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If you watch free porn on the internet (and, honestly, who the fuck doesn’t?), chances are you have jerked it to a video from Porn Hub before. It is my personal go-to tube of choice. You just can’t beat it [ha] in terms of variety and amount of content. Red Tube comes close, sure, but I think Red Tube is a little limited in its offerings. There is one aspect of Porn Hub that I think blows every other tube site out of the water: its enormous (and ever-growing) collection of user-uploaded, homemade content.Porn Hub got its start in 2007 and became integrated into the MindGeek conglomerate in 2010, putting it alongside other popular tube sites, such as Youporn and Redtube. This triple threat of Porn Hub, You Porn, and Redtube now dominates the online adult industry, boasting a collective 100 million unique users.Porn Hub is easily the most ambitious, and arguably the most successful adult website to ever exist. Their annual Porn Hub Awards event has become an industry standard of competition, and the 2018 Porn Hub Awards, hosted by Asa Akira, saw the debut of the now-viral Kanye West & Lil’ Pump music video, “I Love It,” which was produced by Spike Jonze.Oh, and the website is in the process of putting together the first-ever porno filmed in space. Sexplorations received $3.5 million in funding from an Indiegogo campaign, and actors Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins are set to receive “six months of rigorous training” prior to launch. One small step for man, one giant nut all over Eva’s face.Bringing it Back Down to Earth…Thanks to Porn Hub’s innovative integration of community, anybody can be a porn star now. All you need is a decent camera (an iPhone, even, seems to do the trick) and a little bit of confidence. Porn Hub has transcended the world of traditional view-and-spew online video tubes. They have set themselves up to become something of a pornographic social media site.With a free Porn Hub account, you can upload content, follow and interact with your favorite amateur models and users, like or dislike and comment on content, and tip the chicks you really like to ensure that they keep sharing videos. Sometimes just the tip is all it takes to please a woman.Fantasy Within ReachI don’t know about you, but I fucking love homemade porn. There is a realistic aspect to it that you just are not going to find from big production companies like Brazzers or, ironically, Reality Kings. It’s somewhat comparable to the difference between mainstream pop music and more obscure, underground music. It’s rawer, more authentic, and it’s done for the love of the game, not just for an easy cash-in. That’s not to say there won’t be plenty of money shots, though, don’t worry.Homemade porn feels more attainable, more relatable. Plus, there’s always the chance that you might come across a video of someone you know. I am always keeping an eye out for the hot little college slut who lives across the street from me. Even though she hasn’t popped up on Porn Hub (yet), it is not hard at all to find another hot little college slut who looks just like her.A Community is Only as Good as Its MembersIn addition to the social networking features and the constantly growing wealth of amateur videos available at Porn Hub, it is one of the easiest sites to navigate on the web. Just type in your favorite keywords—bukkake, food play, redhead, midget (or maybe “bukkake food play with redhead midget”)—and then filter the results with the options to your left. You can easily toggle between professional and homemade content, choose whether you want to see videos, photos, or gifs, and filter by video duration. Porn Hub will also recommend related search terms, relevant user channels and porn stars that fit your description.Much like any site that allows any user to upload their own content, what you find is going to be pretty hit or miss. That is where their rating system comes in handy though. Once you’ve settled on a basic idea of what you’re in the mood for and entered it into the search bar, you can also choose how the results are ordered. Just switch the list to show the most-viewed or top-rated videos first, and you should be able to easily weed out all the duds.Keep in mind, though, that this isn’t a guaranteed fix. I have noticed that a surprising amount of Porn Hub community users seem to like really short homemade videos (many lasting only two minutes or less). Come on, assholes, step your endurance game up. Let’s say miracles do exist, and a chick does decide to finally fuck you, don’t you want to last longer than two minutes? You cucktards embarrass me…Quality ControlThere is another slight "shortcumming" to Porn Hub’s homemade content, and that is how many of the most popular girls do not show their faces. I understand that this is probably just personal preference and that there are lots of dudes out there who get off on the mystery of not seeing the chick’s face or whatever.But, for me, I want to know for sure that the chick I’m jerking it to isn’t a butterface. Plus, there’s something about the way a woman’s face looks that sort of affects the way I view the rest of her body. A light-skinned Asian chick, for example, could just as well be a petite white chick if not for her face. It alters the entire experience! This is less a criticism of Porn Hub, however, as much as it is a suggestion for Porn Hub’s amateur models: don’t be shy.Another suggestion for Porn Hub’s homemade uploaders: put some fucking effort into your videos! I am beyond sick of coming across videos where the girl is super fucking sexy, but the video is 15 seconds long and recorded on what appears to be an Android from like 2012. If you’re going to set out to make a porno, then make a fucking porno! A lot of these videos look like some dude just decided to pull out his (outdated) cell phone in the middle of fucking, then said, “Hey! I think I’ll upload this to Porn Hub!”Side note: if shooting a POV style video, please put some thought into where your pointing the camera—I don’t want to have to watch 20 seconds of your bedsheets because you’re so horny that all the blood that should be flowing to your brain is flowing to your dick instead and you can’t remember how to shoot a fucking video.Porn Hub Cums CashFinally, my last complaint is more about Porn Hub in general than it is about specifically the homemade content: chill the fuck out with the fucking advertisements. Christ. You’re the biggest porn site in the world, you have enough fucking money to send sluts to space from a crowdfunding campaign alone—do you really need that much fucking ad revenue? You have ads on the sides of the page, at the bottom of the page, every time I pause a video I have to see a fucking medical cross-section of a penis, sometimes you make me watch weird CGI sex ads before my videos start. Calm the fuck down, you greedy fucking cunts.All in all, I like what the homemade section of Porn Hub is doing in terms of community, and how it has created a platform for me to see hot chicks fucking and sucking that I, otherwise, never would be able to see. I also like how streamlined the content is, and how many options I have to filter through and find just what I’m looking for. I am not, however, digging the ads at all, and I think that some of you amateurs really need to step your fucking game up. Maybe Porn Hub should offer basic porn production classes, so you can learn a thing or two before you get a video camera and a hard-on and suddenly think you’re fucking Ron Jeremy.