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Are you looking for Australian escorts at ScarletBlue? Well, what kind of a man are you? I know I don’t usually start my reviews off like this but let’s think about that for a second. I know that you know me as the porn dude and I know that I always present you with some of the best porn sites that there are in existence, but there’s one big secret that I have to tell you guys. I don’t just watch porn to get myself off. I also fuck, like a lot. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy fucking a chick every now and then.. probably like every day or every other day now that I think about it. And as you know, I’m not the kind of guy to keep just one pussy around, so naturally, I’m going to be checking in with some of the best escorts that money can buy. ScarletBlue.com.au is the perfect place for service of this nature.Porn is great, but you should put your dick to workLet’s check this place out and see why it’s so amazing for this sort of thing and also let’s concentrate on why you should be fucking more, like way more. I mean, listen, porn is great and all, but you need to get some pussy as well my dude. It’s something that you shouldn’t be missing out on. And if you’re fucking some escorts, then you might as well make sure that those escorts are of the highest quality. When it comes to escorts, there’s only one place to search for the best and most premium escorts and that’s ScarletBlue.com.au. These hoes aren’t just hoes, but they’re like, hoes gold edition Plus.And I don’t know, maybe you’re the type of dude to not care about quality and you’d be ready to fuck about any whore that you come across. I know that you know some whores in your block that would be willing to take a cock for as little as fifty bucks. Heck, I’ve known whores that go with a ten dollar rate since they can’t seem to get any guys when they up their price a little bit. That’s not the kind of whore that you’ll be seeing on ScarletBlue.com.au. Here you’ll only be seeing the crème de la crème. The absolute best escorts in existence. And their rates show that fact as well, I mean you’re going to be grabbing your head when you see some of these rates.The rates per hour can be insanely expensive on hereThe rates with these escorts start at about 500 dollars an hour. That’s pretty steep I admit. I know that you aren’t used to these prices especially when you’ve been watching free porn for most of your life. But if you want to have a quality shag with a bitch that won’t give you some sort of sex disease, then ScarletBlue.com.au is the place to do it. I know that it might not seem like a smart idea to invest so much fucking money into an escort, but trust me… You’ve never had a fuck session as good as the one you’ll have with these hoes. I know cine I’ve checked. Obviously, ScarletBlue.com.au is for an Australian audience, but there’s an international version for many other countries, the US included.Every Australian region is represented on this websiteObviously, the only area that you’ll be looking into is the Australian one which you will find on the domain which I’ve been showing you throughout this review. ScarletBlue.com.au really is an amazing place to find all the best Aussie escorts. If you want to have your cock sucked and you want it done properly, then you better look for services on this premium website. At least you get all the information on these babes for free. Hey, whatever you get for free is something that you need to appreciate on a premium website such as ScarletBlue.com.au. These escorts don’t run for cheap, so you better be ready to cash out for their services on ScarletBlue.com.au.One good thing about ScarletBlue.com.au is that you can choose the area or city that you’re looking for escorts in. Australia is a huge country, actually a continent, so it makes sense that they would separate all the little cities and areas so that you can have an easier time finding the right escort for yourself. And trust me, once you start seeing all the options, you’ll go absolutely nuts. Sure, their rates might go for 500, 600, even 700 or 800 dollars, but it’s well worth it. I know that you don’t know how a shag can be worth that much, but you haven’t tried shagging these babes.All the babes have amazing physiques and pornstar body compositionsWe’re talking about actual pornstar bodies and physiques here. We’re talking about tits as big as melons, bodies tight as a Gordian knot, and faces as beautiful as a celebrity in your favorite TV show. These babes make sure to tick all the boxes when it comes to being the hottest chicks that exist in the world. ScarletBlue.com.au makes sure only to offer these babes because they have a reputation that they have to keep up. I mean they don’t want to be craigslist, so if you don’t want to see a bunch of hookers that go for 80 dollars a pop, then ScarletBlue.com.au is your safest bet. Sure, you might have a hard time accepting the prices at first, but you’ll get used to it.The discreet mode will let you browse these escorts while out in publicAnd there’s one more amazing thing that ScarletBlue.com.au has that other sites don’t, and that’s the invaluable Discreet Mode which you can turn on at any point in time. This mode hides all the pictures and leaves in only the essential text so that you can browse through this website even when you’re out in public. You won’t be getting any weird stares this way and you can safely schedule your escort fuck before you even reach your house. Say you want to bang a chick after work, then you might want to use Discreet mode while you’re on the tube or bus to schedule a shag as quickly as possible.This feature can be a real life-saver. You can be out on the bus in a tight crowd and nobody would be able to tell that you’re actually browsing through some of the sexiest escorts in existence. Of course, the bad side of this is that you won’t be able to see what the babes look like. It’s going to be harder to make sure that this escort is what you really need, but it can be useful if you find an escort which you’ll be a regular customer to and you want to schedule a quick fuck while going back home. That’s exactly where this little feature shines the most and where you’ll see it being the most useful in your day to day life.The babes are some of the best escorts that you’ll ever fuckYou will notice that the babes in these pictures look like they’re of the highest quality and you wouldn’t be wrong at all. This comes with the caveat of them all being expensive as hell, but that’s something that you’ll just have to deal with if you want to have some proper service in the sex industry. I mean you can have some shitty fuck sessions with other bitches that you’ll find on other websites, but that’s just not the same if you ask me. But hey, you’re the master of your own money, so if you feel that these prices are a bit too high for you and you feel your wallet aching whenever you’re on ScarletBlue.com.au, then check out some other sites instead.But all in all, ScarletBlue.com.au is meant for premium users who want only the cream of the crop and the best of the best when it comes to escorts. If you feel that you value price more than anything, then you won’t find a good choice for yourself on this website. 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