Do you want to share your sex tape on The Cuckold, pervert? Looking to get laid tonight? No? Well, how about watching your wife get fucked by some stud with a much bigger dick than yours? I figured that might be up your alley. You’re in luck, because today I’m taking a look at The claims to be The Biggest Community for Cuckold Couples. Every sex website is full of similar claims about being the biggest and the best, though, and I’m not sure yet what they’re offering. They only get a little over half a million views a month, but cuckolding is a niche fetish. More impressive is the fact that they’ve been around since 2006.Getting Cucked Around the GlobeBefore you even enter TheCuckold, you’ve got to select your language/location. This is good news for cucks around the globe. Choose from Italiano, Francais, Espanol, Deutsch or English. English speakers can choose between the UK and US. It’s not quite worldwide, but I really expected this to be localized to a single country.The main page features a history of the word “Cuckold” at the top. Apparently, it has to do with the king of Lydia in the eighth century BC, Candaule. Apparently this dude likes to let his bodyguard secretly see his wife naked. It’s a bit different from how we define it today. The secret isn’t part of the equation, and usually, there’s fucking going on.Once that scholarly shit is out of the way, it’s on to the really sexy shit. A few of the Latest Images Added flash by in a box below the Cuckold definition. There’s a blindfolded slut in restraints with clamps on her nipples, a close-up of a woman’s shaved clam, and a crotch shot of a dude with a huge boner in woman’s lingerie. Beside the Latest Images box are the Latest Cuckold Videos Posted, which I’ll have to check out next.I’ve seen some older swinger sites that were mostly plain text without much to look at. I really expected TheCuckold to be another one of these. It’s definitely not. I’m already impressed by the quality and quantity of amateur porn on display.Next on the page are a few of the Latest Albums Added. The newest ones are all Italian, so I don’t know what they say. Fortunately, the pics speak the universal language of pornography. One of the photosets has been turned into a comic, with dialogue bubbles pasted into the action. One dude, presumably the husband in this scenario, gets tied up and the other dude fucks his chick.Photos seem to be one of TheCuckold’s main draws, which makes a lot of sense. Cuckoldism occupies some space between exhibitionism and voyeurism, so naturally, these kind folks love sharing their freaky pictures. The rest of the page is big, thumbnailed links to 20 of their more popular amateur photo categories.You’ve can look at the thumbnails in the galleries without logging in, but if you want to see anything big enough to whack off to, you’ll need to sign up and log in. Don’t worry, this part’s free.Only Cuckold Couples, Real and VerifiedThe sign-up screen had another slogan I hadn’t yet. “Totally amateur content. Only cuckold couples, real and verified.” I hoped to see some real cuckold couples, but I also hoped they don’t lock me out just because I’m a single dude.Fortunately, just getting in the door is easy enough. One of the first questions is a nebulous dropdown that just says “Category”. Hit it and you’ll see options like Aspiring Cuckold, Couple with Passive Cuckold, Couple with Active Cuckold, Bull or Sweet. You can be part of a cuckold or exhibitionist couple or just a rando like me, though even randos get a bunch of categories to choose from. I chose Bull (Single Male) so I could try to bang broads without trading one of my own.The registration code came through to my email box immediately. I copied, pasted, and made my way toward those Latest Cuckold Videos I saw earlier. I’m happy to report that videos aren’t verified quite so quickly; the newest 6 thumbnails on the page are all inaccessible, marked with Under Verification until some admin can make sure they’re legit amateur smut and not something stolen from PornHub.The available thumbnails look hot, though. They’ve got labels on them, so you know what kind of scene you’re going to watch. The girl sticking the silver dildo in her snatch is filed under Outdoor Exhibitionism, and the fat MILF riding dick is a Cuckold Encounter. There are also Swinger Encounters if you prefer to see everybody getting their fair share, and Indoor Exhibitionism if you’d rather see a girl masturbate in the privacy of a webcam.Interestingly, nearly all of the videos on the ten pages I scrolled through were from Italy. I like Italian sluts as much as the next guy, so I clicked a babe in lingerie getting her cunt pounded…And was promptly denied. It seems I can look at all the pics I want, but videos are part of the premium package. The localized United States version of the site doesn’t even list the price in USD, just an unconverted 17.33 Euros. That plus the fact that all the vids are Italian makes me wonder how much they even want my business. Maybe this is a site that only branched out this way once they were established.What Can You Buy for 17.33 Euros a Month?Free accounts, it turns out, are pretty limited on TheCuckold. You can look at the pics, upload your own photo albums, read stories, and receive private messages. If you want to reply to those messages, well, you’re going to have come up out them pockets a little bit, huh?Other privileges afforded to those with about $20 USD are access to the video chat and webcams, the ability to vote in contests, and other basic communications things like a Messenger or giving feedback. They make sure you can’t get laid here without shelling out some bones.To help encourage building the site with more content, verified couples get the same access as paying, premium members. The same can’t be said of story writers. In fact, you’re not even allowed to post your written content without paying, so fuck off and take that shit to open mic night.Eating Pasta and Boning Your Neighbor’s WifeI’m not sure how much this should bother me, because I don’t really know what TheCuckold has to offer as far as cuckold, swinger, or exhibitionist couples in my area. I can’t browse any of the individual hookup opportunities without that premium access. The sidebar links to whole sections of Couples and Single Women, Bulls, and Voyeurs, but all of them just send me to that sign-up page.What I can see doesn’t inspire much hope for myself or any perverts in my country. If you’re an Italian reader, though, you’re in luck! Literally all of the Clubs, Events, Groups, and Gangbangs listed on TheCuckold are based in Italy. I didn’t realize the country had this whole Eyes Wide Shut sex club thing going on, but the pics are full of masked freaks just asking for it.I guess I could have just clicked Country Contents to start. Each country has a number next to it representing the photos, videos, and captions on TheCuckold. Italy comes in first, of course, with 326,470 pieces of perversion on the site.I’m shocked that the United States is second, since I didn’t see a single piece of U.S. content. It’s a very distant second, though, with under 15,000 examples. Third is Spain, falling further behind at around 6,000.Basically, if you’re not in Italy, can’t help you actually live out any of your cuckold fantasies. There might be some opportunities if you look really hard, but it’s probably not worth your time. Hell, even a simple craigslist post would probably work better than this. If you’re in Italy, though, this site may be your passport to a kinky time.That isn’t to say TheCuckold has nothing to offer. Specifically, this site seems to be a major repository for Italian amateur porn, so much so that I’d consider that TheCuckold’s main purpose. Check out the free pics if that sounds like your kind of masturbatory fodder. Access to the videos is about ten bucks cheaper than your typical porn paysite, amateur or not.