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Is your hobby porn? Mine is, and since you’re reading this at ThePornDude, I’m guessing you have more than just a passing interest in the subject. I know I’m one of the Internet’s most respected authorities on smut. Still, I’m not the only one devoting the entirety of my leisure time to images of beautiful naked women doing all kinds of kinky shit. The dude who runs this next website, for example, takes his porn collecting so seriously he’s decided to share with the rest of the class.Hobby.porn is a free amateur porn collection, brought to you by some pervert named Bobby. The little intro blurb says he’s been collecting DIY sex movies for a while, and decided he wanted everyone to get a look at his hand-curated selection of bedroom bangs, POV blowjobs and homemade threesomes. He launched the site at the tail end of 2021 and has managed to build an explosive following over just a few months. It sounds like Bobby’s got good taste in sluts. Let’s find out who he’s into.Hand-Picked Amateur PornoHobby Porn has a basic black-on-white layout similar to pretty much any sex tube out there. There’s no real logo, just a red HOBBY.PORN in all caps at the top of the screen, along with Bobby’s intro blurb. There’s no header menu, keeping shit streamlined by hiding the quick links to Categories, Tags and Best Porn in a dropdown menu.One thing that stood out immediately is the emphasis on models. It isn’t too uncommon to see a few thumbnails of the popular girls on the front page of a porn site, but Bobby devotes at least half of his shop window to the babes. Some of his personal favorites are at the top, followed by a section of the most recently added models. At the bottom of the page, another cluster of sexy chicks smile, suck cock and give their best fuck-me faces in a quick menu of Hobby Porn’s Most Viewed porn models.I can see why Bobby’s good taste in earning him so much traffic. The term “amateur porn” often conjures up images of wrinkly middle-aged swingers and fuzzy 20-second clips of poorly lit cunnilingus. Bobby’s drawing his selection from the hottest next-gen amateur porn models in the game.You know the girls I’m talking about. They’re the ones blurring the line between professionally produced smut and traditional “amateur” movies. Many of these women are scaled up camgirls, blowing up social media with teaser shots that lead fans back to their OnlyFans pages.I’ve been seeing a lot of OnlyFans leaks pages over the last 6 months or so, and one thing I notice here is that the front-page babe selection is slightly different than the ones I normally see. I had to click around a bit to find the Belle Delphine movies, for example, and she usually figures prominently on the front page everywhere else. I can only assume that’s because Bobby’s hand-picking the Hobby.Porn content.That said, the man has impeccable taste. You’re going to see some of the top Internet celebrities and social media sluts within these pages. I’m hard as a rock already, just looking at the thumbnails of girls like LittleOralAndie, Paige Steele, BelleNiko and Tessa Winters.What Kinda Porn Do You Want to Fap to?I think I know why Bobby’s favorites are a little different from most sites that focus on the social media chicks. Most of the amateur porn coming from the OnlyFans set is solo material, masturbation shows and twerk-fests, and that’s reflected in the usual collections of these girls. At Hobby.Porn, there’s a lot more hardcore dick-in-the-fuck-holes action and a wide range of porn genres represented.Bobby even starts the description of his Best Porn Categories with, “In my opinion.” You’ll find ample selections of categories like Cosplay that have blown up over the last year, but the collection seems more oriented toward “traditional” porn subgenres. There are 4309 Big Tits flicks, over 6,000 Blowjob Amateur videos, a couple of thousand MILF movies and a strong 1554 Step Fantasy pornos.Maybe you’ve got different tastes than Bobby, though. That’s cool, because you’ll probably find what you’re looking for on the full list of Amateur Porn Categories. It’s got around a hundred genres like Cuckold, Toys, Rough Sex, Public and Big Ass. There’s even kinky shit on there like Feet, Fetish, and Pissing.If you can’t find what you’re looking for in there, try the search function or the sprawling Tags list. It takes a deep dive into porno microgenres, filing a dozen under Cum Dumpster, 33 in Cum In Ass, and nearly 1200 movies with Cum In Mouth. They’ve also got a few dozen movies with a COVID-19 tag, just in case you’re looking for something topical to whack off to during your second year of social distancing.Voyeur Peeping on My Sexy GirlfriendI decided to start my official Hobby.Porn fap test with the very latest movie added to the site. It’s 9 minutes long, stars the lovely Brandi Braids, and has a catchy title that just rolls right off the tongue: Voyeur BF Watched Me Cheating From The Closet… I Didn’t Stop.I’d been wondering where Bobby sourced his content; a question answered for me when I hit the Play button and the PornHub logo popped up on the screen. Hobby Porn isn’t a leak site, so you cheapskate moralists won’t have to worry about accidentally ejaculating to a pirated movie.As the title implies, the camera is set up in the closet, with the door visible along the edge of the screen as the video opens, slowly panning inward to get the door out of the frame. A hot young babe with an absolutely fantastic ass strolls into the room with a bearded dude. They make out standing up, feeling each other up as the lingerie-clad chick strips the dude naked. He sits on the couch and the BJ commences.It’s not a fantastic angle for the blowjob, to be honest, but I absolutely don’t mind the view of that ass as she gets down on her hands and knees to work. I jumped ahead a couple of minutes, the video skipping ahead with minimal buffering, and watched the dude hammer her doggystyle. Again, I’m transfixed by that truly magnificent ass. Bobby, my dude, thanks for the recommendation.Thanks for the Porn Picks, Bobby!I watched a few more videos on Hobby Porn, including a cosplay succubus blowjob, a ruined orgasm compilation, a five-orgasm foot fetish POV film, and a short video of Belle Delphine taking an erotic bath. With the exception of that last one, all the movies were Pornhub embeds with the drum beat in the beginning.I couldn’t help but think of the potential implications for older movies in the stash. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Pornhub underwent a massive purge of content, mostly amateur, around the same time Hobby.Porn was launched. I’ve seen a number of free tubes since that have become minefields of dead links and broken videos.The site hasn’t been around very long, but Bobby is adding new material at a frantic rate. I dug to the very bottom of the pile, page 674, checking for dead links. I don’t know if he just started building the site at the exact right moment or he’s taken the time to weed the garden, but I didn’t find a single dead link; all the videos play just fine. Bravo.The fact that most of the collection comes directly from PornHub is arguably Hobby.Porn’s biggest weakness. You could just go watch these movies at PornHub, and get the rest of their massive stash piled on top. Even with their recent purge, they’re still one of the biggest free porn sources in the world.Then again, I think Hobby.Porn’s biggest strength is that the selection is hand-curated. It’s one thing to just hit up a massive tube and then tap the Amateur button, but around here, it feels like getting a personal tour. While a hand-picked menu might be a death knell for a tube run by some deviant with bad taste, in this case, you’re probably going to be really happy with the picks. Five thousand visitors a day seem pretty satisfied, and his numbers are steadily going up.