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Do you know what I like more than pornstars dressed up as the girl next door? The actual girl next door, of course. That’s one of the main reasons I’m so into amateur porno. Speaking of, have you seen the XVideos stash of homemade sex movies? I’m actually just finishing a days-long binge of their DIY blowjobs, home orgies and basement BDSM parties. I’m dictating this review today because my hands and forearms are so cramped and aching.Are there Internet perverts out there who still haven’t heard of XVideos.com? It’s one of the most heavily trafficked free porn tubes out there, with over 2 million visits every single fucking day! Even if you’ve never beat off to their amateur movies, I have a feeling you’ve spent more than a few hours shaking your dick at the site’s massive library of over 9 million explicit pornos. So have I, but it’s time to get to work, so let’s put in a few more long, hard, stiff hours.Millions of Free Amateur MoviesThe full XVideos stash runs over 9 million deep, and their amateur library is similarly extensive. As of this writing, they have over two million homebrew fuck flicks in their archive. I don’t care how much Viagra you snort or how many barrels of industrial lube you bought at Costco; you ain’t going to fap your way through the entire thing. Yes, motherfucker, this is a challenge!If you do take me up on this new viral Internet challenge, which is sure to rival any TikTok set-your-house-on-fire challenge, I have a couple of tips for you. First of all, don’t pace yourself. Second, you’d better watch these movies at fucking double speed. Even then, you’re going to have to use multiple screens and jack off to a bunch of homemade movies at a time. Why? Because new amateur videos are added to XVideos damn-near constantly!You’ve got to figure; any amateur porn site thrives on a big, active community. You ain’t going to get any homemade smut if you don’t have any visitors to upload the stuff! Remember those millions of daily visitors I mentioned? Yeah, that’s the pool the site is drawing from. That means the fresh content never stops coming, and only snowballs as the site gains momentum. XVideos.com has been going strong since 2007, and they ain’t slowing down any time soon. As of March 2021, they were the most visited porn website in the world, and 7th among all sites.By default, they serve up the amateur videos by relevance, presenting them with the typical wall-of-thumbnails you expect from almost any tube. Weirdly, there are only around half a million “relevant” movies, but the number changes if you sort by Upload date, Rating, Length or Views. The number shifts a bit, a weird quirk of their algorithm, but every option besides Relevance displays over 2 million.What Kind of DIY Porn You Into?I sorted by rating so I could see the absolute best of the best of those millions of home movies. Some amateur sites have a type or a theme, usually something along the lines of “old people fucking other old people.” One of the things XVideos has going for it is the fact they have so many different kinds of amateur porn to offer. That’s another result of that huge userbase; they’ve got all kinds of perverts and deviates uploading smut.Where do I start with a collection of homebrew sex so diverse? Should I go with the interracial amateurs scene in the top position, featuring a POV shot of a blonde MILF spitting and slurping on a monster BBC? Or should I check out the hot amateur girlfriend getting boned and having her tits jizzed on? I see a few outdoor scenes, which I’m really into, or maybe I should just go all out with one of the swinger orgies.I don’t see a lot of those reality porn flicks some sites try to pass off as amateur porn, but there is a fair amount of semi-polished amateur content from tiny studios mixed in with the truly homemade stuff. You can often tell the difference just looking at the runtimes. When somebody’s just pulling out their phone during a BJ, you end up with a 30-second or 3-minute movie. When it’s a few strangers or swingers getting together with the intent of shooting a porno, it’s usually a lot longer.That’s not really a nitpick, but more of an observation. The longer, planned scenes lack some of the immediacy and spontaneity you find in the boyfriend/girlfriend impromptu footjob scenes, but either way, you’re tuning in to watch the kind of raw, real fucking amateur porn is known for.The Perks of a Major Amateur TubeI loaded up a scene uploaded a short while ago called Masturbation Teen. It’s a simple but effective title for a simple but effective video. It’s just five minutes of a beautiful young Latina playing with herself and a variety of toys. It’s a vertical phone video, but I hope this girl invests in a nice webcam soon. She works her clit with a vibrator in the opening minute, shuddering at the intensity of it before switching to a dildo. She shoves it deep inside her shaved twat, and then switches position so she can bounce on it.The flick is streaming in 1080p, and XVideos served it up with no buffering. Likewise, there’s no wait if I skip around the scene to my favorite dildo, fingers and vibrator segments. XVideos.com is a major tube, and they can afford the bandwidth the little guys sometimes can’t. I’ve never had an issue with slow-loading scenes on the site, amateur or otherwise.Another perk they offer as a major tube is a general lack of spam on the site. With my ad-blocker running, I don’t get any pop-ups or pop-unders before the video, nor do I have to see animated hentai bitches getting fucked or strippers dancing all over the screen. They don’t need to bombard their users with dick-pill ads like the shitty tubes because they make money sending traffic to the premium sites.XVideos.com is a pretty well-developed site, with improved versions of the features you expect out of a free tube. Their suggested videos below the masturbating teen are spot-on, offering me more videos of that same chick and some other young Latinas. They also keep track of your cookies, so there are a few unrelated porn videos they know I’ll like from my previous fap sessions on the site. This happens without signing in, so use your browser’s porn mode if you’re worried about the wifey finding out you like BBW ball-stomping porn.You do, however, need to sign if you want to download any of the movies. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can download a fucking ton of amateur movies from XVideos. There’s a Download button in the player and one below. It’s free just like the streaming, but you have to offer up a sacrificial email address. I recommend using your work account.Amateur Porn by Real AmateursA lot of amateur videos on XVideos are uploaded by fans or small studios. My favorite shit, though, is the NSFW content uploaded by the amateur creators themselves. Their massive community means there’s a ton of truly original porno coming directly from the freaks involved.Take that young Latina I was watching earlier. Sexiferr is a 21-year-old aspiring pornstar from Mexico. She’s got ten videos up, and I’m adding them all to my favorites and following her feed. Most of her work so far is solo, but she’s riding a dick in her first video and fooling around with a girlfriend in another. I hope to see much more of this chick in the future, and I have to thank XVideos for giving me the opportunity.XVideos.com wasn’t set up specifically to be an amateur porn community. Their website is just absolutely fucking perfect for it, though, so they’ve built a hell of a DIY porn powerhouse over the years and continue to do so. The collection is absolutely fucking ridiculous in its massive scope, and it only seems to get bigger and harder. There’s a reason millions of masturbators are aiming their browsers at the site. The library of homemade smut is just another reason why.