Ah, Watchers Web aka Watchers Web Blue! An old-school amateur porn site that belongs to the VoyeurWeb network! I've been documenting, reviewing, and recommend erotic entertainment for a helluva long time and so have seen all sorts of smut, dating sites, and the such like. I've seen my share of extreme, romantic, gross-out, unique, and fascinating fap content.After doing probably thousands of reviews, I have to say that to this day, it never ceases to surprise me the kind of stuff that I can still dig up from the bowels of the internet. One example of a popular smut site which still seems to be a bit of a secret to most other denizens of the net is Watcher’s Web.While it is on the older side, both by internet terms and even by people's standards, this platform has been trucking hard to keep people pumping away at their computers.There Are Homemade Photos For Days…… And weeks and months and years. In fact, quite literally decades. After all, this site has been around since the now far off year of 1998.And since even back then everyone had a camera of some kind and either a scanner or cable to upload them and the nineties were the time where people stopped being so damn prudish, there's been an impressive number of uploads made. This site was clearly published at exactly the right time.When you check out the main picture section, you'll see page of nudie pics, set to infinite scroll, and, if you aren't careful, may end up spending all day looking through since your spoiled for choice. With each picture of the lovely ladies on this site, you'll see a pretty apt description of the photo(s) name, where in the world the person is from, and how many votes it has.In this section, you can click on many of the pics and view them free of charge and without an account and can get more detailed information, not too mention a large version of the photo. Since these kinksters tend to be sexually liberated, they have no problem showing off their whole bodies and faces. They also add some neat personal information like their age range and a short story, which gives each photo exposition and has the effect of completing the erotic experience.Furthermore, each pic is properly tagged for searching, and if you have an account, you can add any picture to your favorites, post a message, and sort through the next submission with a single click of a link.Since they are amateur uploaders, the models here not all of them are going to have the perfect complexions and rounded figures that you might be used to seeing in studio porn. That said, there still are some women who actually do have those figures, and it's a wonder they haven't starred in any professional smut.On the plus side, this means that you get to see a wide variety of women from barely legal to GILFs, women who weigh as much as a fourteen-year-old boy, and those who are more toward the hefty tanker size and everything in between. And since they are amateurs who volunteered to post pics of themselves up on the web, they have a unique level of authenticity, which you just don't see in "regular" porn. In fact, these amateurs seem to be even more intense than what I've seen on other amateur sites for some reason.And good news: there’s no need for a sausage warning since damn near every photoshoot is exclusively of women.Holy Mother Of Fuck Check Out The MoviesJust like the photo section, all of the same features are there so you can scroll, select, favorite, and keep searching for more vids. However, there are a few significant differences. For one, while there are several to a few dozen pics uploaded every day, fresh footage is uploaded anywhere from one every other day to half a dozen in a 24-hour period. Also, there are a lot more videos which are only privately available.I’m not sure why this is, but you will have to do a bit more searching to find publically available videos. But if you get an account, you’ll be able to get access to most of those videos.Another big difference from the Homemade Pictures section is the type of content that you are going to see. The picture section tends to be almost exclusively of solo women posting. There aren't that many breasts, and vag close-ups, and a lot of them aren't diddling or anything. Not that they aren't worth looking at, but, in my opinion, the more explicit and sexual the better.The Homemade Movies section, though, is definitely far more fuck friendly, in addition to vids of women soaping up in the shower, playing their pussies, riding dildos, and getting fucked hard.The Sex Stories Are Pretty SteamyUnfortunately, only a small number of smut sites also have a section for fan-made sexy stories. Fortunately, Watcher's Web has not only a complete sex story section but also some unique features some other sites don't. Of course, you can favorite and do all of the rest of the stuff you can do with videos and pictures, but you can also increase or decrease font depending on what is comfortable for you. Further, with a click of a button, you can view the favorited submissions by the story poster.Moving on, one thing that I was surprised by was the variety of authors who are pumping out pud pounding publications. Just like the other types of submissions, the authors come from a range of ages, backgrounds, and kinks. The types of stories that you are going to find are personal anecdotes and scenarios dreamt up by particularly creative kinksters.The Archive Is Pretty ImpressiveHaving been around since 1998, it’s obvious that there is going to be a ton of smut to look at. To make things easier to sort through, the site designers were smart enough to add a dedicated archive section that makes going through older content easier.After all, there are 8 million movies and pictures on this platform and growing.So, on the archive section, you can sort between pictures and movies, and between either format, you can further filter them by category. The top categories are the Latest, Trending, and Sex Stories for some reason.But beyond that, all of the classics are there like BBW, Facial, Hand Jobs. In addition to that, there are a series of niche categories that are hard to find both on professional and amateur sites like Squirting Tiny, Femdom, Cuckold, and one of the more unique sections Fucked Up Families.On top of that, there is so much content in one general category that the webmasters have split into separate, related sections. For instance, in addition to Lesbian, there is a Girl/Girl category as well. Besides Big Boobs, there is a Flashing and Tits niche, too.Furthermore, you can browse by a particular year or month, trending pics and vids at a past time, as well as pictures and vids posted before ‘05. For