Looking for voyeur tubes or hidden cam sites? Let's spy at Voyeur Hit! We all like to get freaky sometimes, and what could be more out there than checking out people in real life while they’re getting it on. I mean, I usually like to take on the lead role, but if you’re the type of person that just likes to watch, then that’s fine too. For people like you, there are sites like VoyeurHit.com where you can watch tens of thousands of voyeur videos, as much as you want. There’s some really kinky stuff on here so you better come prepared.A niche site under the TXXX network, all about voyeurismThe site Voyeur Hit is part of the TXXX network, and we already know that those guys know what quality is. So, if you were looking for a brand new porn site that has a niche element to it, this might just be the place for you. Voyeurism has become really popular recently and more and more people are noticing that you don’t really have to do anything to have a good time. Instead, just let other people fuck and you can sit back and relax while you jerk off. Hey wait, isn’t that what porn is all about?So in reality, we’re all voyeurs kinda. The thing that sets these videos apart from regular porn is that they’re of genuine people just living their lives and then getting caught doing it. Or sometimes they’re just caught naked. And there are plenty of places where that could happen, but the most popular ones are on a nudist beach, or any place where you have to change, such as a locker room. You can never be too sure if somebody’s recording these days, which is why nudist beaches aren’t as popular I reckon.Some interesting and unusual categories that stray away from vanilla pornThe categories reflect this too, as they have very specific genres on VoyeurHit that you won’t find on other porn sites. Categories such as Beach, Changing Room, Street Candid, etc. all have a place on this site amongst the vanilla genres. What’s more is that you have some pretty kinky and over the top categories too that aren’t usually part of vanilla but aren’t even connected to voyeurism. Things like pissing, for example, can be found on VoyeurHit.com, so if you’re into that then go for it.Honestly, I never understood the thing about pissing. I mean I get that it’s a sort of power game going on, but can’t you feel dominant or dominated in other ways instead of having disgusting, smelly liquid all over you? To each, their own I guess, and VoyeurHit.com certainly won’t judge you whatever choice you end up making so go straight ahead and enjoy the website to its full potential. With so many categories available, there’s definitely something that will keep you coming back here day in and day out.The design is a bit bland, but it’s lightning fastWhen it comes to the design of the site, it sports a really simple layout and color scheme. Nothing too fancy or over the top, but it works. Sure, it feels a bit bland for a niche site that’s all about being special in some way, but we aren’t here to stare at the pretty colors, right? I mean you might be if you’re an autistic child, but then who showed VoyeurHit.com to an autistic kid? No, we’re here for the content, and the content here can be really good, so definitely don’t judge VoyeurHit.com by its covers.There are no animations polluting the website, and everything happens sort of instantly. I mean, honestly, I like an animation or two on websites every now and then, but if those animations mean that things will happen slower, then get rid of them. VoyeurHit.com did just that so you’ll see no transition when hovering over tabs and links for example. You’ll have to deal with this fact, but I think that it’s a pretty good stylistic and functional choice that they made.A familiar layout with familiar featuresThe layout is similar to every other porn tube site, where you’ve got your tabs, your search bar, your logo, as well as your login and register buttons at the top. Also, at the very tippy-top of the page, you’ll find links to the rest of the porn sites in the TXXX network. This is great if you get bored of the voyeur niche and want something new and refreshing. And they’ve got plenty of other themes when it comes to porn sites, so you’ll definitely stick around with TXXX for a while.VoyeurHit.com has a logo, and they made it so when you click on the logo you get sent to the homepage. Nice, very cool, and a very common practice these days. So then tell me, why the fuck do they have a Home button if their entire logo that’s literally right above the Home button, acts as a Home button. If these guys had more than two brain cells they would notice the fact that they could make the site look even simpler by getting rid of that useless button.Find the cream of the crop in the Top Rated sectionRight next to that tab is the Top Rated tab where you’ll find some of the best voyeur porn videos on the website. VoyeurHit.com really has great functionality when it comes to rating videos, and since making an account is free just like watching their videos is, the users on this website leave ratings all the time so that you can find some respectable videos that have gone through a thorough examination by the community. If you’d like to help out newcomers to VoyeurHit.com, you can also make an account and start rating videos so that other people know where to find the good stuff.Oh, but be careful when clicking on the links on this website, including the tabs. There are pop-up ads when you click around sometimes. That is annoying on its own, but what’s even more annoying is that they make the current page go to the ad, and actually give you your desired page in another tab. Imagine that, you make me watch the ad on this tab and give me my actual content in a new one. What a scumbag move VoyeurHit.com, not cool.The most popular videos are often the best ones tooBut if we look past that there are some other tabs that we should take a look at here. There’s, of course, the Most Popular tab as on any other site where you can check out what’s trendy in the voyeur community. You can find some real gems here, and I always say that the most popular things are always good, at least in the porn industry. The only people that I guess wouldn’t like the really popular stuff are the ones that enjoy more amateurish content rather than professional content. But that logic doesn’t work on this website since most content here is homemade and amateur.Keep tabs on everything that’s new on the voyeur sceneThere’s the Latest Updates page so that you can come up to speed with the newest stuff that’s being done on the website. You never know when the perfect video will be uploaded so keep a watchful eye on this tab if you’d like to be surprised with something nice when you least expect it. It’s sort of like Christmas Eve, but it’s every Eve and you never know when the presents will arrive. That, and it’s a porn site and has nothing to do with the actual holiday. Moving on.But hey, overall this is a pretty neat site. You can find some of the hottest voyeur content on here and you’ll definitely be pleased by the amount of it since there are literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of videos that stick to this niche. All you have to do is visit the site and enjoy everything it has to offer. That being said, what are you waiting for? 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