UFlashTV! Love exhibitionist or (penis) flashing porn? There is something incredibly sexy about watching (nude) women flashing in public or seeing a nice piece of ass get naked in a public place, right? Those who share this opinion are surely going to enjoy a nice little place in the online world, called uflash.tv. This is a site filled with people who just love to show off their naughty bits in public, and they are not afraid to film themselves and post the clips online.The overall design of U Flash is not that bad, but they could have made it a bit better; especially since the tags are listed on the bottom of the page, where they have a black background while the tags are written with a gray font… I mean, who the fuck can even read that? For you to read that shit, you will have to hover with the mouse over, and that can get quite frustrating.Now, if you have already visited this place and you do not see half of the shit I am talking about, that is because, for any of the crap on U Flash to work, you have to disable your Ad-block. That is yet another thing that makes me quite fucking annoyed because that means that eventually you will be introduced to plenty of ads or pop-ups…Actually, when I opened a video for the first time I could not play it, I actually did not even get an option to play it until I turned off my Ad-block. After that, I got a couple of ads as well as pop-up windows, which I fucking expected, to be honest. But on the bright side, this is a free site, and they have to earn a living one way or another.From the very beginning, you will have a ton of clips presented on the homepage, and while they all feature a different scenario and all, they are all connected to exhibitionists; I mean the site is called 'U flash' for a reason.I am quite sure that from the very name you will be able to tell if this shit is worth your time or not, since if you do not get turned on by watching a hot sweaty gym beauty get into her car after the workout and masturbate, then you might want to visit another porn website.There are plenty of clips here, which means that you have plenty of gorgeous women as well. From the chubby chicks who love to get naked and masturbate in the middle of the street, to the teens who will flash their small tits in the public park. It all depends on your personal preference if you ask me.I actually prefer to watch professional pornography, because in those clips, everything is perfect and all the videos are filmed in HD. That is a necessity for me, but if you already like the amateur clips then I am pretty fucking sure that you do not care that much for the overall quality of the clips. We cannot expect every amateur out there to have a super good camera, right?Usually, the videos like girls flashing in public on UFlash will be of solid-quality with some of them being of low-quality, and as I said, that is to be expected. Most amateurs will film the naughty crap with their phone camera, so do not expect too much on that part, just know that the overall content was quite hot, especially if you are into this shit.Now, other than the clips, there is not much else you can do on the site. If you are looking for something specific, you might not be able to find this shit that easy, especially since they do not really have categories, only the tags on the bottom of the page and some semi-categories are listed beside the search box.However, the categories they do have offered are only related to the exhibitionist fetish, meaning you have tabs such as airplane, car, intercourse, train and so on… you do not really have the usual categories that one would expect to see on an actual porn website.Keep in mind that you have many hidden camera and voyeur clips, not all of them are related to sluts taking their clothes off in public. For example, I saw one babe who was cheating on her hubby with his best friend, and she got caught on tape. There were plenty of hidden camera videos filmed by roommates and all kinds of similar shit.They do have a button for ‘advanced search’ but that shit does nothing. You can’t even click on it, meaning it might be a work in progress or they just fucking forgot that they even created that shit. If you want to post your own videos, you should become a member of the site, and do not worry because the registration is free.I did find a couple of galleries on this site, but there is really no ‘special tab’ dedicated just for the images. You can find them on the homepage, and that is about it. Overall, there is not much else I want to share about this place… if you like such websites you can check out their suggestions on the bottom of the page, but I am sure that you will find a lot of good crap on uflash.tv, so make sure to browse.