CF Wives! I just spent an hour or so poking around CFWives.com, just trying to figure out what that CF stands for. I’m a little embarrassed to admit I’m still not sure, but I am raging hard and dripping in my pants. One thing there’s no confusion about is the thousands of hot amateur wives and girlfriends they’re exposing in their sprawling library. Is it a Cluster Fuck, a Cuckold Family or just a lot of Community Fun? I’m lubed up and determined to unravel the mystery.CFWives has been hosting amateur nudes since 2013, and they’ve built up quite a community of home-smut enthusiasts sharing their pics and videos. A thriving, active community is one of the things to look for on any DIY sex site, and these fuckers have an ample gaggle of enthusiastic freaks posting X-rated content. They currently get thousands of visits a month, which should translate to a fucking ton of original content. It’s free to browse, use and fap to, so here I cum!Amateur Wives and Girlfriends at Their SluttiestA lot of amateur sites look the part, with cheap layouts that were already tired when they started a decade ago. Hey, I get it. The big guys like Reality Kings have deep pockets to keep the operation sparkly clean and up-to-date. Most amateur sites just have to scrape by on member contributions.I’m not sure if CFWives has better funding or just a few hardworking web dudes behind the curtain, but the layout is fucking nice. It’s modern as hell. If I hadn’t checked the copyright date, I would have assumed the site just popped up in the last year or so. A couple of sidebar ads are stripped out as soon as I turn on my spam-blocker, and I’m left with a clean layout and a lot of naked women. Were it not for all the exposed boobies and spread vaginas, this could be a current-generation social media site blowing up the tubes. Fuck TikTok—this is where I’m going to be killing my productivity!Of course, it is technically a social media site. You’re just a little less likely to share the links with your grandma, unless you’re from a family like mine. These housewives, hotwives, and horny girlfriends have mostly been shot and uploaded by their exhibitionist boyfriends and cuckolded husbands.Real amateur and cuckold sites tend to skew older in the babe department than your typical teen lesbian tube. That’s the case here at CFWives.com, where they’ve got plenty of hot MILFs, soccer moms, cougars, and a handful of GILFs who you really would like to fuck. They’ve got hot, naked women of all ages, though. I saw a couple on the landing page who could pass for teens.Age ain’t the only category you’ll find variety. CFWives come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They’ve got skinny babes, athletic girls, chubbies and BBWs. Some have huge jugs and others have smaller racks. There are blondes, brunettes and redheads; Asians, Latinas, Ebonies and white girls. I see goth girls ripping their nylons, housewives dressed like schoolgirls, and a fat black chick showing off a shaved twat and enormous natural melons.Tons of Fresh DIY Nudes Every DayThe front page at CFWives.com shows off some of their newest, hottest content. They get a constant stream of fresh amateur porn contributed by users, so there’s a lot of good stuff to see. There are a ton of MILFs in lingerie, bikinis, and nothing at all sliding across the top of the screen. A few of the featured amateurs have fingers in their pussies or mouths full of cock.There’s a Best of the Day column along the side, and it’s got more of that quality DIY shit. I’ve got a boner for Elena, “my super slut wife from Italy.” Some of the amateurs, like Elena, have their faces in the shots, but I’m not complaining about the nylons and lingerie she has on under her open jacket as she strolls the town. Likewise, I have no objection to the MILF below facing away from the camera as she, too, exposes herself in public. This broad’s fully naked on a beach, showing off a killer ass.A section called Hot Post is currently showing off a gallery called Training Maria Pardo’s Fuckholes. The image out front shows a cucumber being stuffed in her primary fuckhole, so I clicked through for a look at the full set. It’s only 7 images, but they’re closeups of Maria’s shaved cunt and clean butthole getting light pokes and then deeper pushes from that long, seeded fruit. The CFWives image set ends with hubby sticking his finger up her pooper.Most nude photo galleries on the web have followed the same basic format for decades, with a thumbnail view pointing to the full-size images. CFWives is modern as fuck, and their setup is more like one of the social media sharing apps. You get one picture at a time, with a row of dots on the righthand side leading you to the next images in the series. It helps keep that layout clean as fuck.Amateur Porn Videos? You’ve Got ‘Em!Most of the incoming content on the site is new photos and galleries, but they also have an influx of fresh DIY porn movies every day. The thumbnails out front are marked with colored dots to let you know what kind of content you’ll be shaking your dick at, or you can click the Video button in the header to skip right to the moving dirty pictures. A third category, Cuckold Stories, has its own colored dot, but the new content is sparse.I clicked on a movie added just yesterday called Fucked In Panties. I was expecting some spam or a sign-in demand when I hit the Play button, but with my spam-blocker running, nothing bad happened. I was instantly treated to a vid of a cute young brunette laying back in bed with her skirt pulled up. She flips over onto her knees, showing off a juicy ass, white panties covering just her crack. She masturbates with a magic wand while the cameraman helps her out.It’s a fantastic piece of amateur smut, though it suffers from the typical issues you get with the homemade stuff. The girl is beautiful and giving in her exhibitionism, but the clip is a little grainy and only runs a minute long. You’ll find a lot of videos like this at CFWives, though the shortcomings are a pitfall of the genre and not a reflection on the site.A Thriving Community of Amateur PervertsCFWives.com has a thriving community of amateurs and enthusiasts contributing to the stash. These online gatherings of perverts are vital to the health of any amateur smut site. Traditionally, most of the bigger amateur sites have relied on an old-school message board system to chat and share their material. These guys are modern as fuck all the time, though, so they don’t even have a forum.The major community interaction at CFWives comes from their Cukcold Chat. In fact, one of the first things I noticed when I hit the site was that a lot of their featured content originated in the Cuckold Chat. You could browse the front page to see the best of those cheating housewives, Asian cosplay sluts and chubby cuckold queens, but the chat gives you more immediate access to anything and everything they’re sharing. Plus, you can talk up your own sexual exploits and share your homemade porn, you stud.The site also compiles some of their best material into a cuckold magazine called Exposed. It’s available as a PDF download, so you can finally use that Kindle your wife bought you. Hey, maybe if you play your cards right, she can be featured in the next issue.I’m impressed with CFWives.com, and I say that as someone who frequents a fucking ton of amateur sites. It’s got one of the most modern designs of any of them, and I love how the whole thing is set up to drive you directly to their best DIY porn videos and amateur nudes. No wonder they’re getting so much traffic. If you’ve got something to share with the rest of the class, come out with it. The rest of you can keep fapping silently in the back, because entry to this library of homebrew pornography is free.