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The 25-minute video is highly rated by viewers of 18Eighteen, which is a good enough endorsement for me. Not that I needed anyone to tell me this flick was going to be hot. I could tell that from the thumbnail of Natalie with her tits out and a dude’s finger in her snatch.HD Teen Perversion to Stream and DownloadThe movie starts playing in 720p as soon as I hit the button, without any buffering or site montages to slow me down. I bumped the resolution up to the maximum 1080p HD, and playback was still smooth as hell. There’s a playback speed control at the bottom, too, but I’ll wait until the action gets hot to use that.Natalie has stuffed her bra to impress her boyfriend at the beginning of the scene. Busted at this attempt at bust-inflation, she’s embarrassed, but he assures her those little boobs are just perfect. He lovingly sucks her nipples for a while, playing the sweet boyfriend. 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