Want to see tiny porn at Exxxtra Small? The term “spinner” has become increasingly popular in the last few years. For those of you whom are unfamiliar, a spinner is a term of endearment used to describe extremely petite girls—tiny girls who you would love to fuck. Why are they called spinners, you ask? Well, that’s easy. Because of the fact that these girls are so small that one could, conceivably, sit them on his hard dick and spin her ‘round and ‘round like a top. Although really small girls are called spinners all the time and it has become a pretty popularly accepted title, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen someone pull that off in porn. Huh, something to keep an eye open for, I suppose.No matter what you call them, there is no denying the fact that petite girls are downright sexy. And, even if we can’t spin them around on our dicks, you most certainly can do significantly more with a petite chick than you could with a bigger girl. One popular move that we see in porn all the time, for example, is the standing up 69, where the guy will just pick the girl up, flip her upside down in the air, and eat her pussy while she sucks her dick. That’s a classic.Another popular sex position that extra petite girls make possible is what I would call the Superman. You know the one, where the guy is standing up and he’s hitting it doggy style, and then he lifts her up in the air as if she’s flying and continues to fuck her while holding her up. Again, only with a petite girl would this ever be possible.Sure, these positions are fun and interesting to watch, but they aren’t even the reason that I love small girls, personally. For me, tiny bodies equate to tiny pussies, and a tiny pussy makes the sex feel even better! And that is not even factoring in the fact that you can absolutely dominate petite girls—you can hold them down more easily and more firmly while you absolutely decimate their tiny, tight pussies. Fuck, I love them.And I know that I am far from alone in my love of small chicks. In fact, it’s nearly become its own porn category at this point. There are entire porn sites dedicated to petite girls, such as Don’t Break Me, Very Tiny Teens, and, of course, the site we’ll be taking a look at today, Exxxtra Small. What a fucking beautiful time to be alive!ExxxtraSmall.com is a site produced by the larger porn studio, Team Skeet. I’m sure you’ve cum upon a Team Skeet video at one point or another in your fapping voyage. They are pretty popular on free porn tubes, such as Porn Hub, Red Tube, and xHamster. In addition to Exxxtra Small, Team Skeet is responsible for quality sites like BFFs, Sis Loves Me, Dad Crush, Teen Pies, and the classic, My Babysitter’s Club (I remember fapping to that way back when I was still in high school!).Team Skeet is owned by what is arguably the largest porn conglomerate in the world, Mind Geek, a corporation that is responsible for most of the porn sites and brands that you are likely to be the most familiar with: Brazzers, Digital Playground, Red Tube, Porn Hub, and You Porn. They also own Extreme Tube, Spank Wire, and Keez Movies. Most of the popular porn that you’ve seen online you have Mind Geek to thank for. You know, I usually detest monopolies as a rule of thumb, but, hey, if it means that we continue getting top-tier and innovative porn out of it, I guess I can look the other way. The dick definitely has a mind of its own.Mind Geek is known for producing superior porn sites, and Exxxtra Small is no exception. Once you log into the member’s area, you will be brought, instead of to a specific Exxxtra Small page, the Team Skeet web portal. Here, you will find a banner offering you a discount to another site at the top of the page. Below it, whatever sites you have a membership to will appear as thumbnails (not unlike a computer desktop). You’re going to have to click through to a general members' area, though, allowing you to access videos to whatever sites you have access to (at least if you have access to more than one).Slightly Roundabout Site Design (But It’s Worth It)This will bring you to the general Team Skeet home page. Here, you will find a giant banner at the top of the page, advertising different recent releases in a slideshow. Below that, however, you will find thumbnails to all Team Skeet’s newest releases. You will be shown all videos, regardless of whether or not you can access them. This is a little annoying, as it is easy to get excited by the sight of something, only to quickly thereafter realize that you will not be able to watch that particular video. But, then again, I can see it from their perspective too: it’s a brilliant marketing tactic—get people excited about content whether or not they can view it; they’re only a couple clicks away from upgrading their account.Underneath the Newest Movies section, you’ll find the Most Popular videos, then a Featured Movies section below that with larger thumbnails. Keep scrolling down, and you’ll find a list of Team Skeet’s sites, Upcoming Movies, Exclusive Movies, and Partner Deals. All the while in your scrolling down to the bottom of the page, the site menu bar at the top has never left. Here, you can browse the network by the following options: Home, Movies, Models, Sites, and Specials. Let’s go to Sites and take a closer look at Exxxtra Small’s videos, though.When you click into Sites, Exxxtra Small comes up as ranked number one, so it’s easy to find. Click through and you’ll have at your disposal all 263 Exxxtra Small movies ever produced. It looks as if they release a new scene every week, so you’ll definitely have plenty of content at your disposal. Above all the videos, you will be able to filter search results by Newest, Number of Likes, Number of Comments, Percentage of Likes, Number of Views, or Oldest. You can also browse Exxxtra Small content by Movies, Girls, or Guys (not sure why you’d want to do that, but, hey, no judgment here, bub).Only a Couple Tiny ComplaintsAs far as video content is concerned: honestly, this is topnotch porn, right here. Great HD video quality, the hottest girls in the industry, and they really take advantage of the girl’s spinner assets (although no actual spinning, at least not yet). My only complaint with the site, really, when it comes to the porn itself, is a pretty small one: it seems as if they stick to one position for a little longer than I would prefer sometimes.I understand, this is totally a matter of opinion; maybe you prefer to just have two or three solid positions throughout the porno, lingering on each one. But, personally, I would rather they mix it up a little more, let me really get a feel for every angle of these girls, you know? Not the biggest deal in the world, but something worth note, I think. And, just so you know, this is certainly not the case in every video either, just something a noticed here and there.The only other issue I have with the site is another small one. The media player is really fucking big. Like, so big that you have to scroll down the page in order to access the scrub bar to jump around the scene. This is just a little annoying because, as you know, you don’t necessarily want to miss what’s going on when it comes time to jump to a new marker in a video. Since the screen is so damn large, you are going to have to obscure your view of the video sometimes. I just don’t get the point in making it so big.People usually only have two settings when they’re watching porn anyway, right? You’re either half-watching and browsing or looking for other points in the video to skip to, or you’re full-screen. With this site, though, the media player is nearly full-screen by default, which does not lend itself to easy browsing of the rest of the site (or the rest of the video as it plays).Other than that, the site pretty much has everything you could ask for from a premium pay porn site: great porn, the hottest porn stars in the industry today, plenty of videos, commenting and rating features, and weekly updates. What more can you ask for, really? Exxxtra Small is exxxtra fucking hot—I highly recommend it.