<p>What can we find on Adult Work besides UK escorts? Well, this is just in: it is possible to do other things besides just masturbate all day long on the internet. Like what, you ask? Well, you don’t have to always watch porn every time you’re horny, you know. Sometimes you could try to make your own! Or maybe you could browse escorts in your area, see if you can’t land yourself some real-life pussy. I’m sure your hand would appreciate the break anyway. Or you could get real old-school with it and look up some phone sex numbers. Nothing like cumming to the sound of an anonymous stranger’s heavy breathing on a phone line, right? … Right … Don’t worry, I’m sure she’s exactly as hot as she sounds…You could always become a cam model and try to get paid to jack off (you’ll be doing it anyway, right? Why not?). Of course, that would require you to essentially be gay for pay (if you think that lots of chicks are tuning in to watch dude’s jack off on camera, you’ve got another thing cumming). Hmm … what else is there? Oh, yeah, you could start reading erotica. Maybe even get into writing some of your own. There are plenty of extremely active erotica writing communities out there on the web. Or you could start/introduce yourself to a decent sex blog.Does any of that sound appealing? Some of it is work, true, but it’s time to face the facts: life is work sometimes. It’s not all about sitting around in your PJs all day, pleasuring yourself over and over again. There is, believe it or not, a little more to it than that. And some of those things that I mentioned may be a little bit of work in the beginning but will be so worth it in the end. Take ordering an escort, for example.Work Now, Fuck LaterIs it more work than just going to Porn Hub and finding a hot video? Well, yes, you’ll have to do a little bit of research. But wouldn’t you agree that getting blown and fucked by a real chick is infinitely better than touching yourself for a few minutes until you cum into a napkin? Sometimes the easy thing isn’t the most pleasurable, if you can believe that. The same can be true of writing erotica or keeping a sex blog. It can be a lot of work at first.But eventually, if you get good at writing erotica, that shit is definitely going to get you laid one day. Chicks love sensual writing. Make her wet with your words and you’ll be golden, my friend. Of course, in order to start a sex blog, you’ll have to actually start having sex first. So, maybe go for the erotica, to begin with, and then you can lead into the sex blog once all the girlies want to blow you.The Amazon of Adult ServicesIf only there was a site that catered to all of these erotic interests … Oh, yeah, there is! It’s called Adult Work, and it is an online community for everyone and anyone who has or wants a job related to sex in some way. Escorts post ads, phone sex workers post their numbers, you can send texts to girls, fetishists post their prices and pics, girls sell their movies and images, writers post their erotic lit, etc. Basically, anything that is community or consumer-based when it comes to sexuality can be found on Adult Work. And you can seek services or advertise your own.More or less, Adult Work is an online meeting place for nymphos and perverts of all shapes and sizes to chat, connect, provide and receive goods and services, support one another, advertise, and network. It’s like a giant porn and sex work conference that is taking place 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s truly a beautiful and awesome thing.Shitty Site DesignThere’s only one major downside as far as I can see. The site is designed horribly. I don’t mean that it isn’t functional. It is, everything seems to work as it should and I haven’t been able to find any bugs or anything like that. I just mean aesthetically. It’s not a pretty site. It’s very cluttered and basic. It looks dated. Like a site that may have been designed in the early or mid-aughts. Definitely not as a site could (and, arguably, should) look in 2019 at all. To be fair, though, this site truly has a fuck ton going on. However, so do some other sites that don’t seem to sacrifice design in order to accommodate it.Just to give you a quick idea of how massive and far-reaching this site is, I’ll just list off the site menu bar for you. Choose between Webcam, Phone Chat, SMS Chat, Alternative (fetishists), Movies, Pictures, Groups, Erotica, Blogs, Tagged, Other Services, Humour, TV, and Mail. Whew. I got a little winded just typing all that up! It is fair to say that you’ll never be bored on Adult Work. There is always something to do. Even if it’s not work-, sex-, or porn-related. You can always just fuck off and watch some adult-oriented funny or entertaining videos. Honestly, if the site were a little better designed, I would recommend making it your home page because, shit, you can do everything here!Except for watch porn, it turns out. At least not for free. So that’s a bit of a bummer. You can still buy users’ videos, but there is no free porn on Adult Work. And, honestly, that is totally fine by me. I know you might expect me to be a little more worked up by this because I’m the Porn Dude and all but fuck it … there are more than enough sites out there that offer free porn. So, to have a site that specializes in helping people make money by doing what they love (cumming), I’m all for it!This site is extremely organized for how much there is on it, though, I will say that. Even if I’m not crazy about its aesthetic, it is in ship fucking shape, that’s for sure. Everything has its place and everything is easy to find. It’s all intuitive. Nothing is misplaced or seemingly tossed into the mix. So, kudos to them for managing to pull that off! Plus, each individual section of the site has its own individualized and elaborate search function, making it super easy to search for exactly what you’re looking for, without having to worry about cross-contamination, or getting search results from another category. If you want to find a bi-curious cam girl with green eyes and a fat ass, for example, you don’t have to worry about having to skim through bi-curious fetish escorts of the same description. It just makes everything easier to find and, therefore, more enjoyable in the end.Time to Break Into Porn Once and For AllOther than the site design issue, I’m not sure I really have any complaints about this site. I suppose it would be nice if users could more easily interact with one another outside of service inquiries. I think that a message board would do the trick. A place where users can discuss their experiences, professions, etc. I suppose that they are in the process of rolling out the blogs feature, so maybe that will take care of that missing feature. Either way, direct messaging on the site would be nice, or a more obvious social networking component of some sort – detailed profiles, pictures, walls, etc. But it looks like Adult Work is still improving and expanding to this day, so it is not impossible that something like this could be in the works for the future.This is one of the best adult services sites I’ve ever been to, by far. It’s thorough, it is extremely well organized, it offers pretty much any and everything in the way of erotic services, goods, and promotion, and it has a few decent community features as well. Yeah, I would like to see those community features expanded upon and I would like to see the site revamped and modernized sometime soon. But other than that, I don’t have many bad things to say about AdultWork (often misspelled as "aduktwork", "" and "adult works"). Go check it out for yourself.Maybe it’s about time you got your porn career off the ground. Hey, it can’t hurt to give it a shot, right? You can always upload a video or two whenever you want onto Porn Hub and see if it gets any traction. You know what, I think I’ll hit up my girl right now and see if she wants to do that tonight instead of going to that stupid fucking musical. I fucking hate Broadway. Oh, I know! I’ll go to the play, put in a couple of hours, suffer a little bit, and then, afterward while she’s all giddy and singing the songs on the ride home, then I’ll propose it. See what I mean? Work leads to play, people.</p>