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Interested in Voyeur-House TV aka VoyeurHouseTV? It’s hard to explain the thrill of voyeurism to somebody who just doesn’t get it. You get to peek in on people’s lives, learn their dirty little secrets and hopefully see them naked and getting their cunt stuffed or salad tossed. The only risk is getting arrested by the police or beaten up by angry husbands and fathers if you get caught. Spy porn sites like Voyeur-House.tv let you experience all the thrill of peeking in where your eyes don’t belong without the need to hide in your neighbor’s walls or the shit pit of the nearest portable toilet.Voyeur-House is a premium site that gives you access to a wide selection of hidden cameras for a low monthly fee. Before you cheapskates back out and run to the free tubes, you might want to check out the free cameras. This site gets well over 100,000 visitors a day, which leads me to believe even the library masturbators can get a show.Where the Naked Bitches At?As soon as I hit the landing page at Voyeur-House, I was greeted by a room full of young people having a lively conversation. I think they’re speaking Russian, but I’m not sure because the only Russian word I know is wodka. At first, I thought the group was arguing because they were so loud and animated, but then they started laughing. It seems like a fun crowd, and I’d certainly like to see the two young sluts naked.The problem is, everyone is completely clothed and not fucking. At some point, one of the dudes kissed a girl and I thought we were going to see some action, but nah, he was just leaving the room. Eventually, there were just two bored girls sitting silently at a table while a guy washed dishes.I know this site is supposed to be a convenient alternative to having to register on the sex offender database, but I am The Porn Dude and I demand porn! I started flipping through the cameras on the left side of the screen. I found an empty kitchen, an empty bedroom, an empty living room, and then finally, in yet another kitchen, nudity! Unfortunately, it was just a naked dude and I think he’s drunk.Most of the free cameras were aimed at rooms with nobody in them, but I did find a room full of young people drinking where one chick with really nice legs is casually chatting with no pants on. I also found a thick MILF with her legs up on her dude as they watch TV and another sexy broad watching TV with her dude in the buff.And then, like some kind of goddamn miracle, I clicked on another camera and saw a chick riding a dude’s pole while another babe sucks one in the corner. Yes! The fucking jackpot!Just kidding. It was a preview for the premium show disguised as a free camera. It’s a pretty tricky move, but effective. The text scrolling across the sex montage says they have more than 40 live apartments around the world, more than 300 HD cameras with night vision, 90+ participants and over 77,000 videos in the archives.Choose Your XXX Spycam PackageVoyeur-House has two different tiers of paid memberships. Standard access is 30 USD a month, the same price as most premium porn sites, and lets you watch all of the cameras in their expansive voyeur network. You’ll get to see a lot of live sex as it’s happening, and at a price considerably cheaper than a criminal defense attorney.They’ve also got a Premium membership that gives you access to the massive archive of spycam movies on the site. You also get timeline playback and HD quality. I’ve got to say, withholding HD at this point is fucking bullshit. It’s 2019 and HD is standard everywhere. Get with the goddamn times.ProTip: Log In During Prime Fucking HoursI’m on the other side of the world from Eastern Europe, so I waited until morning here to sign up. I figured there might be more action if I looked during prime humping hours. Sure enough, when I looked again there was a gorgeous exotic slut bouncing on some dude’s cock on a couch in yet another living room. The babe bones like a pornstar, which helps explain the dude with the video camera and all the professional lighting equipment.Now that I’m a Premium member, I can scroll around on the timeline. Apparently, this is the fucking room to watch. Over the last 24 hours, there have been a bunch of hot bitches walking around wearing practically nothing, and several hookups on that couch. I really appreciate that you can zoom into the timeline and you get previews when you hover your mouse over it. Without that, it would be a fucking nightmare to search through everything.I only found one other couple getting it on at this very moment, but Voyeur-House has some pretty hot exhibitionist bitches living in their spycam-wired apartments. I wish all the hot chicks I knew watched TV naked all the time. I spent a good 10 minutes just creeping on a hottie laying on her bed, playing with her phone. This babe knows exactly what she’s doing aiming that killer white girl booty at the camera.I wanted to see more of her, so I started fucking around with the timeline. This chick, Lavender, spends a lot of time in that bed, maybe even most of the day. That would be a sign of depression in a lot of people, but based on how often she gets laid, I’m guessing she ain’t that sad.Watching Voyeur Porn with Used Panties on Your HeadI clicked the link in the header offering 70,000 Sex Videos expecting a jumbled, unsorted mess. We are talking about more than 40 cams recording 24 hours a day, which is a lot of fucking content. I was pleasantly surprised to find a well-organized and indexed stash of voyeur porn.You can browse by apartment, camera, and date, as expected, but the default view serves up a bunch of hot clips already trimmed down to the good stuff. There are thumbnails of Euro whores doing nude photoshoots, masturbating, giving blowjobs, and getting stuffed with cock in all their holes. There was a nice threesome yesterday, captured from a couple of different angles.The movies are tagged with categories just like on any other porn site. One-click sends you to Voyeur-House’s collections of Shower Girls, Naked Girls, Masturbation, Lesbian, and Orgy voyeur scenes. There are a couple of dozen sex genres in all to choose from, including around 500 Bondage and BDSM clips. You kinky fuckers are going to be really happy.Another thing you’re going to love is that you can buy used panties from a lot of the girls on the site. The regular price is around 100 USD for a pair, but they’re having an intro sale right now if you’re quick. You can even choose the color and how many days you’d like her to wear them before you get them, so you can dial in exactly the level of pussy funk you want to smell when you wear these over your head. Spycams aren’t as intimate as peeking into a slut’s window, but the flowery aroma of her dried bodily fluids will help increase your immersion.I didn’t see any used panties from Lavender, but then again, I didn’t see her wearing underwear at all during the time I was watching her and scrolling through her days of laying around naked, getting fucked. I guess I’ll have to settle for one of her gorgeous roommates.Even though the girls know they’re on camera, Voyeur-House is an addictive series of peeks into the daily lives of some seriously sexy bitches. You’ll get the thrill of watching without being seen and the excitement of witnessing live sex, masturbation, and casual nudity. The free cams and videos are worth a look to give you a taste, but voyeurs will face a real risk of getting hooked. The 77K spycam movies in the archive just make the entire package all the more appealing.