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I know you’re a regular visitor to xHamster. You might not count it among your favorite websites if somebody asks out in public, but their mountain of pornography has got to be one of the reasons the Internet was invented. It’s massive and throbbing, engorged with an ever-flowing torrent of hardcore smut delivered straight to your phone or laptop. In a little over a decade, xHamster has amassed one of the biggest dirty movie collections on the Internet. Let’s talk about their Amateur section.XHamster’s spank stash is already huge, so naturally, their Amateur section is a monster, too. There are 15,000 pages of amateur content alone, with 70 videos per page. You better stock up on lube and call in sick for a few years if you’re going to make it through this.Legit, 100% Real Amateur ContentI’m going to cut right to the fucking chase and tell you why Amateur on xHamster is one of the best places on the ‘net to see the real shit. I’m talking genuine girls next door and housewives getting railed and loving it, not pornstars on low-quality video pretending it’s all spontaneous. It all boils down to the definition at the top of the page.“Amateur porn is a massive umbrella that includes all non-professional performers. Adventurous solo girls and couples with exhibitionist tendencies setup a camera and share their lust with the world. Since the advent of cell phone cameras, the production of this type of pornography has grown exponentially.”Yes! Amateur is non-professional perverts who just want to share their fuck sessions and happen to own cameras. Everybody has a camera in their pocket now, and xHamster allows user uploads. See where I’m going with this?I’m not saying I haven’t cleaned the carrot to my share of the fake stuff, but there’s something extra sexy about knowing the horny fuckers really just want you to see. I hate when I’m watching a low-res video of a threesome in a hotel room, thinking it’s some random, booze-fueled hookup, and then I recognize both of the sluts as pros. I’m still going to cum, but some of the magic is lost.Anyway, the absolutely beautiful thing about xHamster’s Amateur category is that it's chock full of real amateurs uploading their material. Yeah, there’s still fake, studio-produced stuff in the pile, but the user-contribution thing really evens out the score.Take this dude MabeeMike. He’s the kind of motherfucker we should all aspire to be by the time we’re senior citizens. This old guy is always getting rough with his Bitch Whore Debbie, really wrecking the broad. He uploads videos of himself face-fucking her, cumming on her, and smashing her doggystyle.MabeeMike is more of a personal hero than anything else. Bitch Whore Debbie is way too old for my tastes. Check out Vallo77, though. They’re a German couple who upload dozens of personal videos of their most intimate moments. The MILF wife loves taking cumshots on her face, ass, and huge fucking titties.If I have one complaint about the site, it’s that there’s no convenient way to find these accounts. I’ve got a trick I’ll explain later, but there really should be a list of the top accounts or something. I guarantee this would bring Amateur fans flocking, dicks in hand.YouTube revolutionized how we share videos of our pussy cats. XHamster revolutionized how we share videos of our girlfriend’s pussy. The Internet is truly the best thing to ever happen to amateur pornography.Amateur Clips from EverywhereWhile those legit Amateur accounts are one of the main draws, most users are just random people uploading their favorite videos. That sounds like bullshit at first, but what it means is the best amateur clips from everywhere end up on xHamster.The real gold of xHamster’s Amateur section is the stuff that seems to bubble up from no place in particular. Some fellow perv uploads a video of unfamiliar faces, eyes rolling in ecstasy as their tits get jizzed on at a pool party, and you can tell it’s the real deal. Where did it come from? It could have been floating on dude’s hard drive for years; maybe he filmed it at his neighbor’s house or maybe he stole it from a hacked iPhone.My point is, people have always fucked. Since the invention of film, they have made videos of themselves fucking. Since the invention of the Internet, they have found a new way to share those videos. Amateur on xHamster is an ideal place to see all the stuff that would have disappeared into the ether 20 years ago, abandoned on a dusty Zip Disk or smashed VHS-C tape.Beat It to the BestXHamster has your standard set of search and sort tools you’d expect from a video site. Naturally, they carry over to the Amateur category. You can sort the videos by Newest or Best. I usually pick Best, because those ones have already been voted by site users as the hottest clips in the category. Why not just skip to dessert, am I right?You can get pretty interesting results looking at the top videos of the last 24 hours. It shows what a wide variety of freaks are into Amateur fuck flicks. The top result is a wrinkly old lady getting boned, the second is a compilation of amateur facials, and the third is a blonde slut getting railed by some BBC while her husband asks what it’s like. Scrolling down, it looks like most types of homemade sex movies are represented.Speaking of variety, xHamster automatically gives you a handful of more specific categories near the top of the Amateur page: Amateur MILF, Amateur Anal, Amateur Blowjob, Black Amateur, just to name a few. If you don’t see what you’re into, type it in the search bar, but don’t forget to include “Amateur” so you stay in the right category. You wouldn’t want to accidentally watch a professional ass-to-mouth scene.Sorting videos by the number of comments might seem useless at first, but it’s probably the best way of finding real Amateur accounts uploading their own material. The top vid, with more than 87,000 comments, is a babe from the UK showing off her whole naked body. A click-through to her profile reveals more vids, including cock-sucking and gang-banging. I’ll get back to writing this in an hour or so, after a little more research.If you search by duration, you won’t find a lot of long Amateur videos. Only a couple dozen are more than 40 minutes. It makes sense. Real amateurs aren’t set up for long shoots like the studios might. There are still plenty of middle-length scenes and compilations if you prefer a hands-free viewing session, no clicking necessary.Masturbating into the FutureI’m not sure how many people will actually use it at this point, but I wanted to point it out because it’s some straight-up Matrix shit. XHamster lets you filter movies by All, HD, or VR. Virtual fucking Reality! There’s only a page of Amateur VR videos right now, but it’s growing. Not many sites are offering this cutting-edge masturbatory technology just yet.I can picture you at home, sweaty VR helmet over your head, watching amateur blowjob vids on xHamster while a greased-up robotic mouth goes to town in your lap. It’s not a pretty picture, but who the hell am I kidding? I’d probably never leave the house again if I had a setup like that.If you’re looking to cum while watching random strangers do the same thing, xHamster’s Amateur section is a good bet. They’ve got every type of homemade porn, from orgies to butt-fucks, to fetish scenes. It comes from everywhere, from other porn sites to your dad’s iPhone, to xHamster users themselves. They’ve got you covered.