Dare Dorm

DareDorm! Oh, to be in college again. To go to all the parties, experiment with all the drugs, and hook up with all the girls. If I could do it all over again, I definitely would. The only thing I would do differently? I would probably fuck more college sluts. Campuses are crawling with sexy young sluts, in some cases rather literally as weekly binge drinking is something of a required rite of passage for all students.For many, college is the first experience of unbridled freedom. You’re freshly 18, with no parents to check in on you, no curfews, no limitations, no real rules to speak of. Outside of keeping your GPA at a passable level, all you really have to do is have a good time; get fucked up, try new things, embrace your inner hedonist and fuck as much as physically possible. In the sudden absence of routine and regulation, college girls are notorious for going all out, wild with pleasure and hungry for cock.Don’t get me wrong, I definitely fucked in college. But I was relatively reserved back then. I hadn’t yet grown into the pussy pounding pimp who is writing this today. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and tell 18-year-old me to pull himself up by the nut sack and get out there, fuck more of the horny and willing sluts who paraded around campus in tiny miniskirts and heels, tits hanging out all over the place, while they precariously tried to navigate the snow-packed sidewalks, getting more and more wasted with each bar visited.I only wish I had heard of Dare Dorm back then; the porn site that could have given me the night of my life. Although the site has undergone a few major changes since its inception, the original idea was this: college students from all over the country would submit homemade videos of booze-fueled parties that turned into crazy hot orgies.From 100% User Submitted Videos to … 0%?Usually, a group of dudes (presumably frat guys) would host a party in a dorm and invite the hottest girls they could recruit. They would record the entire night and cut a video of the highlights (oftentimes it would be the conversation just before the girls started getting naked, sucking dicks, and getting fucked). It wasn’t always the dudes that initiated the fun, though. There is actually a surprising number of videos in which the ladies were the masterminds behind the submission. As you can imagine, it was never very difficult for them to coax college guys to bang them on film.DareDorm.com used to pride itself on being a 100% user-submitted porn site. Somewhere along the line, though, that all changed. More recent uploads (in the last few years) feature porn stars recording scenes inspired by the original Dare Dorm content … basically, just porn stars partying and then getting fucked in a dorm room. Although the girls are obviously still smoking hot, I’m not gonna lie, I really miss the original user-submitted videos. I really liked seeing actual college girls getting fucked and going wild. Plus, there was always the possibility of seeing someone I knew from my school, which would have been fucking awesome.I can’t tell you exactly why Dare Dorm changed entirely. But I can tell you that Dare Dorm is owned by Reality Kings and in 2010, Florida A&M University actually sued Reality Kings over a steamy sex tape that students from Florida A&M submitted to Dare Dorms who, naturally, published it to the site. The university alleged that the video tainted the school’s reputation and, on grounds of defamation, sued both Reality Kings and the students who submitted the tape (god damn … can you imagine?).Reality Kings did not even bother going through with the case. Instead, they settled out of court for $120,000. I would imagine, though, after swallowing that financial hit, the producers of Dare Dorm just decided it would be easier (and much, much cheaper) to just rent a dorm room and shoot a gonzo style porno with the pros instead. What a shame. Come on, Florida! Why must you ruin everything for the rest of the country?Dare Dorms is still a great premium paysite, though. One could actually make the argument that the site has only gotten better since they started shooting their own professional porn in the classic Dare Dorm style. I would disagree with that, personally, but I’m also a big amateur porn fan. What is unequivocally true, though, is that the camerawork is much better. And you’re guaranteed a stellar performance with ladies like Ziggy Star, Kali Roses, Carmen Caliente, and Gina Valentina in the sack.(Almost) Everything You Would Expect from a Premium Pay SiteAs far as the Dare Dorm site itself is concerned, well, it’s everything you’d expect a premium paysite from a studio like Reality Kings to be (more or less). You’ve got some good, minimalist site design, no ads to contend with, tons of great content, and a few basic community features. In addition to being able to leave comments on scenes, you can “like” or “dislike” scenes (the results of which end up giving each video an average user rating out of 100%) and add scenes to your favorites list. It doesn’t seem like many users on Dare Dorm take advantage of the commenting feature, though, so don’t expect riveting conversations. Just shut the fuck up and do your business.So, as I said, all the basic features are there. Almost. One thing that I really dislike about Dare Dorm (and, actually, many paysites, come to think of it) is the fact that there is no way to preview videos before you watch them. Personally, I love it when a site gives you a little video preview of the scene when you hover your cursor over the thumbnail for it. Even the still image slideshow previews are acceptable. Ironically, though, these seem more common in free porn tubes than they are in premium paysites from the top porn studios in the world. I sure as fuck can’t seem to make sense of that.One place that Dare Dorm does offer previews of what’s to come in the scene, though, is underneath the video as it plays. There is a reel of moment by moment stills for you to scroll through and easily click on in order to jump to different parts of the video. They are also conveniently labeled with notable positions. So, that means that if you want to cut the bullshit and just jump straight to the doggy style, you can easily do so. Want to double back and enjoy some of that deepthroat oral action? No problem.The only downside to this feature is that it doesn’t exist on the older scenes. Maybe they’re still working on adding them to the older ones? Hell if I know. It would be nice if they did though.The site is also organized really well. Every video comes with its own extensive list of relevant tags under it, which allows you to even more proficiently find just what you like, as well as browse off on tangents from one video to the next. Or maybe you’re more the kind of guy who likes to browse videos based on his favorite girls. No worries there either, every girl who appears in a scene on Dare Dorm has a link to her very own page, complete with stats, a bio, and an archive of all the Reality Kings videos that she’s appeared in.Great Bang for Your BuckDare Dorm is just one piece of the larger subset of GF Leaks sites that Reality Kings offers. And I am personally a really big fan of all of them. With a GF Leaks membership package, you will also be granted access to Black GFs, Crazy Asian GFs, Crazy College GFs, GF Revenge (user-submitted photos), and Horny Birds (groups of girls getting dick at strip clubs).All in all, considering the huge number of awesome, sexy scenes you get from Dare Dorm and GF Leaks, I would definitely recommend a membership. If you like sexy college teens getting fucked hard and loving every second of it, you will definitely love Dare Dorm. My biggest complaint is that they completely abandoned the user-submitted content, although I can totally see why that might have been a wise decision if lawsuits were to become a regular occurrence.It’s a good site. There are a couple missing or incomplete features, but nothing that should turn you off from it completely. I say go for it. Sign up and get ready to take a trip down memory lane, back to college, but this time, fuck all the 18-year-old sluts you didn’t have the balls to fuck back then. Happy fapping, fuckers!