The Candid Bay sounds so much like a torrent site that I went out and bought a big-ass new hard drive. As a connoisseur of a wide variety of smut, I find that candids are one of the most exciting forms of fap fodder. Even if you don’t have a voyeur fetish, it’s hard not to appreciate genuinely beautiful girls in their native environments. I’m the kind of guy who can beat off to girls at the mall all day, and a site like this helps me do that without getting arrested again.TheCandidBay.com isn’t a torrent site; it’s a free tube of candid chicks. I’m relieved, honestly, because as much as I appreciate that peer-to-peer shit, sometimes I’d just like the instant gratification of seeing some girls in leggings walking around in public. The tube format lets me do that right now or whenever the fuck I want without using special software or waiting for a download like it’s 1994. Now that I think of it, right now does seem like a good time for fapping to random hot chicks, so without further ado…Let’s Gawk at Candid BabesThe Candid Bay doesn’t look unlike any other tube as far as the layout is concerned. It’s a clean setup with a white background and a nice pink logo. A simple header and sidebar give quick access to their Newest, Best, Longest, and categories like MILF, Braless, Spandex and Upskirt. The rest of the page is that wall of thumbnails you see on any porn tube.It isn’t your typical selection of hardcore titty-banging and anal double-penetration you see on most tubes, though, no splattering fluids nor cum-drenched twats in every shot. The thumbs look downright clean compared to most tubes, with nary an exposed nipple in sight. There’s cleavage and boob and some beautiful ass, but the goods are often covered by tight shirts, booty shorts or dresses that hug every gorgeous curve.Instead of pornstars posing as the girls next door, TheCandidBay.com is stocked full of the actual girls next door. These aren’t models, professionals or pornstars, but random chicks in public places. You’re not going to see a girl get drilled up the ass on this site, but if you’re lucky, you’ll get a flash of ass in an upskirt shot.Despite being a hell of a lot softer than your typical airtight gangbang, the candid vids at TheCandidBay are sexy as fuck. Part of it is the voyeuristic thrill of cranking it to creepshots of chicks who don’t know you’re watching, but it’s hard not to appreciate the natural beauty of a hot chick in her natural environment. I spent 5 minutes watching a blonde in leggings walk around some packed event full of drunk people. The babe was clearly enjoying herself, as will every pervert whoever watches the clip.Beautiful Babes in Public PlacesOn tubes that host any and every kind of masturbatory enhancement video, it’s relatively easy to build up a big-ass collection. With more strictly defined niches, some tubes struggle to keep enough content on the shelves. I guess TheCandidBay.com benefits from their subject matter being so widely available just by leaving the house, because they don’t seem like they’re hurting for content.As of this writing, The Candid Bay has nearly a thousand candid videos of sexy babes in public. That’s a collection so big it makes your creepy uncle look like a fucking amateur, and these girls are way hotter than any he’s ever followed around the grocery store. I couldn’t find any upload dates, so I’m not sure exactly how often and when they update, but it must be often enough.The newest movie on the site is the simply titled Yellow Dress Candid Upskirt. The thumbnail is exactly what you expect: a couple nice, round cheeks and a flash of thigh with some yellow fabric dancing around the edges of the frame. TheCandidBay has moving previews, giving further peeks of her ass and legs that would have had me clicking my way through to the full version even if the clip didn’t have a 90% user rating.Fap to Candid Girls at The Candid BayThe movie buffered for a couple of seconds before it began, the yellow dress strolling into the frame a moment later. The resolution is alright, but it’s an upright phone video, so it ain’t 4k or anything. She gets onto an elevator in the opening seconds, and our intrepid cameraman follows along, camera all up in her business.This guy gets so close you’ll wonder if she knew all along. I swear, he seems to touch the camera right up against her leg a few times. There’s only about 45 seconds of upskirt footage, but it’s repeated a few times, zooming in and slowing down in case you didn’t get a close enough look the first time around.I was expecting some spam with my serving of glorious creepshots, but with my adblocker running, I didn’t get any pop-ups, pop-unders or video spam when I clicked Play or jumped around between different points of the video. Free tubes tend you hit you harder with spam the further into any niche you get into, so I appreciate how TheCandidBay.com didn’t try to rape my browser with dick-pill ads and webcam sluts.Do you know what else I appreciate? The Candid Bay has a Download button beneath each video. Most of the paysites I review these days don’t even let you save the videos, and here’s a free site just straight-up giving the fuckers away. The one downside is that it isn’t a direct download link. You’ll have to get the file from a file locker, with whatever waiting and spam that entails. Still, it’s free, so maybe don’t look a gift horse in the cooter, huh?Upskirts, Creepshots and MoreUpskirt videos are obviously going to be a huge genre on a site like TheCandidBay, but I wanted to see what else they had to offer. While the Categories and Tags page don’t run nearly as long and wide-ranging as they do on some of those all-kinds-of-sex tubes, they’ve got a more diverse mix than I expected.I checked out their stash of movies with the Candid Topless tag first. As mentioned earlier, there ain’t a ton of all-out nudity on the site, and even the Candid Topless area is pretty goddamn slim. There are only 7 videos of chicks with their titties out at the beach or the park, but goddamn, they’re sexy as hell! The girls are gorgeous, and the public environments enhance the appeal.Their collection of Ass movies runs deep, with hundreds of vids showcasing round-bottomed girls in leggings, shorts and thongs. You can also skip right to the Leggings area if that’s your thing, or Spandex, Tight Dress or Jeans if you’ve got something different in mind. The See-Through section might be the right choice if you’re craving just a hint of skin. Beautiful young women fill the Teens aisle, while the MILFs area has some of the hottest soccer moms and bikinied mamas you’ll beat off to today.Since these are candid movies, some of them run really fucking short. That one I watched first was just a 45-second clip repeated a few times, and most of them ain’t much longer. I found it really helpful to sort by Longest once you’ve dialed in your favorite candid category. Under MILFs, I found an 18-minute video of a stunning babe in a red thong at the beach, and eleven minutes of a Spanish PAWG in tight leggings.The longest movies on the site are compilations, including a 44-minute montage of sexy candid teens, mostly shot from the waist down. The club girls compilation and sexy Halloween sluts collections are some of my favorites, because I love seeing regular chicks dress like pornstars. There’s a half-hour teen upskirt compilation with mixed reviews and just a 50% user rating, so I guess you’ll have to watch and find out for yourself if it’s even worth soiling an old gym sock with your sperm.What TheCandidBay.com lacks in actual nudity and sex, they more than make up for in raw, real sexiness. The site is a fucking goldmine if you’re into seeing beautiful everyday women doing everyday things while looking fucking incredible. There are creepshots and upskirts galore, along with more innocent candid video of sexy teens and stunning MILFs. These babes aren’t pornstars, and that’s exactly what makes them so goddamn hot.