-long index of obscure sex acts and fetishes you’ll find on some hentai libraries, it does offer a few dozen intensely hardcore categories you’ll never find on a vanilla porn site.So, what weird kink do you have that you’ve never told any of your girlfriends about? Is it Ahegao, Elves or Femdom? How about Gender Benders, Gyaru or Heart Pupils? Maybe you’re into Incest, Inverted Nipples or the ever-popular Tentacles. Irodori Comics has all of those, plus Body Swaps, Bukkake, and Impregnation. Oh, and the usual porn suspects are here, too, from Cunnilingus to Creampies to Double Penetration.Never Beat Off at Barnes and Noble AgainIrodoriComics.com has a couple of hundred NSFW doujins available for sale, with more being added all the time. That’s a hell of a lot more than they carry at the local Barnes and Noble, but it’s kind of slim pickings compared to the thousands of amateur hentai stories you’ll find on some of the bigger free libraries.The relatively small collection is probably a result of two factors. One is that they’re working directly with the artists instead of scraping the web for every piece of perverted manga they can find to steal. The other major factor is the high-quality standards they clearly hold. Absolutely everything looks professional, without any of the retarded chicken scratch that sometimes graces the everything-goes hentai collections.Those high standards are visible in every doujinshi cover and every sample page I saw on the site. New additions include a cuckold incest story with a thick, big-titted mama, a gothic futanari threesome and a self-explanatory bit of wholesome teen fun called The Only Guy In The Class Surrounded By Cuties. Each one looks like it was put out by a professional company, rather than some loner with a boner and a talent for drawing pussy juice.I was mainly checking out the samples just to write this review, but that Surrounded By Cuties comic seems like it might be a worthwhile investment. According to the tags, it’s full color on each of its 53 pages and includes Ahegao, Creampie, Squirting and Voyeurism. At $10.25, it’s cheaper than an OnlyFans subscription to see your favorite cosplay girl finger herself.IrodoriComics.com is one of the better premium hentai sites I’ve seen, with polished presentation and polished content. The buy-what-you want model is really going to appeal to doujinshi fans who’d rather just pay for their kinks instead of a big monthly membership fee. It doesn’t cost a thing to window shop, so I recommend taking a look if you’re a fan of the genre.