My X Clip features a logo of a humping couple with the simple motto, “Real Homemade Porn Videos Collection.” It’s quick and to-the-point, which is really all you need to get people shaking their dicks at a good amateur site. While big corporations spend millions to get you to drink their corn syrup water and wear their sneakers, DIY fuck movies basically sell themselves. Case in point: My X Clip gets thousands of visits a day, and I’ve never seen them advertising on TV or sneaking into the ads that surround my search results.The MyXClip.com domain was registered a few years ago, though its rise to popularity is slightly more recent. Like they say in that simple motto, this free tube is all about homemade porno. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of something clever to say in the intro, but I’ve already been so distracted by the stuffed twats, cocksucking whores and kinky BDSM moments plastered all over the front page. Let’s just jump right into it, shall we?What Kind of Amateur Are We Talking Here?If you’re a fan of amateur porn, I’m sure you’ve already noticed how the very definition of “amateur” can really vary from place to place. I’ve seen many premium sites and free tubes claiming to specialize in amateur porn, but it’s clearly professionally shot material, often starring recognizable professional starlets. One of the very first things you’ll notice at MyXClip is that the vast majority of the content is genuinely homemade, starring and shot by non-professionals.That means you’re seeing real girls next door getting their brains fucked out, not some chick who’s been banging her away around the San Fernando Valley for the last decade. Now, don’t get me wrong: I absolutely love those big-name pornstars, but they’re not who I’m looking for when I’m in the mood for amateur material.I don’t see a single recognizable face on the front page of MyXClip. While that might be a complaint on your typical free tube, it’s exactly what I’m looking for today. They’ve got a beautiful mix of amateur babes, too. The site takes user uploads, and it’s clear they have a big Asian demographic, uploading Pinay scandals and Thai girlfriend surprises. I see white girls and ebony chicks, a couple of Latinas and some mixed exotic broads. There are teens, MILFs, BBWs, and one random gaylord playing with his asshole on webcam.I guess the gay dude might have gotten a little bit lost. By default, the site shows you the Straight material, but there’s a dropdown menu in the corner that’ll direct you to the gay stuff or those totally straight chicks with dicks. They don’t seem to have gained much steam with either their gay or tranny-loving audience, because both of those sections are one page each.Like most porn sites, MyXClip.com is aimed mainly at a straight audience. To that end, they’ve got over 7,000 homebrew porn movies of pretty girls stripping, diddling themselves, and getting all full up on cock. Strangely, the upload dates on all those movies only stretch back a few days, so I wonder if I showed up at a weird moment after the collection has been reset. I know from the traffic stats they didn’t spring up last week, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.A Thousand Flicks a Day? WTF?The math whiz geniuses in the audience today are probably counting their fingers, trying to figure out how fast these guys must be updating the collection. Well, if they’ve got 7,000 movies that were all added within the week, it goes without saying that they’re adding material at a fucking insane pace. The footer text calls My X Clip a “semi-automatic website.” Like most free tubes, the content is user-driven but shuffled and maintained largely by machines.I’m reviewing the site on a Tuesday morning, a few hours before lunch and just a short while after snorting my morning rail of Viagra. It may be early in the day, but the users and computers updating this joint don’t seem to take breaks. Just going off the upload dates, there are around 900 new movies added this morning. Holy fucking shit!I’m very curious about what happened to the material added last week and in the prior months. It’s possible their machines are just shuffling the collection around to make it seem newer than it is, but however you slice it up, it’s definitely a respectable volume of homemade blowjobs, catfight wrestling, and quick doggystyle sessions before work.MyXClips.com doesn’t seem to have a theme besides “amateur porn,” which means you’ll have your pick from a catalog spanning tons of porno niches and subgenres. The newest movie, added literally seconds ago, features a pretty girl licking an asshole. In the last half-hour or so, they’ve added camwhore masturbation, interracial butt-fucking, an Asian blowjob with braces, a MILF jerking on a ding-dong, and a wild fetish clip titled Pump It Till It Swells, starring a chick with clamps on her nipples using an air pump on her hoo-ha. (And if that ain’t kinky enough, the links below the Pump It video include a babe with a pussy pump and a terrifying prolapsed butthole.)There’s a growing amateur nude photo section on MyXClip.com, but it’s definitely overshadowed by the video library. It supposedly runs 22 pages deep full of galleries, but I ran into a glitch and couldn’t get past page one. What I was able to see was a mix of hairy beavers, MILFs in hijabs, big titties, and so many fucking dicks! It’s almost comical how many homemade wiener galleries there, but I’m afraid I just can’t whack off to those.Real Girls Next Door Having Real SexI may not enjoy cranking it to penis photos, but there’s a hell of a lot on the MyXClip.com menu that I definitely can get off to. Since I typed the last few paragraphs, dozens of new amateur porn movies have been added to the pile, giving me an entirely fresh first page of content. I’m not sure how they’re making it happen, but I sure ain’t complaining.I decided to start my official fap test of My X Clip with the latest scene, a little something called Skinny Wife Nicole Fucked in Both Holes. Clocking in at just over ten minutes, it’s also one of the longer scenes I see out front. (Most of the clips on the site are shorter than you’d find on your typical free tube, because amateur pornographers tend not to plan these things out the same way the pros do.)It’s a relatively low-res clip, which is another drawback to the DIY format. Based on the décor, I think this one actually might be a VHS era scene that somebody digitized at some point. A skinny chick with her ass in the air diddles herself before a dude with a boner appears, stretching her out and sticking fingers inside before he gives her the meat shaft.Next, I watched a prerecorded cam show starring a Latina with a big, beautiful, oiled-up ass riding on a dildo. The quality on this one is much better, though somebody clearly recorded their whole browser window while watching, because I can see the URL bar, refresh button and bookmark icon. I’ll tell you this much, though; the slight clutter at the top of the screen didn’t stop me from stroking my dick until I sprayed cum all over my keyboard. Again. Goddammit.The video player baked into My X Clip has a nice featureset, including resolution options and a playback speed control. It also has a download button, which I was initially happy to see, but I couldn’t get it to work on any of the videos, even after turning off my spam blocker.Speaking of spam, I didn’t really see any ads, even after turning off my adblocker. Usually, I’m satisfied with a spam-lite situation, because these free tubes have got to make their money somehow. My X Clip exceeded my expectation in this respect, which is certainly one of the reasons for their growing popularity.MyXClip.com may have a simple setup, but that’s really all it needs. This is real amateur porn in a giant, constantly updated library with minimal spam. What else could you possibly ask for in a DIY video site? If you like seeing real girls having real sex, this site is going to totally fuck up your day’s productivity. Just tell your boss you had an emergent medical issue to deal with, but don’t tell him that issue was blue balls.