There’s just something magical about good, real amateur pornography. Yeah, those pornstars with the silicone-enhanced bodies and practiced moans are hot as fuck, but sometimes you just want to beat off to a horny babe who ain’t in it for the money. The best amateurs want to get off as bad as you do, and that’s exactly who you’ll find over at Adultism.com.The site has been around since 2000, which practically makes it an institution in the world of online smut. They’ve had ups, downs, and a bunch of site redesigns along the way, but Adultism has held strong for the long run. They get a couple of million views a month these days and have one of the most active amateur pervert communities around.A Free Porn Tube or Something More?Just looking at the front page, you’d probably guess Adultism is your typical amateur porn site. It’s a tube-style layout, simple and streamlined, with most of the page dominated by screenshots of DIY porn. Hover over a MILF giving a blowjob or teen flashing her snatch in the bathroom, you’ll be treated to a moving preview of more of the vid.This looks like the real deal, just a bunch of regular ol’ freaks getting it on in front of their cameras. I don’t see any pro movies mixed in, so there’s clearly some approval process. They don’t let every fucking asshole upload his favorite pirated Brazzers clip and claim it as their own, watermark and all. That gives Adultism a leg up on the competition already.There are some teens, street-legal to ride, on the site, but it looks like most of the chicks are older. This place is a MILF heaven, which itself is a hint that Adultism is perhaps a little different from most sites where women are whipping out their titties.It’s not immediately clear what order the front page videos appear in. When I first loaded it, a thick broad was showing off her body in lingerie and stockings, a blonde cum queen got drenched in her favorite sauce, and another babe worked her cunt with a Hitachi. I hit refresh and they were replaced by a fat piggy slut, a naked girlfriend, and a jaw-dropping swinger orgy.I think Adultism’s default view is a random selection of videos currently being watched. Either way, it looks like a lot of the videos were uploaded tonight. I take a quick look at the Recent Posts tab to see how fast the site’s growing. A whole page of new material, 30 fresh clips, has been uploaded in the past 4 hours.That’s an insane rate of growth for any kind of site. Some numbers I noticed earlier on the side of the screen make more sense now. There are about 700 people using the site at this moment, and most of them are Members. On almost every other site with free content, Guests make up the majority of the visitors. This site clearly has a more active user base than you’d find elsewhere, and that’s why there’s so much new smut.The biggest clue that Adultism is something more than an amateur tube is the motto, right above all those stag movies on the front page: Adult Sex Community. Honestly, I’ve seen enough of these claims on porn sites that I rarely believe them. I would have just assumed that like most Internet smut stops, it wasn’t actually a community, but more of a repository for revenge porn and dick pics.No Revenge Porn or Dick PicsA link to the site’s FAQ is waiting in the footer, not going out of the way to make itself known. It’s almost as if the site doesn’t want to let on that it’s more than just a tube. I wonder if this is part of Adultism’s vetting process to keep out the riff-raff. The kind of casual masturbator who’d miss the basic facts doesn’t get an invite to the orgy.I know I’m kind of a creep, but fuck, I love revenge porn. There’s a whole genre of fake revenge movies by big studios, so I’m not alone in that either. Bad news if that’s what you’re looking for here, though. According to the FAQ, that shit is strictly forbidden. You can only post your ex if you have permission.The rules are pretty strict compared to other places, but that’s part of how they maintain quality control. You can’t post your dick with anything else, which is fair. As much as I like flashing my cock at bitches, I don’t want to see yours. Minors are a hard NO, as are random pics you just saved from the Internet.Camgirls are allowed to post material on the site, provided it’s not just ads for their shows. It seems like a trivial detail, but it means a thumbnail of poon won’t trick you into clicking on a 3-minute trailer for Chaturbate. That kind of user-friendly rule is just more evidence that this site is all about the community.What’s the Secret Password?Adultism is a freemium site, so your level of access to their ever-growing stash of amateur porn is based on your contribution. Free users can beat off to pics until they’re raw and bloody, but they cut you off when it comes to videos. New members get a few free ones, but you’d better choose wisely.To get full, unfettered access, you’ll need either a Gold membership or Uploader status. In case you’re dense and can’t figure out from the titles, Gold is for people who pay for it, and Uploader is for people adding porno to the collection. Considering their extensive set of rules, anything you upload pretty much has to be your own.Once I logged in, I went to the People page. Really, I just wanted to see if my own name showed up. What do you know? ThePornDude is listed right at the very top, since I’m the most recent member to log in. All the other "recents" are listed beside me. A lot of them are represented by the same thumbnail of a man’s silhouette, but most are amateur porn.Below each user’s name, it gives the age and says whether the account belongs to a male, female, or couple. There are a surprising number of broads on here, so many that I was skeptical. I clicked on a girl’s smooth belly to visit her profile, and holy shit, it’s that same chick who uploaded that lingerie pic I stroked one to a little while ago. She’s got a bunch of galleries of her home photoshoots in stockings and bondage gear.The Couples' accounts are the fucking tits. I mean, you see a lot of tits, but this is also where you’re going to see a lot of the actual fucking. A dynamic duo that logged in a few minutes before me has a big collection of squirting videos they made, and another pair seems to be really into tit-fucking.It’s a little shocking just how many people are online right now who also have a bunch of home-brew porno uploaded. Other amateur sites make you search pretty goddamn hard to find accounts that aren’t just some random Indian guy uploading every bobs and vagene video he can pirate. It’s a big deal that you can find so many here without even looking.Adultism has some relatively high demands from their users, but in exchange, they offer something that’s hard to find, even on an Internet that’s basically a pornography superhighway. This isn’t a site to upload that vid you never deleted of your cock in your ex’s face. Adultism is where you upload the pics you took of your naked wife a few minutes ago.Aside from the adherence to strict rules, some visitors might have an issue with the age of the freaks on camera. Adultism skews older, so you’ll find way more MILFs than teens.If that sounds like it might be up your alley, I think the membership is worth it. It’s free to poke around a little bit, so give it a shot. If you actually shoot your own porn and want to share it, that’s even better. Adultism and the rest of us would love to see.