Lovely homemade smut at My Lust! When I watch porn, I prefer it to be filmed in HD and created perfectly, which is why I mostly visit premium websites. However, perfection can get boring from time to time, in which case I will obviously visit an amateur fucking site, right? Well, I am here to suggest one great place filled with amateur porn videos for you, called mylust.com.From the very beginning, you will know that this is an amateur site because for some reason they really love to emphasize this shit. At the very top, you have a small introduction where they say that homemade shit is the best, then if you scroll down, you will get another description for amateur pornography in the middle of scrolling. When you keep scrolling, there will be two more descriptions basically explaining why amateur shit is better than regular pornography... Isn't that a bit too fucking much lads?I understand that this is an amateur site, and I am sure everyone who visits it will come here because you only have homemade clips, so there is really no need to talk up the shit so much. This site's admin is basically like a bad car salesman who oversells the shit you already came there to purchase...I had to say that, since for most of my time browsing here, I spent reading the shit on the side, just to see if they say anything important so I can tell you lads, but all they do is talk about amateur porn. So, take my advice and just ignore anything they have written on the homepage since all of that shit can be shortened into one sentence; "We offer amateur porn, amateur porn is the best."Of course, since My Lust is an amateur website, all of the videos here will be free, and most of them are self-uploaded, or so I think since they have plenty of members listed as well. The longitude of the clips will vary depending on the clip and the uploader. The quality will also vary since these are all amateur clips and we all know that the amateur community tends to film their clips with different types of cams.Below every clip, you will have a one-sentence explanation of what the fuck happens in the clip, and while I dislike descriptions for the videos, if it is just one sentence, then I do not mind it. It actually helps me see if this is the shit I want to watch, but then again you can see it before you open the clip, as you can hover over the video and see the snippets of what the fuck happened in the clip.Now, for the content that you can enjoy, I've explored this site quite a bit, and seen a lot of shit. There are plenty of gorgeous amateurs who love to fuck, from couples who are just plain horny in the morning, to lesbian orgies, or fisting. You can find a lot of random crap here, but that is another shit to be expected from an amateur website.On top, you have different ways to list the clips if you hover over the 'Videos' tab, but you also have the categories section, which is honestly way more useful. If you plan to often visit this place and watch the shit here, I suggest you create an account, since it is free and you get all the usual user privileges if you do so; comment, upload your own crap, get exclusive videos, favorite and so on.The categories cover all the basic shit, with something extra. You have the usual tags such as bisexual, hardcore, masturbation, or different ethnicities, but you also have the weirder section such as nun, brutal, bride, monster, nudists, and a couple of other tags that are not often seen, definitely not on amateur sites.If there is something extra special you are looking for, like a certain fetish or some shit, unless they have it suggested in the categories, I am afraid that these idiots do not really have an advanced search option. I mean, you will either have to manually search for it, or you can use the search box on the top of the page.There is a special tab dedicated to galleries as well, and I am not a big fan of this shit. I could never really masturbate to just images, I need to see some action instead, but I am sure that there are plenty of you who will surely love to masturbate to such shit. Keep in mind that you have both chicks and lads in the galleries, so have fun exploring.The last tab is called 'Channels' and this is something most websites have, so I am not sure if I should even talk too much about it. Basically here, they offer suggestions of other amateur/professional sites that you should visit, and some of them will also have a discount and similar crap.Now, one thing that really made me annoyed while browsing this shit is that mylust.com is just filled with so many annoying fucking ads and pop-ups. The browsing was hella annoying, so I highly suggest that you turn on your ad-block while you are here, since there have too many shitty ads.Other than that, I'd say that this site is great for the lovers of amateur pornography. MyLust.com is a free website where you can create an account and post your own shit if you want, or just be a voyeur and watch all of their free crap from the side. It is up to you, so have fun exploring.