<p>Real Life Cam! Just face it: you are a creepy old man. Why else would you be interested in spying on other people on You are precisely the skeevy guy that girls are warned about and told to watch out for all their lives—the stranger danger stalker, the guy offering candy to girls if they’ll just get into his windowless van, the peeping Tom lurking outside in the dark, beating his meat while a girl gets ready for bed.There is one main difference, come to think of it, between you and the peeping Tom or the scary stalker. And that difference is action. You don’t have the balls to actually peer into a girl’s bedroom window and watch her strip down and change into her PJs. No, you, my friend, are a stalker with no motivation, no drive, and no confidence. That is why you do your stalking on the internet.Which, honestly, if you think about it, is not nearly as fucked up as the stalker who does have the guts to physically go out and stalk. So, I am being completely genuine when I say that I think you should continue to be a no-action, piece of shit peeping Tom pussy. At least you won’t be out actually traumatizing anyone in the name of your sick little voyeuristic fetishes.Maybe, on second thought, it is a good thing that sites like Real Life Cam exist. Maybe they provide an outlet for mentally unstable assholes such as yourself, allowing you to get your weird stalker fix with nobody having to potentially be hurt in the process. Just maybe.I don’t know, though, it’s still pretty fucked up no matter how you look at it, and I would recommend (after you read this review and cum one last time to unsuspecting chicks making dinner in their bras like the pathetic little piece of shit that you are) that you get some professional help. And, no, I don’t mean enlist the services of an escort. I mean some real psychiatric help. You got some serious fucking problems, man.But, alas, there are sites out there to help you achieve your orgasm through watching strangers go about their daily activities. This, of course, should come as no surprise. The internet is a dark and depraved place, perfect for a degenerate like you to revel in your creepiest desires, cum on your oversized stomach, finish a bag of Cheetos (without washing your hands, of course), and then fall asleep in your computer chair. Rejoice!Do I think you’re disgusting? Yes, I do. But am I going to help you? Yes, I will. Like I said before, I guess it’s nominally better for you to be fulfilling your desires, however gross they may be, on the internet as opposed to in real life. So, for that reason, I will help you navigate your creepy fucking voyeur sites. In good faith, of course, that you do not go out and act on these desires. That is my one stipulation. What do you say, do we have a deal?Plenty of Cameras, For a PriceGood. Okay, then, in that case, let’s take a look at a site that provides you access to hidden cams in the apartments, condos, townhouses, and vacation homes of real (as far as I can tell, unsuspecting) people. I am not sure exactly on the details of how this site gets the hidden cameras in the apartments, or if the people being spied on are made aware of the fact or not. Let’s go with no, they are not aware, as I’m sure their cognizance of being spied on would probably ruin your weird fucking fantasy.They definitely didn’t seem to be aware based on how these people were acting when I visited Real Life Cam. Or, if they were aware, maybe they’re just really boring people. Not a single one of them did anything even remotely interesting. It was mostly just couples and people on vacation doing tedious, mundane daily activities like cooking, watching TV, fiddling with their phones, or reading. Actually, what seemed even more common was for people to not even be in the room at all. Hmm … maybe some of them got wise to what was going on.At any rate, Real Life Cam is far from free. Sure, you can kind of get an idea for how the site works and whether or not you’d be interested in paying for it, but you get a very limited preview time before your IP address gets logged for exceeding the maximum number of free streams. Once that happens, you’re going to have to pay something to get your fucked-up fix.At the top of the site, Real Life Cam describes what they offer and what you can expect to pay. “25 apartments, 320+ cameras,” it reads, “from $33 per month.” Holy hell, that is a pretty penny to pay for a site that doesn’t really cost anything to produce content (outside of the cameras themselves, but that can’t be too expensive, and it’s a one-time cost). I guess maybe you’re paying primarily for the legal risk involved for this site to continue to operate?Or maybe you’re just paying that much because the people at Real Life Cam knows that you are depraved and desperate and that there aren’t many other options, there aren’t many similar sites; they know you will pay a steeper price because you have no choice. Being a creepy stalker ain’t cheap, is it?Great Site Design and User InterfaceThe site itself, I must say, for what it is, is really well done. You’ve got your video window in the center of the page (which you can expand full-screen, of course), a list of available apartments to live-spy on to the left (organized into categories: couples, roommates / singles, girls on vacation, and couples on vacation), and a floor plan of the apartment you are currently viewing (complete with a map of where all the cameras are planted, allowing you to quickly switch between streams with the click of a button … you can also choose from a dropdown list below the map).In addition to these features, you can also customize your viewing experience. Choose between single-stream mode, single-stream widescreen, 2-view mode, 4-view mode, auto-follow mode (within room), and auto-follow mode (entire apartment). You can also replay footage (in case you had to miss anything due to, I don’t know, sleep or something) of your subject from the last 24 hours. Most of these customizable features, however, are only available with a premium membership.With that membership, though, not only will you gain access to exclusive apartments and cameras, but you also be able to replay any material recorded at any of the places over the last 24 hours. That way, if the streams that you are checking out become a little slow-moving, feel free to skip straight to the good stuff. Real Life Cam is a stalker pervert’s wonderland.Not only do you have unfettered access to all cameras and recorded content from 25 different apartments with a premium membership, you also have the ability to control the site from your smartphone with Real Life Cam’s remote control feature. Why miss a single blink of whatever poor girl you’ve become obsessed with if you don’t need to, right? Right…You creepy fucks will also probably be happy to learn that Real Life Cam has zero advertisements. Even in the free preview version. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how rare this is for a porn site. But, hey, at $33 per month (with a six-month minimum commitment required upfront), I can’t imagine Real Life Cam is in dire need for ad revenue or anything.Great Voyeur Site, But You Get What You Pay ForAlso, I looked into it, by the way, whether or not the people on Real Life Cams are aware of the fact that they are being filmed. And, not to piss on your parade or anything, according to Real Life Cam’s FAQ, they are aware. Hopefully, that doesn’t kill your boner too much. It certainly makes the site 100% more palatable for me, though. In fact, now that I know this, I might actually be able to get into this voyeur thing…Actually, probably not. Still too weird for my taste. But, hey, as long as nobody’s getting harmed or deceived or taken advantage of, man, whatever floats your boat or strokes your scrote is fine by me. Fap on, gentlemen.All in all, this site (often misspelled as "reallifecams") is really well done. Is it worth $33 per month? Well, I don’t know … I suppose it could be if this is something you’re really obsessed with. The video quality is great, audio quality isn’t awful, there are tons of features for you to enjoy 24 hours of the day, seven days a week. If you’re a voyeur freak, I would definitely recommend trying it out.</p>