Teen Fidelity! If you’re a straight dude, there are a few really safe bets I can make about you. I’d bet my right nut you love sex. Even if you’re a sad, virgin neckbeard living in your mom’s basement, I’m sure you also really love pornography. I’d put down any amount of money on you being a fan of multiple genres of hardcore smut, but I’m guessing you really love seeing teenagers getting fucked, don’t you? Don’t feel bad; it’s just human nature, which is why I think you’re going to love TeenFidelity.TeenFidelity.com has been putting out teenage fuck movies since 2010. They are part of Kelly Madison Media, a porn operation that’s been around for a little over two decades now. Longevity is good to see in any business, and here it tells us that these guys really know how to make smut that keeps perverts cranking it. It’s been a couple of hours since my last fap session, so I can’t wait to get into it.Hardcore Teen Creampies and MoreWith so many premium hardcore sites to choose from these days, everybody tries to make as big a splash as they can on the landing page. It’s no different at TeenFidelity, where they immediately hit you with a wall of preview images that will make your eyes bug out, and your dick inflates like an emergency life best.The very top of the screen features a silent video montage of some of the site’s newest and most popular teen smut. I’m writing this at the very beginning of 2021, and they’re celebrating with a scene of Carmen Rae banging in the new year. In just a few seconds, the montage shows her getting fucked in the face and from behind, and her tight little cunt dripping a sticky white creampie.That moving preview at the top is hot and extremely heavy, with Gwen Vicious, Dixie Lynn, and Leah Lee all taking some brutal dick and spilling fluids all over the goddamn place. A lot of you are going to have the same problem just watching this preview, so get the tissues ready.Scroll down the page a bit, and you’ll find thumbnails from all of TeenFidelity’s newest fuck flicks. They’re putting out new material twice a week, and the thumbnails show moving previews upon hover over. Lisey Sweet is in a Supergirl outfit taking it up the ass in a flick released a week ago called Super Anal, and some really lucky motherfucker has a threesome with Keira Croft and Chanel Grey in the site’s 400th episode.So many premium sites these days are doing away with the video previews, so I was pleased to see a two-minute trailer when I clicked through to the Parents Suck video page. Gwen Vicious flags down a passing motorist, looking for a ride. The teen runaway isn’t sure where she’s going, but our hero opts to give her a more intimate ride than she was expecting. Cut to a hotel room, where we see her sucking dick with tears in her eyes and getting her shaved cunt pounded from behind with her ass all oiled up.Cheaper Than a Weekend Trip to ThailandJesus fucking Christ Almighty. The preview really got the blood raging to my cock, and I’d love to see the whole thing. Some pricing options to unlock that privilege are displayed under the video preview.A three-day trial at TeenFidelity will run you about three bucks a day for full access. As I write this, the site is also offering a 67% off deal for the regular membership, bringing it down to just 10 bucks a month. Teen fuck fans looking for the best bang for their buck can cash in on a three-month discounted membership for only 60 bones.They also make it clear on the sign-up page that you’ll have not just streaming access, but download availability as well. This is kind of a big deal lately, as I’ve noticed a lot of the premium sites charging extra for MP4s or doing away with downloads altogether. Here, you’ve got a range of resolutions from 480p (mobile) to 4K ultra-HD flicks that will eat up your SD card in a hurry.The sign-up page mentions almost in passing that you’ll also get free, unlimited access to KellyMadison.com and PornFidelity.com with your membership. I never understand why premium porn sites undersell these kinds of bonuses. “Oh, by the way, you’ll also get triple the amount of porn you were expecting, no big deal.”Once you get signed up and logged in, you’ll actually be dropped off on the main member’s page for KellyMadisonMedia. This shows you all the recent updates from across the premium porno network. Since I’m focusing on TeenFidelity for this review, I’m going to click where it says, Teen Fidelity.Hundreds of Teen Pornos on TapRight now, there are around 400 full-length teenage fuck movies in the TeenFidelity archive. That means you’re going to have some catching up to do if you want to beat off to the entire collection. I recommend a water-based lube and a diesel-powered suction machine if you really want to do this efficiently.Scrolling down the front page of flicks, I noticed Brooklyn Gray with her legs spread and a cock stuffed in her tight little twat. I’ve got kind of a porn crush on the slut, so naturally, I had to check out the flick, Drastic Measures.The 50-minute movie starts playing as soon as I clicked the Play button, with no buffering or intro montage slowing me down. It started for me at 1080p, but I’m able to max out the resolution to 4K without any bandwidth issues. Brooklyn is on her hands and knees, digging through a dark office while ominous music plays. The boss comes in, pissed, and there’s only one way they can fix this problem.The ominous music continues as Brooklyn pulls down his pants and takes his veiny member into her sweet little mouth. The camera work is cinematic, with lots of cuts between angles and professional lighting showing off the blowjob sequence.The timeline is marked with little red notches, each one corresponding to a different sex act or position. At the click of a mouse, I have instant access to the Missionary, Spoon, Lazy Doggy, and Cumshot sequences. I skipped to the Pussy Eating and envied this dude with his face buried between Brooklyn’s beautiful legs. I watched the scene in slow motion to really savor the action.Bonus BTS Scenes, Fuck Yeah!After saving the file for future wank sessions, I checked out the Behind the Scenes footage from the movie. I love the TeenFidelity includes these for all the flicks they put out, basically guaranteeing you some bonus action every time they release something.The footage includes a little interview with Brooklyn, who is cute and bubbly as fucking hell. She talks about growing up and her time in the adult film industry, and she seems like a real sweetheart for such an unrepentant slut. She talks about her insane hypersexuality for a while before showing off her ass for the camera.Some outtakes are also included in the Behind the Scenes action. Brooklyn accidentally bumped her head a few times, getting out from under the desk in the opening scene, and there are some hot moments of the two actors working out the positions they’re going to be fucking in.I’ve got to say, TeenFidelity is probably the hottest paysite I’ve jacked off to this week. They’ve got some of the most beautiful and talented teen video whores in the industry, and the high production values really show off what these girls are capable of and willing to do. The archive is fucking huge, and they put out a couple of fresh new movies every week. The included access to KellyMadison and PornFidelity is the icing on the creampie, instantly tripling the amount of premium porno you’re signing up for. What’s not to love? Check out the free previews if you ain’t sure.