UK Punting! If you’re a guy from the UK you already know what a hassle it can be to find good escorts and sex services. Well, this site aims to change that by giving you information from other sex buyers so that you can make an informed decision. Today, ThePornDude is reviewing UKPunting.com, the self-proclaimed “number 1 paid sex review, and discussion site”. A bit of poor wording makes it look like it costs money to use it, but it’s actually free. Is it that good? We’re about to find out.This place has been here a while, doing its job for freeThe site launched back in August 2010. It was made by sex buyers because they couldn’t find an appropriate site where they can exchange information about escorts and sex services. Thus, they created UK Punting, and it has been operating ever since. You know the lads are well-intentioned when they’re operating a site at a loss. That’s right, this website doesn’t make any money in any way shape or form. Instead, it’s paid for by the site owner, out of his own good will. He’s the real MVP.Punters only, escorts can go bugger off to the other siteBut enough about history, let’s talk about what you can actually do on UKPunting.com and if it’s even worth visiting it. It’s still a bit strange that they’re using the .com extension since they’re non-commercial and non-profit but oh well. You can definitely tell that the site doesn’t have a way for you to spend money on it. It doesn’t even feature ads which is a breath of fresh air from other escort information websites that you can find on the internet.First of all, not to be confused with a site that’s meant for both sex service buyers and providers, UKPunting.com is made exclusively for sex buyers or punters. The owner of this site actually owns another one which is called UKEscorting.com which is meant for both punters and sex workers. This place though, it’s all about reviewing the services that people have received so that punters can make better decisions about how they spend their money on sex.A bit bland, but makes sense since it’s not commercial in any wayWhen it comes to design, there’s not much to mention here. We’ve got a standard forum layout and nothing fancy when it comes to looks. It’s as simple as it gets with no more than three colors used in the design of the site. I think this is fine for what it’s worth since the website doesn’t make any money, so it doesn’t need to look commercially alluring. It can look like an ordinary old forum, which is a great way to filter out all the people who wouldn’t use it for its intended purpose. UKPunting.com has really thought of everything.Great, intuitive layout so you aren’t lost in the sea of goodnessThe layout is really simple too. There are only a few buttons to press and no annoying and confusing tabs. And simplicity works here since we’re only talking about exchanging information and not any complex content such as videos and whatnot. Though there are some pretty sexy images out here, you have to be a member in order to see them. If you aren’t a member then you can’t really use the site to its full potential.Should you become a member? It’s free, so why not?Making an account is as easy as registering to any forum, and with a profile, you can see all links and images in threads. Maybe that’s less important too because more importantly, you will be able to make threads as well as write comments and have a better interaction with other people on UKPunting.com. But make sure that you’re a punter if you are making an account here, cause otherwise, you’ll be wasting everyone’s time including your own.One thing that’s great about finding all information about sex services in one place is that you can find plenty of opinions and make a more informed decision. Hey, imagine if you didn’t have any information to go on. For all, you know you could be swimming in 20 STDs by the time you’re done with an escort. It’s better not to risk it and find out more about what you’re buying on this site. You won’t find any annoying advertising for escorts either since that’s not the purpose of UKPunting.com.There’s a section for everything, and UK Punting is the general threadThere are three sections of the website. There’s UK Punting which is meant for all sorts of discussions between punters. This place can get really interesting sometimes with threads such as showing off the best asses that punters have been with or comparing escorts’ profile images to what they look like in real life. There’s a lot of photoshop going on in the industry so it’s always a good idea to be safe when you’re getting it on with an escort.You’ll find loads of other discussions here too, but they’re mostly connected to punting in some way so that the place keeps its theme going. UK Punting does a good job with filtering out things that don’t contribute to the site, so you’ll see very little bloat and not many conversations that don’t have anything to do with punting. This is great news cause nobody wants to swim through endless posts about some random shit that nobody cares about.Want to get more localized? Go for the Regional DiscussionThe next section on here is Regional Discussion and the name explains it all. There are 12 regions that you can choose from and they all feature some great discussions about escorts as well as punting in general. This is a more localized place where you can find like-minded people with similar interests in your region. And by similar interests, I mean banging the living hell out of whores and getting your money’s worth while you’re at it. Just don’t be like this one dude who gets off on being financially dominated by his escort by spending all his money on her. Yeah, it’s an actual fetish. Ridiculous.The reason you’re here in the first place, look through the Escort ReviewsFinally, we have the Escort Reviews page where you’ll find a cool feature where every review will say whether the experience with the escort at hand was Positive, Neutral, or Negative. This is great for quickly eyeballing a bunch of escorts and seeing which ones are good and which ones potentially aren’t. If you want more information about a certain escort, simply click on her review and you’ll be sent to the thread. Here, you can check the comments too to see if the poster is full of shit or if he’s telling the truth, though you can almost always rest assured that the reviews are legit.Escort reviews are always very detailed here, and you can really make a good choice by simply choosing a babe with a positive review off of this section. The neutral reviews will tell you about those that are mixed bags, so you can choose what you want to do with that information. The negative reviews though, oh boy… Let me just tell you that some of the things I’ve read here, you don’t want to happen to you. Stay away from the negatively reviewed escorts, and you’re all set.At the end of the day, you decide what you’re reading hereUKPunting.com really is all about that Escort Review section in its essence, but there’s no need to limit yourself to just that. You can have some really fun and productive talks in other sections of the site too. Overall though, the site is a great place to get all the information you need on punting in the UK and you can rest assured that the reviews on here will lead you to your dream escort. Make sure to spend a bit of time to find the perfect babe for you and then get straight to it. Action awaits, so don’t waste time and visit UKPunting.com today!