Submit Your Flicks! Got it? The world of professional porn is always perfect and all that crap, which can get boring after a while… believe me. This is why, from time to time I prefer to browse the homemade section instead since we all know that the amateur community tends to post some of the weirdest yet most satisfying porn shit out there. If you share my opinion, and I am fucking sure you do, then you will enjoy what has to offer.There is no need for me to discuss the actual content you are offered since it is amateur porn, not rocket science. You have loads of ordinary people making homemade pornos and sharing them online. The only thing worth the mention is the shit that the site itself has to offer, so sit back, and read the fucking review before browsing.The homepage of Submit Your Flicks is quite basic, and honestly, they could have done a better fucking job with the overall design. Sure, I know where all their crap is, but I still prefer to browse the websites that are aesthetically pleasing instead of shit like this. This especially applies to the fact that they have a white layout which makes the nightly browsing routine I have quite fucking difficult to enjoy.When you hover over the clips you will see the bits and pieces of the video, and that is something every site should offer. I mean, I like to fucking know what the hell I am about to watch before I actually watch it, since we all know that there are some fucked up pornographic videos out there…Some of the videos will have the ‘HD’ sign on them, but they do not really fall into that category, in my book. If I am able to see the pixels when I full screen the actual video, then that clip is not fucking HD… Overall, the quality of the clips is solid, so I have no complaints there especially since these are all free videos, so why would anyone even complain?The details of the clips are the same as on most amateur websites; there is usually 1 sentence description, a list of related clips, comments, and all of that crap. You can also download the video, if you are a weirdo who prefers to save this shit to their PC. In that case, you should also know that you can only download as a member and the membership is free.Keep in mind that if you become a part of their community you will get some other privileges, including the ability to upload your own shit. So, if you and your hand, or girlfriend, love to have fun alone, you might want to film yourself and share it with everyone online. If not, it does not matter, you can always just be the one who watches the clips instead.Now, one thing that always fucking pisses me off is when the site does not offer the categories or the advanced search options, and guess what? This site definitely does not fucking offer that. I mean, how do you expect us to find the kinky shit we love if there are no filter options or at least the fucking categories?I mean, sure, you can list all this crap by newest, most popular, top rated and some other shitty ways, but who the hell cares about that? I want to see some categories instead, because only that way am I actually able to find the crap that I came here to watch. However, I am sure that you fuckers do not mind that much about this, so have fun browsing.When talking about the shit this site has to offer, that is as much as I have to say. It is a basic amateur porn website, where you have a lot of exclusive and not exclusive clips, depending if people posted their shit here or reposted someone else’s work. Browse all you want, since there are no fucking categories and find the shit that satisfies your boner.The clips cover a lot of categories, from the amateurs having kinky fun in a threesome, to live cam sessions that were pre-recorded. Most of the amateur sluts just love to spread their legs, show their bits and get hardcore banged, which is what we all really want to see, right?I know I said that there is no point to describe the content you can enjoy, but seeing as they do not offer categories, I thought it would be a good fucking idea to give you an idea of the shit you can see here. Of course, just like most sites today, this place has a special section for the live cams, which is so fucking unnecessary.If you click there, you will be sent to a page called, and there you will have a bunch of live cam girls presented. Now I did not really browse this place because who the fuck cares? You have a shit ton of actual good legit cam websites, where you can find girls of all ethnicities shapes and sizes, so there is really no point browsing the cams here.Basically, if you love watching amateur pornography and you’d want to upload your own shit, I suggest you browse the crap on this site and create your own account. However, be ready to browse a lot, since submityourflicks does not really offer any categories; excluding that, it is a very solid amateur porn website I suggest you visit.