<p>List Crawler, Escort Alligator,...? Make up your damn mind! Some of us are just far too busy to be bothered with the online dating scene and then escorts are the only solution. Tinder or Bumble swiping for hours in the hopes of matching with a hottie in your city. The game playing that requires you to converse with a girl once you do find an acceptably attractive one. Having to sift through your matches, starting conversations that often never lead anywhere, in hopes of feeling out whether or not any of them are actually down to fuck. Note: most girls, even the sluttier looking ones on Tinder (the site known for cementing hookups), do not respond well to, “wanna fuck?” or anything along those lines.That means that, more often than not, when it comes to securing some no string attached pussy on any of these dating apps or sites, you are going to have to put in some unwanted time and effort. You have to at least put the thought into flirting with her a little bit before you propose that she come over your place. Or, even worse, you may have to go through that age-old charade of taking her out for dinner and/or drinks before she’ll even consider sleeping with you. If you have a full-time job and god knows what other responsibilities going on in your life, this can just be too draining and time-consuming. Luckily, escorts are an alternative.How To Get Laid The "Easy" WayHell, trying to get laid the old-fashioned way might be easier. At least if you go to the club or a lit enough bar. Let the old magic of alcohol smooth the edges of inhibition and see where that leads you. But, even still, this method is far from foolproof. Going out to the night club to try and score some pussy is a real gamble. You're banking hours of your life, potentially hundreds of dollars on drinks (and other party favors) on the off chance that there will be a hot and horny girl. Then you also have to hope that she's ready to come home with you after you spend all night talking about nothing and dry humping one another on the dance floor. Half the time, she’ll just say, ‘I had fun tonight, thanks!’ and take off with her friends.And god have mercy on you if she’s there with her girlfriends and there’s a mama hawk in the mix. You know what I’m talking about – that one chick in a group of female friends (tip: she’s usually the fat one) who takes it upon herself to watch over all of her more attractive friends and ensure that none of them goes home with a guy at the club. She makes it her life’s work to guarantee that the girls stick together. In other words, she makes it her life’s work to "cock block" the whole of humanity for some mysterious reason. It's probably just because she’s fat and bitter that no guys are going to try and take her home from the club.For future reference, it pays off to have one friend in your clique who is a chubby chaser. This way, when fatso tries to swoop down and steal her hot friend away from you, your token chubby chaser can have your back by also swooping in and seducing the chubby chick home with him. You have to defuse the bomb! And without a chubby chaser, someone’s going to have to take one for the team.There Are Shortcuts To Get LaidBut there are ways to avoid all the stress, noise, and nonsense that comes with both of these scenarios. You can cut straight to the chase and cut out the middleman (and the clingy fat chicks). That’s right; I’m talking about just ordering yourself an escort. Oh, do you think you’re above paying for sex? Well, let me clue you in on something, bub … you’re not. You’re going to pay for pussy one way or another, whether it’s with drinks, food, or time spent swiping away on Tinder. There’s no such thing as free pussy. The moment you accept that is the moment you can start guaranteeing that you get laid amidst the chaos of your busy nonstop life.When the time comes to find escorts, though, which escort ad site should you use? Maybe ListCrawler? There are way too many out there to send you googling on your own, which is why I’m here to help break them down for you. One of the options that you have at your disposal is a site called List Crawlers, but is good enough to find some real hot escorts?List Crawler? Escort Alligator? Fuck it!Or, at least I think it’s called List Crawler. It’s confusing because when you point your browser toward, the site that you are brought to brands itself as Escort Alligator. I do not see the connection whatsoever. I guess that ListCrawler changed names somewhere along the line and didn’t want to go through the trouble of buying a whole new domain and trying to drum up visitors all over again. Either way, both Escort Alligator and List Crawler are not very good names for an escort site.But what’s in a name anyway? ListCrawler proves to get the job done no matter what you call it; it turns out. As soon as you land on List Crawler / Escort Alligator, you will be asked to confirm that you are 21 years old (or older). You do not have to prove this, of course; so, if you’re 18, I’m sure you’ll be fine.Once you click “enter,” you will be greeted by a jam-packed site. It probably won’t be the best option out there if you want to do some quick escort browsing while at work or something. It is far from discreet. At the very top of the page, you’ll find a banner that screams out, in bold red and orange: “ESCORT ALLIGATOR … THE WORLD’S BIGGEST LIST AGGREGATOR. Besides that, you’ll find a cartoon bitch straddling an animated alligator, holding a vessel of some sort.Then you will have to choose your city. It is important to note, however, that if you do not live in or near a big metropolitan area, you will not have any luck on ListCrawler. It looks like they only cater to bigger cities. So, that’s unfortunate if you live in a mid-sized town like mine. I’d have to drive an hour (or pay extra to drive her out an hour) to fuck any of the girls on this site.Site Design Nothing to Write Home AboutOther than that, ListCrawler functions as a standard list aggregator. It appears as if List Crawler does exactly what its name implies. It crawls across as many escort sites on the web as possible and then aggregates escort ads (mostly from the United States) onto a list in one, convenient location. This concept is also noteworthy because that means that List Crawler does not offer any built-in services to verify the girls, or bolster a whole lot of confidence that the escorts in these ads are real, look like their photos, or are not cops. They do appear to offer a sister site, however, that specializes in escort reviews. Yet, to see reviews, you have to write a review of your own first. So, at the very least, it looks like your first girl from List Crawler will have to be taken on chance and street smarts.Could Use Some More FeaturesListCrawler is far from the best escort site I’ve ever seen, since SkipTheGames does a much better job. But, then again, it is also far from the worst. Once you click on a post, you will be able to read a brief intro about the provider, access her phone number (if she’s provided it), view as many pics as she has chosen to post, and see how old she is. As far as information is concerned, List Crawler pales in comparison to most sites. The gold standard for an escort ad site will have everything List Crawler provides, sure, but it will also include rates, incall/outcall info, positions, and activities enjoyed or a specific list of services provided, and more stats than just her age (height, weight, cup size, pubic hair, etc.).The other thing that List Crawler is visibly missing, in my opinion, is a direct messaging function. I understand that, at the end of the day, this is only an aggregated list of escort ads. But, hey, if you want to make an exceptional site of this nature, maybe you should rethink your execution a little bit. Why not aggregate and allow escorts to post ads? That way, at least, users could message the ones that have signed up with List Crawler. Plus, they could potentially monetize this next level up of service, charging a subscription fee, perhaps.All in all, List Crawler does an excellent job at doing what it sets out to do just like similar site "Escort Babylon". The main problem for me is that, well, I just think it could set out to do a little more, I guess.</p>