<p>If you came to see what has to offer, then you already know that this is an escort review site, since it is listed under the escort category. However, that is definitely not enough for you to decide whether this place is actually a site you want to waste your time on, and that is where I come in. I am a pro when it comes to all things pornographic, and that also includes escorts, so if you are interested in hiring a hot escort beauty, then continue reading, otherwise just visit a different site.Nobody would blame you if you mistook this place for a forum site, because, in a way, it does act as a forum, not to mention that it really looks like that. Now, personally, I hate forum websites, as I find them useless, but I am not here to talk about what makes my dick hard, I am here to tell you what the fuck has to offer.For those who do not know much about this place, was founded in 2009, and it is quite an unusual, and in my opinion, useful site. You could look at this place the same way as you look at Yelp, just like you can see what other people think about different restaurants, books, and other shit, you can read what other people think about certain escort chicks or trannies.One could argue that this place is known as the ‘Yelp of all Escorts” as it is praised a lot, and I can see why. However, not everything is so nice and shit, since this place, like every other site, has its ups and downs. Well, you do not have to spend countless hours exploring this site by yourself, when you have a professional who will do all that shit for you.As for the design of the site, it is really nothing special, and that pissed me off once I realized that they offer a premium membership as well, which I will talk about a little later. Usually, the premium memberships include a site with a good design and great content, but here I feel like you only get good content and the site looks crappy.Escorts offer the full girlfriend experienceOne thing I have to point out is that there is a difference between whores and escorts, even if you technically hire both of them for something naughty, aka sex. While whores are usually the uneducated sluts who just have sex with you for money, escort babes tend to be educated beauties, who know how to dress and act in different situations. They can give you the full girlfriend experience if that is what you want, along with some other deals.For example, I once hired an escort beauty when I was in Paris since I knew nobody there, and I wanted the slut to show me around before we bang. She gave me a nice tour and all of that crap, after which we went to my crib and fucked hardcore. Not to mention that she also came with me to the formal meeting I had, and let me just tell you… my boss was very fucking impressed with her skimpy dress.What I am trying to tell you is that escort hotties can give you much more than just sex, but since these beauties are not whores, they should also not be treated that way. You should respect their wishes and all that crap, and a good thing is that most of these sluts will have their do’s and don’ts written in their bio… but, some of these chicks are not really legit, or as good as they present themselves, which is why sites like are important.I found plenty of great reviews of hot women, and while some members say that the reviews are legit, there are also some negative reviews as well. I found one comment claiming that their reviews are shit and written by the admin, which is why I decided to create an account and check this shit out. The first thing that pissed me off was the registration process, and it is not for the reasons many of you assume.Free, premium and VIP membershipThe registration overall is not really long or any of that crap, but for some reason, you cannot enter a simple username, it needs to be fucking complicated, so you cannot be linked to other profiles, and honestly that makes no fucking sense. I had to choose 4 different usernames before this site allowed me to fucking register…With a regular membership, you get some privileges of the site (the usual crap that comes with almost any registration), but there are also a lot of those ‘Premium members-only’ shits, where you cannot enter. Well, if you like the site, I suggest you create a Premium membership, but at the same time, I do not think that this is really necessary.Basically, you have 6 different membership offers, and they do not seem that cheap. There is a 2-week access that costs as much as a whole month membership on other sites, aka $25… you also have the 1-month membership that will cost you $40, the 3-month membership that costs $60, the 12-month membership that will cost a whopping $100…and the “Elite VIP member upgrade” whatever the fuck that meant, which will cost even more, $250, and it does not specify for how long.They also state that they take Bitcoin, but who the fuck is stupid enough to use BTC on something like this. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, and you never know how much their price can rise… so if you are dumb enough to think that this crap is worth spending BTC on, you are fucking wrong. This does not mean that I do not appreciate what has to offer, it just means that I think only women are stupid enough to waste BTC on this.Anyway, back to the topic; while introduces itself as a Worldwide website, I browsed for quite some time, and I mostly saw that they cover the USA. Sure, I found chicks from other places, but as I said, most of them are American… which is quite fucking stupid. I have nothing against American chicks, they are fucking hot, but I have loads against sites that introduce themselves as something they are fucking not.Babes of different ethnicity and body type!I checked out some of the chicks who were offered at the front page, and the first beauty I opened was Miranda Leigh. She is a beautiful black babe, with nice chocolate skin and a chubby figure. You can read her naughty details on her profile, and you have all the kinky shit, from the usual details like her ethnicity, piercings, grooming, to something this beauty wanted to say about herself.One thing I disliked is that this slut did not have much to say about herself, since they are able to write in their biography, and she only had one sentence there. I like to read their self-written bio since you can learn a lot from that. Once you list all the way down, you will have a bunch of reviews for that particular chick, and in this case, I learned that her reviews were 50%-50%, some people loved her, others were not impressed.Another chick I checked out is called N.M. and that is the only shit you had about her name, which did not bother me at all. I am here to see their skills and have sex with their body not name, so who gives a shit what their actual name is? She was a slim Hispanic beauty with great tits and, of course, a juicy ass… we all know that Latina babes are curvaceous.Now, this hottie had a lot to say about herself, and I enjoyed reading her biography and other details. Keep in mind that this is coming from a person who is not a big fan of ‘reading’, yet I read all the crap they had to say. The reviews about her were usually great, with one that I found that said that she is mediocre. One thing I forgot to mention is the fact that every babe will have her images listed… obviously.You are not able to read the reviews without an account, but you will be able to browse the images and their details, aka what the chick wants to say about herself. If you want to read the reviews, you will have to register, even if it is the free membership. Excluding their annoying ads and many pop-ups that you are bound to encounter here, this is a solid site if you are looking for an escort, but you do not know which escort is the best for you. There are plenty of great reviews on (often misspelled as "eecie"), so visit the site and explore all you want.</p>