Want to spy on some chicks at Voyeur Web? If you ever wanted to get a peak of lots and lots of saggy amateur tits, unshaven pussies, still looking like God meant it to look, well, I have a site called VoyeurWeb.com that you need to check out. It is all about free amateur girls, modeling and posing for the camera, exhibiting their private parts in a very explicit way. What do I mean by this? Well, most of the girls are pure sex addicts, looking to express their eccentric sexual tendencies somehow.Doing it on the streets alone would probably get them arrested, so the smart thing to do is find a site like Voyeur Web and put their pics or videos there. It's better to be naked and free than naked and in prison. That's what my uncle used to say. TPD is dropping some knowledge on your ass like Plato. Onwards.You don't get a second chance to make a great first impressionLike I said, saggy tits and unshaven pussies. But that's not the gist of VoyeurWeb.com, not by far. I said this because the girls are 100% amateur, and most of them are just looking for attention. They call them freaks in the real world. Now, moving away from the girls and their tits for a second, the first impression that you will get from VoyeurWeb.com is a good one. I'm not saying this much lately, but yes, VoyeurWeb did a great job making the landing page look impressive enough to draw you in on the first look.What happens most of the time with "voyeur" sites is that the raw feeling that this kind of "art" has, tends to push people away, on that initial glance. Since VoyeurWeb.com has a beautiful italic, elegant logo, one that suggests finesse and poise mixed with the banner that displays raw naked pictures of random amateurs, you will have no choice but to check out the contents. At least to make sure that you are right or wrong about the initial decision you made about the site. Clever bastards these people at VoyeurWeb.com are, clever indeed.Want to see some naughty hanky-panky?If you came to VoyeurWeb.com to watch some raw hardcore explicit material, then guess what? C'mon, guess? You won't get any! Yup, just like that girl you wanted to bang told you, I'm telling you right now; you aren't getting any! The thing is there is a header tab that says Quick Access, and it has a section that says Instant Fuck Flash, but it will not let you see the videos that have more explicit content. VoyeurWeb is, after all, a "voyeuristic" site.It means that you will get some softcore stuff; at times, you might get something that's raw and hardcore like a dude in the park rubbing his girl's pussy underneath her panties, but that's pretty much it. VoyeurWeb.com is not about that hardcore stuff, it's about amateur girls, flashing their boobs, showing off their asses, and just being wild and free. Sex is a "level-up" kind of a thing for VoyeurWeb.com uploaders.What's frustrating about VoyeurWeb.com is that whatever video of a pictorial I wanted to see, I was constantly getting redirected to HomeClips.com, WatchersWeb, or RedClouds.com, their sister sites where all the more "raw" videos are placed. Sure, you have to pay to play, but since we are living in a capitalistic system where click-baiting is the only way you are going to get any hits, why not pretend that you are the host, giving away shit for free. Still, then once you grab the cake, you get redirected to another place, that's going to charge you. Yup, as I said before, clever bastards these people at VoyeurWeb.com are, bastards indeed!They sure are pretty...or are they?Since VoyeurWeb.com is, after all, a voyeuristic site; this means that voyeuristic pics need to be posted on the site. The submissions are uploaded by the site's users themselves since 1997, when the website started, and even after 21 years of going strong, some people will never learn! Just because you have it, it doesn't mean you have to show it! Goddamnit, I hate the fact that some women think that just because they have pussies, this means that someone will watch them. Sure, it makes sense.In theory, it's a perfect equation, but in real life, it can suck ass! What I mean by this is that some of the uploaded pics that the "ladies" have submitted are just shit ugly, and if I were a woman, I'd be ashamed for having some of these women post the pics as they have. Read on, I'll explain.When you are dealing with amateurs, this means that you will get the real deal. You will get women with saggy tits; you will get women with unshaven armpits and legs; you will get women with some fat on their bones, but god damn! When you have a free for all, you will get bitches with stretch marks on their bellies, untrimmed eyebrows, shit, even bitches with mustaches!Come on, ladies! I understand that you want to show off your pussies to someone since probably no one wants it anyways (for a good reason I'm assuming) but at least put an effort of tucking in that belly or at least pluck those eyebrows, damn it! Seriously, it's not that hard, just use the tweezers, grab some hairs and pluck woman! You don't have to ruin Voyeur Web for the rest of us since some babes are smoking hot and who VoyeurWeb.com is actually designed for, not your ugly hair fat ass!A vast selection of voyeuristic expressionsThe primary representative of VoyeurWeb.com is by far their Photos tab. It's a place that I suggest you head on straight away once you land on this site since this is where all good stuff is located. The tab holds seven sections that are divided into styles. There are pics of milfs, there are pics of random naked babes, babes at the beach, babes at the store, at the sauna, at the carnival, at where ever the camera lends was and where ever a naked chick was.So this is what VoyeurWeb.com is all about, catching naked babes being daring. The pics are made out to be pictorials in some cases, but in others, they are posts. I liked how the quality of the pics is high, and you can grab the pics and place them as your wallpaper on your desktop or something. Sure, you'd be deemed as a nut, but who cares?The videos are fantastic, but that's not why you are hereAs I said before, the video section is a huge bust if you planned on pleasing your meatsicle with VoyeurWeb.com content. Sure, you will find some videos that are cool and just enough to get you hard, but most of the videos are slow, tedious, and not that exciting. Hell, the pics are more exciting than some of these videos. Yes, I am pissed off because the ones that I wanted to click on were redirections, so I got tricked. So will you, let me tell you that upfront. So don't even bother, not unless you are planning on dishing out a few bucks that you don't have on amateur made sex videos, that you can easily find on other free tube sites — keeping it 100, just keeping it 100.When the sun decides to setOnce I went over the whole site, up and down, down and up, left and right, right and left, I decided that it was a cool site because of one sole reason. I'll tell it to you, but first, I wanted to say that Voyeur Web can definitely make themselves better, regardless of them being here for 21 years. That only means that they made a base of fans that are keeping them alive and that they settled in.The reason why VoyeurWeb.com (often misspelled as "voyuerweb", "vouyerweb" and "voyerweb") is a cool site is because the freaks that are posting their pics have an outlet that's making them feel like stars, at least for a minute like on NewbieNudes. Even that bitch with stomach stretch marks gets to be called "hot" in a few comments. She doesn't care that it's a loser virgin that made that comment, who's fucking his fleshlight every day. She cares about the attention. And that's what I like to see, people getting what they want, no matter how sad it looks.