Into voyeurism? I mean really, really into voyeurism? I’m not talking about watching a girl and her “good” friend smooch on the couch while you shell out cash to catch more minutes of them smashing their snatches against each other.Nah. I’m talking about seeing couples in their intimate spaces getting intimate, just for you.Well, you and the other thousand other horn dogs watching the same stream. ;)A Different Kind of VoyeurismYou guys know what amateur porn is and probably have seen a good deal of cam sites, too. Well, Camarads combines both of those types of porn with all of the charm and class of reality TV. Hehe, just kidding, but Camarads.com is something completely different.With this site, you see Russian couples (hence the name of the site) in their own apartments. Unlike cam sites where you can only see one or two models on an average webcam, with Camarads you can switch between seeing these sexy couples in multiple rooms as they cook, clean, and chill. What could be better?Oh, that’s right fucking! You get to see the girls walking around topless (which they do a lot!), stripping off and lounging around, relieving some stress with the help of her handy dildo, and riding her man’s Rusky pole.Currently, there are thirteen couples, all straight, and pretty good looking.Free FeaturesYou can enjoy a lot of the features Camarads has to offer without payment or an account. For instance, you can get access to all of the model's streams in three of their rooms. Just so you know, most streamers have at least one camera set up in five or more rooms.But don’t get discouraged, the talent on this site do all kinds of naughty stuff in every room of the house. However, once the action starts they usually stay in the same area, so once one of the couples gets started in one area, you might miss it and think nothing’s going on.Pay for Premium and Get…If you pay for a premium account, you get full access to all rooms at all times. That means if one of the models starts stripping down room to room, and bring her bf into the next room you can switch from cam to cam.And don’t worry about the lights going off…or turning back on. Camarad cameras shot in 1080p and capture all of the action in low-lighting conditions, too. Plus, unlike free viewing, you get full access to all recently streamed footage videos. So, if you missed something super-steamy you can see it in the archives.Finally, with a premium account, you get all of this without any pesky ads at all.Decent Design WorkI like all kinds of filth online. The only thing I want to see that’s clean is a porn sites' web design.(Besides buttholes, that is.)Whoever put Camarads together didn’t want to add any extra bells and whistles which might distract the viewer from the stream. That or they seem to really want to use some kind of Soviet-inspired minimalism. Whatever the case, the site looks good, is easy to navigate but the load times could be better.I get that this site displays stuff live all over the world, but sometimes the buffering time takes forever. However, sorting through video feeds is really easy to navigate through video streams and check to see if any of the talent is just sleeping, chilling on the couch, or in the middle of some hard fucking. The site is optimized for mobile, too.So overall, it’s pretty good for what you see for free or pay for.Downsides of CamaradsLike I said, this ain't my kind thing. While you might see some hot chicks strutting around with their tits out, you might have to keep switching from room to room to keep up with the action. Sometimes you might see a guy plowing his girl or a woman getting off on camera with some toys, and that's pretty cool, but the only way you'll catch it if you get full membership.Of course, if you do, you'll still have to constantly watch the feed and switch between apartments or sort through the available replay footage. Between the time spent checking out the feed, flipping between rooms, and checking different couples' apartments, finding anything sexy or just interesting becomes a pain.And a little weird, too.You guys know that I watch a lot and talk a lot about porn. But after a while, even I felt both bored and creeped out while "stalking" girls from room to room.While I get the idea that this sort of voyeurism is supposed to be really intimate, the lack of variation compared to cam sites is a little frustrating. On top of that, since the models are all located in cities around Europe, if you’re watching for free the hours that you’re going to see the models do anything and when they’re likely going to be asleep usually line up around the same time. So, depending on the time zone you’re in, the time you see any good action live is going to be limited.The other thing I found to be blue ball frustrating is the lack of interactivity with the girls. On typical cam sites, even if you only have a free account, you can chat with the models, make comments, and request stuff. If you're lucky, you might even get it.But with Camarads, you’re just stuck there watching and waiting for something to happen. There’s no way to contact the models, make requests, or even get a specific schedule of any sexy of kinky shit they might do at a certain time.On top of that, other voyeur sites with a similar format, include motion detection cameras, equipment which automatically follows models, and an option to record, download, and keep any video footage on the site live. Camarads doesn’t have any of that.Some of you guys might say that the lack of control is part of the appeal of Camarads. And you might be right, but it’s not for me.Keep Up with Your Favorite CouplesWhile the couples don't keep a schedule of stuff they're going to do, Camarads' webmasters do a good job at keeping the viewers up to date when there's going to be changes. Found in the news section, you check if any couples apartments are undergoing maintenance, if the couples are going on vacation, or if new models are being added.Drive Traffic and Collect CashIf you are into this kind of voyeurism (or even if you're not but know people who do) Camarads has got a sweet affiliate program. At a minimum, all you have to do is share your affiliate link to your blog, website, or social media profiles.With Camarads, you get 30% of the money registered members spend money on, and you get paid twice a week, guaranteed. Plus, you get lifetime commissions forever, so the more committed sign-ups you bring in, the more gold you get.It really is that simple.So while they pose in front of a camera to get laid, all you have to do is drive traffic and get paid.So What’s the Cost?I mentioned early all the features that you get with a paid, premium membership, and I gotta say the price tag isn’t too bad. You can choose between a 30-day membership for $29.90 a month, a 90-day plan for $24.90, or 180-days for $19.90 a month.With the lack of bonus features, I think that’s a little steep, but it’s not quite terrible either. The strange part is that there’s no annual plan, and Camarads only accepts payment through debit and credit card.Worth Watching?Sure the idea of the site seems a little interesting, but I think Camarads is too slow, boring, and limited. Just intense voyeurism, but no chatting or ways to get involved with the models. The stream quality is always good, and the models are pretty hot but other than that there's not a whole lot there.Some might like watching live and archived footage to get a fun surprise when a girl stops in front of the camera, pulls down her panties with one hand and, with a big ass dildo in the other, starts going to town. But I’d recommend most people just go to a typical cam site for something more interactive and “action” oriented.