Escort Babylon

EscortBabylon! I was quite confused as to what escortbabylon.net really has to offer, since while the name of the site would suggest that you have loads of naughty escort women at your service, at the same time the whole site looks like a fucking joke. Here you have reviews and ads of mostly valid escort chicks you can hire, so if you are interested, visit the site or continue reading to see if Escort Babylon is actually a place worth the visit.When I say that the site looks like a ‘joke’ I mean that the design is completely shitty. I mean, there is no order, no helpers, and while it is easy to see where is what, some of their options are fucking questionable. Once you visit the site you will know exactly what the fuck I mean, and I should also state that escortbabylon.net mostly acts as a review site for escorts, but at the same time they are advertising escort chicks, so it is also just an escort website…At the beginning, you will be asked to choose your region, and you can choose from the USA, Canada, and Europe… After that, you will have to also select your region and all that crap, which is also shitty. I guess, the escorts here are not willing to travel, but then again, if you are searching for an escort it is always better to hire a beauty from your area.Whichever region you choose, the design and all that crap will not change, only the chicks who are offered will change. Now, you will have a bunch of random babes listed at the beginning, and you should check them out, or well, check their reviews first. You only get two options, to see the review of the beauties and posts, which is honestly shit.You will get three options to list the babes by, date, popularity and current, and that is about it. Sure, they have the search box on top, but we all know that that shit does not do much in helping us find the beauty we’d like to hire. Whenever I visit an escort site without special search options that will help you find a beauty of your dreams I usually leave… but since I am so nice and shit I decided to review this place just so you guys know what the fuck to expect.Well, you are not able to read any of the reviews of the beauties, until you post your own review, which I think is complete bullshit… What the fuck is the point if I have to blindly hire a bitch to be my escort to be able to write a review and read other reviews. The point of a ‘review site’ is to tell you the shit that is good and not so you do not have to waste your time, so this place is really going against that description.After seeing their registration page, I did not feel bad for calling them a ‘joke’ site, since their warning is also a joke. They basically tell you not to be a fucking douchebag, which should have been implied and after that, you get to choose your rouge name. The last piece of text gave me a fucking giggle, as they state that ‘The Legion of Rouges is run and operated by the Illuminati”… What?Well, after you have submitted a review yourself, you will also be able to see what other people have written. I did submit a bullshit review, just to see what they have to offer, which just means that sooner or later my account will be banned as they have already stated that I should not be a douchbag, but how else am I supposed to tell you what they have to offer?Once you click on a chick you like, you will be able to see reviews from other people, which is a good thing, as everyone has different opinions. Some babes will have 5 some 7 some only 1 review, which again depends on the members because we are the ones who are writing the review. The reviews are never that long, so you will be able to read the review quite fast.They cover the basic shit, if the chick came, what she did, if her skills were good, if she is worth the hire, and so on. They have the emoji review system which just pisses me off, and that is mostly because I am not an emoji guy. But, that has nothing to do with the review, you will still be able to understand everything that they wanted to state, and if you find a chick you like, you can call her by the number provided on top.Other than the reviews, you can also look at posts from the escort beauties and those posts consist of their contact information, some details and usually a lot of sexual images. Here, you can clearly see if the bitch in front of you is the chick you want to hire. When you choose an escort, you have options on top to see her stats, pictures, old posts, reviews and comments from other members.Since escortbabylon.net is such a fucking simple site, there is not much else I can say. It really looks like a garbage place, but I was surprised to see that their content is not shitty. You have reviews of other escort chicks, which can tell you if you want to hire a particular babe or not. However, before you are able to do that, you will have to write a review yourself.