context, the whole site was redesigned during that year, and clicking on either of those links will take you to the still live old version of Watcher’s Web.Join The Club And Become A Forum MemberWith such a massive community, it only makes sense that there would be a forum to talk about your favorite kinds of kink and give other posters feedback…or revel in the praise that you get from others. To see what’s in store for you, all you need to do is sign up.A basic account is free and gives you partial access to content, favorite submissions, send messages, and hang out on the forum. If you want to take your experience even further, you can get an upgraded premium membership for only $39.95 total and receive full access to all of the content in addition to everything else mentioned. Or, if you want to save money, you can get a full access account for life by paying only $149.00!To get started, all you need to put in is your full legal name, email address, password, country of residence, and a username. It's that easy!However, with so many members, you might have to dig deep and get creative when coming up with a handle.You’ll See Great Cans On The Live CamsYep, this site not only links you to a cam site but one which is unique to the Watcher's Web brand. Public viewing is completely free, and if you want to kink, you don't even need to enter your credit card information. No matter where you live, there are going to be gorgeous girls – along with guys and gender switchers if you're into that – online at any time and quite a selection of them at that.Of the hundreds online, you can filter them by age group, ethnicity, hair color, body type, and specialty – be that preferred kink or number of girls performing on the same stream. On top of all of that, there’s even a search tool (which appears to be the most popular) in which you can pick between show types.If you’re not familiar with that, it means that you can select girls who are communicating through texting, in free private shows, free public shows but will respond to watcher’s wants if tipped, those who start out completely nude, and those who are in “buzz mode.” For an explanation of that, I’d recommend googling Lovense. ;)They’ve Got A Complete E-storeClearly out of a desire to make the site completely unique and complete, Watcher’s Web also has an e-store. There’s everything from sex toys for women, sex toys for men, and even stuff for couples’ pay. And I’ not just talking about your standard cock rings, dildos, and pocket pussies.There are specialty anal toys for both men and women, pegging equipment, penis extensions, themed lingerie, and sex machines. There is even stuff I’ve never heard of like CBD supplements and edibles as well as suction and vibrating toys which are guaranteed to make you orgasm in a minute.In addition to the clearance section which has items which are up to 70% off, by signing up you can get weekly emails as well as 10% off any standard purchase.Lastly, they've got a unique program called the Surprise! Mystery Box. One is for women and couples, and the other is intended to be for men. I haven't ordered one (yet), but at a little under $30, I might give it a go. So, if any of you guys do let me know.There Are Contests With Prizes, TooI don't know about you, but I can't remember the last time I saw a smut site which gives out prizes for people who post. Well, Watcher's Web does, and the rules are fair, and the incentives are great. So long as you follow the contest rules your submission will up for a vote by other community members, and once the votes are tallied, you might just earn a sweet cash prize wired via bank transfer or PayPal.The current leader boards are divided by age – those being 18 to 21, 22 to 30, 31 to 40, 41 to 50, and 50 plus – and contests are held monthly. So, no matter how young or old you are, whether you have limited experience or are just a massive slut, you've got a great chance to get some coin while being kinky.Ever Wanted To Join Fuckbook?I'm sure you've seen those shady ads advertising the adult version of Facebook, where you can upload all sorts of pictures, comments, rants, etc. on a platform similar to popular social media and hook up with other people. Well, Watcher's Web has the real version of that, and it's completely free to join. In addition to swapping pics and vids, you can chat on public pages and flirt in chatrooms.Have A Laugh Scrolling Through The Trending SectionEverybody likes to fap, just like everybody likes to laugh. To satisfy both needs, in addition to its massive smut sections, the Trending link is a bunch of memes, viral videos, comical observations, and original humorous posts, dozens of which are added daily, which add to the user experience. Minor part overall and most stuff isn't sexual, but still worth checking out.There Aren’t Too Many AdsA lot of free smut sites like to make their money through simple, honest advertising, which is totally understandable. After all, I can completely relate to the expenses of maintaining a website. But some of them, especially the tubes, go so overboard when trying to get that ad revenue money.I'm sure some of you know what I'm talking about – scrolling through a list of vids and seeing flashy banners to the left, right, and center of the screen. Then you click on a video only to have two (or more) tabs open up one of which plays the video you wanted to see and the other(s) which are a bunch of bullshit spammy redirects. Then you might have to deal with an embedded ad in the video.Watcher’s Web (often misspelled as "warchersweb"), however, has only a moderate amount of ads which are oddly well targeted. By that, I mean that the ads you see on any page are applicable to the people who will genuinely be interested in. For example, on a lot of pages, they appeal to men by posting links to cam sites and to women by showing off some super realistic sex toys.Furthermore, there aren't any ads embedded in movies or plastered all over the picture pages.Is Watcher’s Web Really Worth Watching?In a word: yes!This site and Watchers Web Club House has got to be one of the most surprising smut sites that I've ever been on considering the sheer number of free pictures and videos you get access to in addition to bonus features like a forum, a funnies section, live webcams, and more. Plus, you can get most of this for free and all of it for the equivalent of just $0.12 a day!There aren’t too many ads to deal with and, other than the ugly light brown colored background and a few needed tweaks to the site design, there really isn’t much else to complain about. If this site still ain't your thing, you could give HomeMoviesTube a try!